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Sutra Vape. Types, Features, Design, and How to Use Sutra Vape Pen

20th May 2021 | 468 | upends v

What is sutra vape

Any vape user around you has heard about sutra vape or used one of their products. Sutra vape is among the leading online vape sellers. They produce and distribute innovative products fit for all kinds of vapers. Its mission is to provide outstanding services to customers using powerful products. 

Sutra vape is known for many things, one being their innovative vaporizers. They have produced a line of amazing vape pens that are equipped with incredible features. Users have identified their variable voltage batteries as being some of the best devices.

Make sure to watch this video to learn how to use Sutra mini vape.


Sutra vape products

Sutra has produced some of the most technically advanced vape pens. Their sutra vape releases have won many vapers' hearts, which is one of their market advantages.  Sutra vape is one of the cornerstones in the vape industry.

In this article, we will look at a few Sutra Vape products, which we believe will be enough to help you make the right choice when seeking to buy Sutra Vape products.

Sutra Mini vape

The sutra mini vaporizer is among the available sutra line collection of aromatherapy electronic devices that have been optimized for use with dry herbs and e-liquids.

The quality of design and vapor released by the sutra mini vape can suggest that sutra vape is well equipped with research and development tools to understand what their customer wants.

This device is one little vape that uses precise temperature control systems to ensure that you can adjust the temperature settings to feel the taste and delivery you desire.

Sutra mini performance

Features of the Sutra Mini

  • Stainless steel heating oven that gives you the best heating options
  • Quick warm-up to ensure you enjoy your vape without lag
  • Adjustable temperature control system with a maximum temperature of 430°F 
  • Advanced micro USB charging to keep you energized
  • 1600mAh li-polymer battery to give you the power required
  • Portable and easy to use with a three by one device size

Sutra mini design

In the design of the sutra mini, they considered a lot of objectives to be achieved. First on the list was to create a portable device. They did this by releasing a three-by-one device that requires a lot of components to perform. 

They made sure that you would still feel sutra's authenticity by installing all the components you would only see in the premium lines of vape. The device gives you the authority to control temperatures.

They are displayed on the OLED screen installed on the device. The temperature ranges are from 300°F -430°F. Surprisingly, you will find the default temperature of 345°F to be so convenient for you. You will find that it delivers the best hit and a smooth taste.

For such a small, powerful device, you need a 1600 mAh built-in cell to keep things easy and supply enough electric power that keeps you hooked throughout the day.

You also get everything you require for vaping, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced vape user. The kit holds tools such as e-liquid cartridges, dry herb cartridges and oil cartridges.

A cleaning brush, dab tools, silicon caps, quartz cup, USB charging cables and a vaporizer manual are included.

Sutra mini instructions

To remove the mouthpiece, apply pressure from the back of the tip until it pops out.

To remove the silicone cap, pull the silicone cap out of the vape pen. Get your new silicone cap for replacement, then insert the silicone cap into a mouthpiece.

To grind your herbs for refilling sutra mini, preheat the oven and allow the vape to heat up without the mouthpiece installed. Grind your herb and fill up the required amounts.

The best consistency for the herb is to grind into a crushed pepper consistency. Add a small amount of herb that fills the chamber and then pack it down without an overflow.

For concentrates, you have to remove the sutra mini mouthpiece. Take out the silicone cap and fill up to your required amount into the quartz cup. Carefully place the silicone cap back on without spilling any of the contents.

To turn on your sutra mini, continuously press the power button five times till it lights up. To change the temperature units, long-press the power button for 3 seconds for Fahrenheit and 3 seconds for the Celsius option. When heating the device, observe the red display on your mouthpiece. Once it turns green, then know that it is ready to use.

Sutra squeeze vape

Features of the Sutra squeeze vape

  • A 15-minute auto shut-off feature that protects your device from overheating and burning the coils.
  • A rapid preheat function to offer the best hits.
  • A magnetic thread adapter for the safety of your mouthpiece
  • Vibration alerts to let you know when you are running out of power or when something is wrong
  • Visual feedback from the led indicators that display the amount of power running

Sutra squeeze design

The Sutra squeeze is an incredible addition to the long line of sutra products. This device is stealthy and delivers an out-of-the-world experience. You are assured of good, uninterrupted vape sessions that give you the best satisfactory experience. The size of the design is ergonomic and perfectly fits your hand.

Its power is supplied by a 500mAh battery that gives a 15W and a resistance of 0.5 ohms to 2.0 ohm. Its 1.1 cm cartridge is versatile and compatible with almost every vape tank you can find in the market and extra magnetic connectors. 

Your adjustable voltage settings are displayed by LED lights that show you the power level you are running. It is essential to know the colours and what they indicate; Green indicates that your power is at 2.8v when your indicator turns blue, it is at 3.2v, and the red lights indicate the maximum 4.2v. The 15-minute shot downtime is enough to protect your device from heating up when it is not used.

Every vape user fancies a preheat function, and with just clicking on the power button twice, your device is turned on. Remember that you have to click the power button quickly five times to signal the device to switch on or off. 

How to load your vape cartridge

This process might be the easiest step in using the vape. First, you need to take away the mouthpiece from the cartridge. Proceed to fill your cartridge with the amount of oil you desire.

You are advised to fill it halfway or three-quarters to avoid clogging and leaking of the contents. Attach your magnetic adapter onto the cartridge and place back the mouthpiece.

Insert your glass cartridge and wait for a vibration alert that lets you know the device is usable.

How to start your device

To turn on the device, press the power button rapidly five times so that the device can register action. When the Sutra squeeze is turned on, the LED lights will indicate voltage levels; green is for 2.8v, blue light indicates 3.2v, and red is 4.2v.

To adjust the voltage, press on the power button thrice and select the power output that matches your needs. Pressing on the power button twice starts a 10 second preheat for quickdraws.

FAQs about Sutra Vape pen

Is sutra vape pen worth it?

With the design and functionality of the sutra vape pen, it is definitely one of the pens that gives you value for money. It also come in various sizes and shapes which give you a range of options to choose from.


From the initial design and outlook of vape pens from sutra, we can see how well they are crafted and how unique they look. Any pen cannot match these devices in terms of standard and quality. The sutra vape is also manufactured with the customer in mind, and they are portable, sleek, and marvellous. 

Sutra Vape pens are simple to use, and you can with easy to assemble parts. The sutra squeeze especially looks like a car key that you can walk around with it. You can be assured that you get premium quality and a good vape experience by using these pens.

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