WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Space Mary Vape Instructions: How to Use

7th Feb 2024 | 171 | Dickson

There is every reason for you to bring fun, comfort, and satisfaction to your life. This begins by making any significant changes or improvements to what you do or have. In the quest to seek a fulfilling lifestyle, it is worth considering your health. In the past days, traditional smoking was known to be the best for nicotine consumption until vaping came to change the whole story of tobacco consumption.

Vaping has proved that humans can still find a way to achieve nicotine satisfaction or even quit smoking. Vaping is the healthier approach to enjoying whatever kind of e-liquid that you may like, along with the desired flavor. This qualifies vaping to be the best alternative to tobacco smoking.

This article delivers you the best Space Mary Vape Instructions on how you can get more from this wonderful vape device.

Space Mary Vape Brand Review

Space Mary vape brand is a top-level company that is greatly geared towards providing the top vaping experience. With this company, you are eligible to access the most modern vape devices and other vape products. The vape brand is popular for its most delicious vape flavors, including strawberry ice, triple berries, watermelon ice, pink cotton candy, Miami mint, lemonade chill, and many more exciting flavors.

Space Mary Vape Review

Right from first glance, you will definitely admire the aesthetic and physical design of this breathtaking Space Mary vape device. The vape device is the perfect choice if you are a kind of vaper who likes to hang out and travel, as it exhibits its portable nature.

The Space Mary vape device features an LED screen that is designed for the core purpose of ensuring that you are updated. All temperature settings, battery level, and other details are well displayed on the LED screen for you to make fast and right decisions, especially when you should recharge the vape battery. The vape device comes with a USB-C cable and charging port for you to enjoy its fast charging moments.

Everyone admires the experience of the juicy burst of sun-kissed blueberries that are perfectly complemented by the menthol flavor. You will be exhilarated by the arctic voyage of the fruity refreshment that the Space Mary vape device brings you.

The Space Mary vape device comes pre-filled with 18ml of e-liquid that is huge enough to deliver you up to 8000 flavorful puffs. The high e-liquid capacity will keep you going for a long before the urge to refill it arises. For you to achieve nicotine satisfaction, the Space Mary vape device includes 5% nicotine. The nicotine content is responsible for the smooth throat hits you are set to experience.

The authentic and consistent flavors that are produced by the Space Mary vape device are due to the efficient and durable mesh coil. The mesh coil heats up within seconds once you make your first puff.

Space Mary Vape Instructions on How to Charge

The convenient battery indicator is the most convenient feature that is manifested on this exciting vape device. The fact the Space Mary vape device allows you to recharge works to your huge benefit as you will amplify and extend your vaping sessions. You will require approximately half an hour to recharge the Space Mary vape device completely. If you keep on leaving the charging process to go beyond a fully charged vape battery, you will get your Space Mary Vape battery damaged.

What you need to monitor as you vape is the battery level indicator whenever you are vaping. You will see the LED light transition to a solid green hue that signals that the vape battery is fully charged. If you see a blue light, it means that the vape battery is at the medium level. The red light means that the battery is very low and you need to recharge. Read the following Space Mary Vape instructions to know how you can charge your vape device in the proper way;

  • Find the Charging port- locating the charging port on your Space Mary vape device is the first step once you decide you want to charge the battery. The charging port is positioned at the bottom side of the vape device.
  • Make a Type-C cable connection- once you have found the charging port, you can simply attach the Type-C charging Cable to the Space Mary vape device.
  • Connect the Cable to a power source- having the charging cable connected to your vape device; the next thing is to plug the other end of the charging cable into a power source. A power source can be a computer USB-C port, a power bank, or a wall adapter.
  • Check out the Indicator- once the connection is successful, you will note the red light that will be illuminated on the LED screen.
  • Charging Duration- for your vape device to make a light color transition from red to solid green, it will take up to 30 minutes. You can still vape while the vape device is charging, but you should do so when the light Indicator displays a blue color.
  • Prevent overcharging- it is your sole responsibility to prolong the lifespan of your vape battery. Once the battery is charged fully, you need to unplug the vape device. This means that you should hang around when the vape device is charging.

As you continue interacting with the Space Mary Vape, it can reach a point where you see the device blinking red while it is charging. This definitely means that there is an underlying issue in the vape device that needs your attention. Check the common issues that can be the most likely reason for the blinking;

  • Damaged mesh coil- the charging process can be interfered with by a faulty mesh coil. Once you realize that the coil has an issue, it is high time you should dispose of the vape device.
  • Battery Dysfunction- a faulty vape battery will cause charging complications. You can replace the charging cable, and if the problem persists, you will have to replace the vape device.
  • A Faulty Cable- if you use a damaged vape charging Cable, you interfere with the charging process of the vape device. You should search for a functioning and compatible charging cable for your vape device.

Space Mary Vape Instructions on How to Use it

The secret to having a memorable vaping experience is to keep it simple and exciting. You need a simple vape device as well to ensure everything in your vape device is kept flowing. The Space Mary vape device is designed to take care of both beginners and experienced vape users, as it is best known for offering mouth-to-lung vaping.

The correct inhalation procedure will prevent you from experiencing coughing or any unpleasant rush of nicotine. Check out the step-by-step Space Mary vape instructions on how you are supposed to make your vaping sessions count;

  • Hold your vape device, locate the fire button, and click it five times to turn it on.
  • Place your lips on the device’s mouthpiece
  • Make slow draws of vapor into your mouth for a few seconds
  • Hold the vapor in your mouth and keep your mouth closed for one or two seconds.
  • Open your mouth and swallow the vapor into your lungs
  • Exhale the vapor after the vapor has reached your lungs

Frequently Asked Questions about Space Mary Vape Instructions

How long does it take for the Space Mary Vape to charge?

The Duration of charging depends on whether you plugged in the charger when the vape device was completely low or in between. A Space Mary vape device battery takes up to 30 minutes for it to get fully charged. You should only charge the vape battery when it is power is low to prolong the lifespan of the vape device.

How do you hit a vape for the first time?

As a beginner, you are best advised to engage in the mouth-to-lung vaping method. You will have to take slow draws into your mouth, hold the vapor for a few seconds, and swallow. You can now exhale the vape after it has reached your lungs.

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