WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Special K Vape Pen. A Complete Guide About the Special K Vaporizer in 2021

18th May 2021 | 746 | upends v

What is a Special K Vape Pen?

You have heard about KandyPens Vape Company and their massive catalogue of vaporizers. They have extraordinary devices such as Gravity, galaxy wax pens, and now they have this particular special K pen.

Itis designed to help new users into the vape world and serve the advanced users. It comes as a pen-like device with a 510 threading for THC and CBD cartridges.

The special K comes with a jewelry box carrying case with a sleek pen-shaped design and one of the most discreet oil vaporizers. You get to enjoy many features on this particular pen, such as temperature control, easy use of the button to turn on and activate the vape.

Features of the special K vape pen

  • Super-compact discreet and elegant design that is easy to use
  • 1ml refillable oil tank to keep you vaping non-stop
  • Variable voltage settings to give you optimum utilization of your power
  • A 650 mAh battery output that holds a charge for a long time
  • A 510 thread battery that ensures compatibility with most of the 510 thread tanks
  • You get a carrying case in the kit for easy portability wherever you are.
  • A glass oil tank that lets you see how much oil you are left with in the device
  • A colour-coded control system lets you know the voltage you are running on to adjust the voltage
  • A temperature-controlled battery that gives you different levels of temperature to operate your vape pen

Design of the Special K

The special K vape is designed to look like one of the expensive fountain pens you would see around. It comes with smooth gold finish accents that are pleasing aesthetically.

It has more weight compared to a usual pen and just the same length. You can easily place it in your shirt pocket, and no one would realize what you are carrying is not a normal pen.

The K button in the middle will light up anytime you turn your device one or off, and it can also display as you navigate through the voltage settings.

The oil tank has a see-through window that allows you to monitor how much oil you have left in your oil tank. You, therefore, do not dismantle the whole thing to see how much oil is left inside the tank.

The special K lets you experience the best out of all available CBD and THC cartridges because it has a 520 threading connection that is universal for most cartridges.

You will be surprised that even the charge itself uses a 510 threading as well. This, therefore, means that you cannot enjoy a pass-through charging feature that allows you to vape even as you charge.

Special K cartridges

When you buy a special k vape kit, you get two refillable carts with a capacity of 1ml cannabis oil. The cartridges are finished with a gold coating that looks so good and improves the overall beautiful appearance of the vape pen.

One fantastic feature is that you can vape without the outside shell, but you have to be careful because it is easy for it to break since there is nothing to protect it if you drop the vape.                                  

How to use the Special K vape

The special K device must be the most straightforward vape devices to use compared to most oil vape pens

To use the special K, all you need to do is;

  1. Unscrew the pen's cap from its casing, then proceed to unscrew the casing from the battery.
  2. Insert a refillable or a pre-filled tank to the 510 threads and make sure it is perfectly locked into position.
  3. Insert a new casing so that your storage tank can be concealed
  4. Rapidly press on the power button five times to turn on your vaporizer.
  5. Press on the power button three times rapidly to navigate through voltage settings
  6. Once the healing process is complete, take a draw from the mouthpiece.

Special K performance

It may take approximately three seconds for the special k to attain the chosen temperature required so that you can take quick hits anytime you want. The vapour quality of the device depends on the type of oil you are using, primarily pre-filled cartridges.

The voltage settings help you to attain the correct temperature for your session. It is important to note that the lower temperatures allow for a mild vapour full of flavour and works excellent for discreet vaping sessions.

On the other hand, the highest power settings give you a harsh and more intense vapour that would easily make you fall asleep. Lastly, the middle setting has a good balance of flavour and vapour production.

Make sure you watch this YouTube video to learn more about the Special K Vape Pen.


When you purchase a special K vape pen, it comes with a 650mAh battery cell that perfectly functions for all kinds of oil vapes because it consumes less energy than the dry herb and wax vapes. When fully charged, you can be sure that your special K will last you for days of vaping.

However, the only disadvantage here could be the process of charging the batteries. You have to go through the process of screwing in the charger onto the battery, and being a small charger, you could easily lose it. 

How to refill special K vape pens

  1. You will start by taking out the tank from the battery and remove the outer casing
  2. Unscrew the base and carefully remove the coil, and it should efficiently come out because it is a 510 threading. Use a dropped to add a few drops of oil in the coil and then attach your atomizers back on the tank
  3. Reassemble your tank and screw all the pieces back together, ensuring that they are perfectly tight. Ensure that you wipe away any oil before you start vaping
  4. Leave your pen down for a while so that the oil can saturate the coil. When it is done, you can now turn on your device and vape as you go.

Pros and cons of the Special k vape pen


  • The vape pen is cheaper than you would expect for a KandyPenss product
  • The kit comes with two refillable cartridges, which allow you to have options when using your vape. It also allows you to vape without worrying about your liquids running out.
  • It has a see-through window that allows you to see the amount of oil left in the store without having to remove the whole thing?
  • High-quality wick coils that burn at a reasonable rate giving you the best-heated oils that give you the smooth hits you are after
  • You get smooth draws with softer effects and a high-quality vapour that can even put you to sleep.
  • The design is stunning by how it was made to resemble a pen, and you can even carry it in your shirt pocket comfortably.
  • The small and simple design that resembles a pen ensures that you can smoke discreetly.
  • The 510 threading gives you the freedom to use any vape cartridge that has a 510 threading.


  • There is a possibility that the cartridge could be more oversized than the 1ml provided
  • The 650 mAh battery is not enough for such a pen, considering it is expected to run at higher voltages up to 3.7 volts.


When it comes to KandyPens vape products, you are always assured of good quality. The special K is one special pen that performs so well with oil products. The device is fitted with all the quality features that you would expect in a vape pen of that kind.

From the design to the functioning, you can be assured that you will always have something that comes through for you when you need it.

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You can try the special K when seeking to experience the best vaping oil vape devices. The device will give you the ultimate satisfaction you seek in a vape pen. The price is also affordable for such an exquisite design. You are sure that this device will not let you down.