Spinner Vape Pen. A Detailed Review of the Spinner Vaporizers

    Spinner Vape Pen. A Detailed Review of the Spinner Vaporizers

    What is a spinner vape pen

    The spinner vape pen is a 510 threading connection vape pen from the vision company. This pen is one of the devices to use the modern 510 connection design. This means that you can hook various kinds of vape atomizers or other accessories from other brands that use the 510 threading.

    You get spinners in varied battery capacities ranging between 400, 650, 900, and 1300 mAh. You also get them with friendly and compact designs of 4.7 inches and a 0.7 diameter that can fit most industrial grade 510 cartridges.


    You can adjust the voltage using the dial located on the bottom of the battery. The different voltage settings give you vapor that varies in thickness. The higher the voltage you set, the thicker the amount of vapor you get. You also need to be aware that using high voltage will burn your liquid, giving you an undesired taste.

    To get an excellent flow, use the spinner with a liquidator tank. It will keep the stream of vapor steady enough to ensure that you always have an excellent thick vapor to inhale. If you have problems getting good vapor from your tank, you might want to find another spinner. 

    You can be assured that the spinner has improved airflow on several different tanks when you switch out the old batteries.           

    Specifications of Spinner vape pen

    The spinner 1 is a small and sleek pen design. Spinner 1 is one of the pens in the spinner line to use the eGo batteries fitted with a 510 threading. But with recent ratings, shows that the spinner batteries perform better than the eGo batteries.

    The vision spinner has a battery with ranges of 650mAh and 1300mAh, while the user can adjust the voltage to a maximum of 4.8v with a minimum of 3.3 volts. Adjusting the spinner's voltage means that you can control the density of vapor and switch between voltages to find one that works for you.

    This pen is not only solid, but it is also strong enough to survive hard falls and severe stress. Safety was one of the most prominent features paid attention to when developing this vape.

    Features of the spinner vape pen

    • You can adjust the voltage output of the battery.
    • You get varied mAh ratings that give you an option for better battery holding capacity
    • 510 threading connection that makes sure your device components are held together in place
    • Over-discharge protection feature that protects your battery from running down completely
    • Short circuit protection that automatically shuts off your pen when it detects a short
    • The cut-off time protects your device from burning because it automatically turns off when not used for a while.

    Pros and Cons of the vision spinner


    • Easy to adjust the voltage to get the best heat settings for you to vape
    • Great design that looks good to the touch, it is ergonomic and fits the purpose of the pen
    • You get a relatively long battery life that can serve you a long time 
    • You get an excellent airflow with the use of the liquidator tank that keeps the vapor steady
    • Accident protection when you wrongly fix your charger keeps your battery safe
    • The device is relatively cheap, making it readily available for anyone who wants to purchase and use it.


    • Thin vapor quality that does not fit the expected performance of the pen
    • The buttons are poorly designed compared to other button design on other similar devices

    Vision spinner 2 vape pen

    This particular device is a good upgrade compared to its predecessor, the spinner 1. The pen has so much power, supplied with a 1600 mAh rating that the original vision cannot compare—because the original vision vape only had between 650-1300 mAh powers.

    The upgrades are in terms of power and battery capacity and other features such as a color-changing battery indicator and a long-lasting power core.

    The vision two still carries some notable features from the original vision, such as the 510 threading connection, an adjustable voltage battery feature. The design is also the signature pen-like vision outlook.

    Features of the vision 2
    • 1600mAh battery that makes it more substantial than the original spinner, meaning you get more power from this device
    • You get an adjustable voltage feature that means you have the control of your pen in your hands 
    • A built-in battery charge indicator lets you know how much power you have left in your device.
    • The five click on/off feature prevents you from accidentally turning on the device when it is in your pockets
    • 510 and eGo threading connection that lets you insert your favorite CBD or e-liquid tank with a 510 threading                 

    Pros and cons of the vision 2


    • Long-lasting 1600mAh battery for uninterrupted vaping
    • 30-day limited warranty for products purchased
    • Available in many colors to offer room for choice
    • The variable voltage makes it easier to control the device temperature conditions
    • Great airflow system with improved atomizer technology
    • Great price for a great device


    • Poorly done button designs which are not fit for such products
    • The vapor quality is not what people expect from such a quality pen
    • It does not come with a charger

    Spinner 3 vape pen

    The spinner 3 is the most advanced pen among the spinner series. It comes with some of the newest advancements in technology, especially for small vape pens.

    This device gives you a battery capacity of 1500mAh, and even though the capacity is lower compared to the spinner 2, the amount of power out is just the same.

    The spinner 3 features some upgraded integrated circuit that allows it to reach higher voltages and is more reliable to maintain the power you want without underloading the device.

    The spinner 3 features a preheating feature that allows you to use liquids with higher viscosity, such as herb concentrates and oils or CBD juice. This function gently warms the atomizer coil for three seconds before you start vaping on your device. 

    The only difference between this spinner and its predecessors is the lack of an eGo threading. That means that this pen will especially use 510 threaded components only.

    You get a variable voltage device that you can easily control and a USB-C charging which keeps you powered all through. The smaller battery is advantageous because you get to charge it for less than 1 hour than the more extended hour of the other device.                

    Features of the spinner 3
    • 510 threaded connection makes it compatible with standard 510 and eGo connection devices and accessories
    • Upgraded and stable PCB control head
    • A longer battery life with the upgrade of the cell
    • Long-lasting 1500 mAh battery
    • Easy to disassemble and clean the attachments of the device
    • LED indication to show how the device is working and the power control indicator
    • Carbon fiber body design for durability

    Pros and cons of the spinner 3


    • The device has the classic feel and functionality of a vape pen
    • The finishing on the device is attractive and eye-catching
    • When fully charged, the device gives you a strong quality of vapor
    • It has a preheat function which is satisfactory for creating the best vapor quality


    • The availability of LED displays to give the pen a more digital outlook
    • The narrow diameter of the 510 makes it not compatible with any other devices.


    One thing to note about using the spinner pens is that you have a very reasonable investment. You are sure that you get quality products that last long and give you an above-average user experience even with their low prices.

    Comparing these three devices, you can see that each upgrade came with its advantage even though some devices, such as the vision 3, lost the battery capacity, which is more of a downside. 

    Vision two stands out to be the most sought-after spinner pen because of the two battery functions you get for the price. The USB-c charging is also one big upgrade that makes these devices more appealing to the customer.

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