Stay Lit Vape Pen. A Review and Instruction Guide About Stay lit vape pen

    Stay Lit Vape Pen. A Review and Instruction Guide About Stay lit vape pen

    What is a stay lit vape pen

    Stay lit is a vape pen designed by stay lit company that has specialized in making customized vape products that fit your personal demands. The vape pen is designed to resemble a typical vape pen with the cylindrical e-cigarette design.

    They have a variety of vape products that are developed to cater for your needs ensuring that you do not miss a good vaping moment.

    These type of vape designs have received so much recognition especially from people who like to keep it low-key. Additionally, thos who like to distance themselves from the groove of using common vape pens.

    The stay lit vape pen gives you a sense of ownership on your vape pen and you will get maximum satisfaction from using these products. The stay lit vape pen is mostly used for dry herbs and has been proven to be one of the best in terms of cartridges and battery technology. The pens have optimized the use of 510 threading connection to give you a seamless vaping experience that feels different.

    We are going to look into the stay lit vape pen and give you a breakdown of what is needed to get the best vaping satisfaction.

    Design and outlook of the stay lit vape pen

    The stay lit vape have been sold in numbers because of their sleek design and feel. The aesthetics on this pen are perfect and the beauty can be seen on the large stay lit logo.

    When you hold the device in your hands, it feels sturdier and with more weight than a normal vape pen. The device has a good size and is convenient when you want to carry it around for any occasion.

    The vape pen also uses the bottom coil clearomizer which is a growing technology among the modern vape pens. 

    You can easily dismantle the pen and switch the cartridges for better optimization. The device comes already customized so you do not have to worry about the design.

    Features of the stay lit vape pen

    • 510 threading that can fit most of the 510 threaded cartridges
    • 1100mAh battery that allows you to enjoy any kind of compound including higher viscosity oils
    • Equipped with 3 LED indicators to show power usage and amount of charge left in the device.
    • Micro USB charging that ensures you never run out of power when vaping
    • Bottom coil clearomizer makes sure your vape pen has a proper distribution of heat within the chamber
    • Adjustable voltage feature lets you control the amount of power your battery is running on

    Performance of the stay lit vape pen

    The stay lit vape pen has a stainless steel cover that protects the battery and the inner components of the vape pen. This device is equipped with an 1100mAh battery that is the most powerful cell you can have for such a device. Even though it may take up to one hour to re-charge, you still get to use the best.

    The battery can last long with moderate use but all this comes down to how you use your device. And at what temperature you vape on in a session.

    You get three pre-set voltage settings that you select to maximize your vaping experience. To get the best voltage, tap on the power button three times rapidly so that the device can read the signal. 

    The ceramic coils also play an important role when determining how long the battery will last. This is because it gets hot faster when set on the lowest voltage settings and picks up more heat when you increase the voltage settings.

    The power button at the center, is the same used to turn the device on and off and to regulate the power output. To turn the device on and off, you have to press on the button three  rapidly and do the same when switching off.

    To control voltage, press on the button when the device is on to toggle between voltage selections. This configuration is effective to ensure your device does not accidentally switch on or off when placed in the pocket.

    With the 510 battery threading, you get to add any kind of cartridge that can fit, this is meant to give you options when it comes to using your vape pen. The atomizer has a good air hole that gives the best airflow you would want in a vape pen.

    The stay lit vape pen has a quick heating mechanism that is easy to use. Additionally the ceramic coils installed in this vape pen give a massive vapor. With the three different power pre-sets, the coils ensure that the pen pumps out a huge cloud cover that you will enjoy.


    You have the freedom to go for a smoother, less harsh vape that has a lower setting than the one you are using.

    The coil temperature setting sod not matter because the atomizers know how to hit very fast and very hard. You get an instant vapor production and the mouthpiece fills with vapor once you press on the activation button

    Pros and cons of the stay lit vape pen


    • Has a 510 threading that allows you to use any 510 threading cartridge
    • Fitted with an 1100mAh battery capacity that allows you to keep vaping
    • Ceramic coils ensure that you get perfectly heated vapor of quality
    • Small and simple design makes it portable and you can carry it around wherever you go
    • Cheaper price compared to other vape pens of the same category
    • USB charging ensures that your device stays powered when you run out of charge


    • The preheating feature makes the device somehow slow to use because it takes sometime before it catches up
    • No pass through feature meaning that you cannot vape when charging

    FAQs about stay lit vape pen

    How do you choose the best vape pen?

    There are many things you need to consider before buying a stay lit vape pen, one of them is how you intend to use the vape pen. You could be looking for a dry herb vaporizer or an e-liquid vaporizer but the important thing is that you ensure you select one that serves both purposes.

    You also need to consider the price of the pen and be sure that it fits your budget demands

    How long a stay does lit vape last?

    With an 1100mAh battery, you can be sure that it will last you for a few days on moderate vaping but if you are an advanced user, you can get a few hours on the vape pen. The battery optimization feature makes sure that you operate your battery on good voltage to protect your battery life.

    Where can I buy a stay lit vape pen?

    Stay lit vape pens can be purchased on the stay lit website where you have a varied selection of devices that will fit your vaping needs. You can also check on the online vape stores that stock vape products and you can find a wide range of stay lit products that will be delivered at your location.

    How do I know when a stay lit vape pen is charged?

    The LED indicator on the device will show you that the device is fully charged.  The light will dim twenty times before it goes off. You have to be keen when your battery is charging so that you can unplug it when it is full to avoid discharging. 

    Alternative vape: UPENDS

    The Upcott vape mod does not have a lot of expenses involved and it gives you an alternative for vaping without incurring so much cost. The Upcott vape pen is filled with organic cotton that helps you not face spitting and leakages problems.


    The stay lit vape pen is a perfect vape choice when you are seeking to find a device that performs. You can get a vape pen fitted with your desired cover design and you can actually get a pre-customized design.

    With the increase in herb vape, you are assured that pens like stay lit give you value and variations that you will never regret.


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