Space Jam Vape Pen. Design, Build, Performance, and How to Use the Space Jam Vape Pen

    Space Jam Vape Pen. Design, Build, Performance, and How to Use the Space Jam Vape Pen

    What is a space jam vape pen?

    The space jam vape pen is a super quality vape pen designed to work with concentrates and e-liquids. The powerful battery comes with a charger that can power it even as you use it. Space jam for a long time has been known to be the best company in developing e-liquids and THC concentrates.

    They have built their legacy by producing high-quality products in the vape industry. They have stayed ahead in maintaining their vape pen reliability and making them easy to use for beginners and advanced users.

    Their design is well crafted, with the pen having the default space jam luminous green signature.

    It is effortless to assume the existence of this vape pen because many other companies have come forth to produce similar products, but with the perfect match of e-liquids.

    The space jam brand has something to go with their vape pens. Space jam has received recognition and is proliferating. So what would be making this underground brand get so much attention? Well, we will look into that, and you will make the decision.                        

    Space jam design and build

    The space jam resembles any standard normal vape pen you might have come across from its initial outlook. When you observe from a different perspective, you will note a few things that set these pens apart.

    The transparent tanks could be one of them. For a standard vape pen, you will have the cartridge being threaded on top of the battery, making it easy to take apart and assemble the components. 

    The pen is a dual-part device that has a battery and separate tank. The tank is fixed onto the battery to make a complete product that is ready for use. With the 510 thread technology, your space jam vape pen is compatible with other types of 510 threaded accessories.

    The space jam vape pen is simple in design, and the tank capacity is one fantastic feature we cannot ignore. Many people like the pen because of the versatility in use with e-liquids and concentrate.

    It works so well with these compounds, and you can never go wrong while using them. Those holding tanks have a visible material and let you track the amount of liquid you have left in your device.   

    How to use the space jam vape pen

    Before anything, you need to ensure that our 510 threading on the cart is compatible to avoid forced fitting that damages the battery threading.

    Go ahead and remove the cap covering the bottom of your e-liquid cart and insert it into the battery. While this is happening, you need to be sure that your battery is adequately charged and switched on.

    You will need to press the power button five times consecutively to turn the device on. To take a draw, you have to press the power button to activate the firing feature constantly.


    Once the device's setup is done, take a short draw and feel how it is in your mouth and the kind of effects you are getting from the pen. Beginners should take short appeals to avoid getting overwhelmed by the impact.

    You need to give it more time for the pre-heat features to pick up for the ceramic coil devices. Get some suitable 510 threaded substances cartridges that can work well with your device to ensure that you have an excellent vaping session.

    After every session, be sure to counter-check your device and make sure that it is turned off. This diligence makes sure that your device is protected from burning the coils.

    Charging your space jam vape pen

    Every performing vape pen needs to be charged after usage, and this is one guaranteed way to keep your vape pen serving you for a very long time. Charging a battery may sound to be an easy task, but there are a few things you might want to consider.

    The vape lit has a charging cable and charger that you need to use when connecting your device. You have to connect your device to the USB charging cable through the charging port.

    After you have connected, the three LED lights will light up simultaneously to show how the power intake goes. When the battery is fully charged, it will blink for 20 seconds before going out.

    Performance of the space jam vape pen

    From the design and quality of the pen, you can tell that the space jam vape pen is good at delivering performance. The 650mAh battery will give you more time to run your device, with equal heat distribution when burning up the compounds. You are assured that you will get the best flavor that is soothing.

    When the device is fully charged, you are assured of more than 7 hours of vaping action that you will not get enough. The only spoiler will the battery running out on you.

    For each usage, it is advisable that you completely drain your battery before recharging it.

    This is a guaranteed way to give your battery good life, and when using it again, you will realize that it is even more vital. The pen is a variable wattage pen setting, so you get to tweak around with settings to get the best power for you.

    The other thing to consider is that the 510 threading may not be suitable for all accessories, so you have to watch out for what you are putting into your battery to safeguard its life.

    Pros and cons of a space jam vape pen


    • The pen uses a single control button which makes it very easy for beginners to use
    • The 510 threading holds the fixable components in place without causing leakages and rattling.
    • The device is compatible with any 510 threading devices and delivers quality experiences as well.
    • The 650mAh capacity battery gives you sufficient power to operate your device on


    • The battery capacity is not enough for people who do many vaping sessions in a day, so they have to keep charging the device from time to time.
    • The space jam vape pens do not have spare batteries and incase of damages, and you will have to buy a new kit.

    FAQs About Space Jam Vape Pen

    Important points to remember when caring for your battery

    Do not overcharge your device

    Vape pens are vulnerable to extreme charging conditions, and immediately your device is complete, you need to take it out of the charger.

    Avoid frequent charging

    If you want your vape pen to hold you for a longer time, you will need to charge it carefully by following a schedule. Do not charge it anytime you feel like it is losing power, do it when the battery goes completely flat.

    Always attend to your charging.

    It would help if you were around when your pen is charging to avoid discharging and overcharging.

    Keep your device away from water.

    The space jam vape pen is not waterproof, so any exposure to water is bound to cause problems with how the system operates. You could suffer significant damages if it is exposed to water for a long time.

    Use the provided device charger to protect your battery life. Even though chargers might look similar, they are differently configured to serve their purpose, so using any charger on your device could easily cause problems.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    The Upcott vape pen from UPENDS is a very affordable option when comparing the market price to other brands.

    The pen does not have unnecessary features that would make it very pricey.

    You get organically filled cartridges that are good for preventing leakages and spills that happen when you vape.


    When it comes to space jam products, you do not have to think about the e-liquids only, the vape pen collection is also one significant part of the brand, and it is definitely worth the try.

    You have to be keen that you are using the appropriate products on this pen. You will get maximum quality when you take care of this vape pen, and you shall not regret it.


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