Swag Vape (Vaporesso Swag Vape Kit): Review and Use Instructions

    Swag Vape (Vaporesso Swag Vape Kit): Review and Use Instructions

    1. What is Swag Vape?

    Vaporesso has one of the greatest vape products in market. The Swag Vape devices have a minimalist design and performs excellently. The swag vape kit is one of the top product from Vaporesso which will give you the best vaping experiences.

     The swag vape is among the recent product release from the brand. It looks really good and feels comfortable on the hand.

    The kit comes with an 18650 device with power output of 80W and NRG SE tank.

    2. What is in the Package:

    • Vaporesso SWAG Mod
    • NRG SE/SE Mini Tank
    • GT2 Core (Pre-Installed)
    • GT CCELL
    • Replacement Glass
    • Replacement O-Rings
    • Braided USB Cable
    • User Manual

    3. Specs and Features at a glance:

    • Size: 75 x 48 x 25mm
    • SWAG Weight: 64g
    • NRG SE/SE Mini Weight: 46g/44g
    • SWAG Construction: Zinc Alloy
    • NRG Tank Construction: Stainless Steel
    • Regulated Box Mod
    • Battery compatibility: 18650
    • Maximum output Wattage: 80W
    • Resistance Range: 0.05~5.0 ohm
    • 2A Fast charge support
    • USB Charging
    • 91″ OLED Display

    4. The Design

    The swag vape kit has a top battery cap design like other 18650 devices. However, this kit has a funky pattern and it coated with a plastic. The controls on this model are placed differently from other models.

    The Swag kit has a 0.91-inch OLED screen display on the front side. The firing button is placed at the top while the mode button is placed at the bottom.

    The display screen allows you to access information such as the resistance, wattage, preheat, the battery level, and the voltage in use.

    The + and- keys are now placed on the side of the mod while the mode key is located below the screen.

    5. The Quality of the Build

    The Swag Vape kit is majorly made of zinc alloy cast, but with a plastic coating. Although the device feels more plastic and light, generally it is strong and can withstand pressure. Also, it is proof from scratches.

    The light weight even with a full tank makes portability easier. The 510 connector is loaded with springs and it is stable. The firing button is highly responsive and the subtle textured pattern makes it more appealing.

    The threading of the battery cap is smooth but if you tighten it hard it might get crunchy.

    6. Portability

    The Swag Vape has a slightly curved body which makes it comfortable to hold on the hand. With the dimensions of 75mm by 48mm by 25mm and a weight of 64g, you can easily carry it anywhere without feeling the weight.

    7. Swag Kit Vape Features

    The Swag has impressive features including a proprietary chip, Omni Board 2.0.

    It features a temperature control suite, which handles the TC in SS, Ni, and Ti, with TCR functions and double memory slots.

    Another impressive feature of the Swag is the preheat settings with the wattage and temperature control curve modes. Also, it has the Smart VW mode, which is very useful. The smart mode gives you wattage suggests when you attach the atomizer, which is useful for new vapers.

    The bypass mode which allows you to vape while the device is charging.

    8. The Operating System

    To turn the device on and off, you fire the power button five times. To flip the display screen, hold the plus and minus button. To lock and unlock the device, hold the plus and mode button. To scroll through different modes, long press the mode button.

    You can adjust the mode, brightness of the screen, the puff counter, the screen timeout, using the system settings.  You can also change the wattage level of the TC mode using the same settings.

    To access the system settings, scroll through the options of the main menu. Then hit the mode button thrice once the system settings appear.

    9. The Tank and Refilling

    The tank capacity of the Swag Vape is 3.5ml or 2ml. the filling system is slide to refill with a bottom air flow.

    To refill, push the top cap in the direction of the arrow. The filling port is exposed. There is a silicone gasket which is intentionally placed to prevent leakage problems. The hole is a bit small which causes air to be trapped inside.

    10. Swag Kit Vape Shops Near Me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Swag Kit vape shops near me(my location).

    11. Swag Kit Vape Flavors

    The quality of the flavor and vapor from the kit is great. The kit comes with a GT2 and GT CCELL. The GTC 0.4ohm single coil delivers a good balance of both flavor and vapor output. The performance is not out of the world, but just good.

    The CCEL is made from ceramic rather than with the cotton wicking which allows for an incredibly enriched flavor.

    These coils generally last longer compared to regular coils. Also, they are safe to use at high temperatures so that they can deliver big clouds.

    12. Swag Kit Vape Battery and Charger

    The average battery life for the 18650 device is efficient.  The device features a 2A charging with a display counter to allow you check the remaining time when charging.

    However, for safety reasons, it is best to charge your battery with a dedicated charger and proceed to use when its fully charged.

    13. Swag Kit Vape Colors and Skin

    The Swag Vape Kit comes in seven different colors which are blue, sliver, red, and black. The exterior of the vape is made of high-quality molding. The quality of finishing is top-quality which makes it durable and look good for a very longtime.

    14. Swag Vape Coupon and Promo Code

    The Swag vape comes at an affordable cost of $57.90. But, you can still save some money on this device by applying discounts codes, promo codes, and coupons available from different sellers or the official website. Before you claim these discounts, ensure they are redeemable and that you meet all the requirements. Also, check out for other freebies and seasonal sales to enjoy the Swag vape at a much lower cost.

    1. Swag Vape Coupon Code 1:

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    15. Swag Kit Vape Review

    The Swag Vape Kit from Vaporesso is a good starter kit. It is a good kit if you are just getting started on vaping. Also, it is equally great for seasoned vapers.

    It is easy to use and convenient for starters, but also has features and functions that experienced vapers look for.

    In addition, the small size and light weight makes it easy for you carry it around. It gives you the options of experimenting on different modes.

    The coil and the tank system performs really well alongside with other features to bring you an incredibly great vaping experience.

    Another aspect of this kit which is impressive is the aesthetics of the kit. It comes with artwork which you get separately and you can stick it up on your wall.

    The Vaporesso Swag Vape Kit gives you not only great performance, but also great looks.

    16. Pros and Cons


    • Ergonomic design fits and feels nice in the hand
    • Looks aesthetically pleasing
    • Screen is easy to read
    • 2A Quick Charge Feature
    • The tank is easy to refill


    • Airflow is difficult to adjust
    • The battery cap is difficult to remove when tank is on
    • The life of the coil is Poor
    • Tank is not colour coded
    • The +/- buttons recessed a lot
    • The menu system is not easy to navigate

    17. Swag Kit Vape FAQ

    1.How Can I change the settings of my Swag device?

    To change the settings of your device, press the fire button five times, both the power on and off. Continuously press the fire button three times to lock or to  unlock the device the up, down and the mode button. To unlock the mode button, press the mode button three times.

    2. How Can I fill my swag vape?

    The device has a top port filling system. Push the top cap in the direction of the arrow to reveal the filling port. It has a silicone gasket which prevent spillage. You can use the drip tip to refill.                                                   

    3.How can I unlock my swag vape?

    To unlock your Swag vape, press the mode button and + button simultaneously for about two seconds when the device is on. The up and down buttons will be locked and the screen will display system locked. To unlock, press the up and mode button and the LED screen will display System unlocked.

    4. What is pulse mode on my Swag Vaporesso vape?

    The pulse mode switches relatively consistent output of most devices by a regular pulsing of output that occurs after every 2 seconds as you hold the fire button down.

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