WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Snoopy Smoke Vape Charging Instructions

7th Feb 2024 | 185 | Dickson

One thing that makes disposable vape devices highly popular is their compactness and the exceptional flavors they effortlessly deliver. The greatest step you can take is just to buy a disposable vape and start using it right on the spot. Most disposable vape devices feature the draw-activation technology that makes the use of disposable vape devices super easy as you are not expected to refill them.

Disposable vape devices are rechargeable, and this makes them the most reliable tools to help you reach your vaping goals. What only limits the disposable vales is their coils that are designed for temporary use. Swapping of coils is not possible when it comes to making your disposable vape last longer.

The Snoopy Smoke disposable vape pen is among the best-selling vape products, and its popularity has gone beyond expectations. What makes the difference is how many users can get the most out of this awesome vape product. This guide emphasizes how you can ensure that you charge your Snoopy Smoke Vape device.

Snoopy Smoke Vape brand

The Snoopy Smoke vape brand was established in 2008, and since then, it has been successful at introducing some of the most innovative products that exist in the current value product market. The core idea behind the establishment of this incredible vape company is the creation of a simple yet efficient design. In 2016, the Snoopy Smoke vape brand gained popularity as it launched its flagship device Mi-Pod.

The Snoopy Smoke brand not only produces the most popular disposable vape devices but also other products that include e-liquids, pods, mods, tanks, and many more exciting vape equipment. Before you venture to how you can efficiently charge your Snoopy Smoke disposable vape, it is worth taking a closer scrutiny at its adorable features.

Snoopy Smoke Disposable Vape Review


  • 650mAh rechargeable battery
  • Battery life indicator
  • 36ml E-liquid capacity
  • 15000 puffs
  • 50mg nicotine strength

Right from the mouthpiece of the Snoopy Smoke disposable vape, you will appreciate the aesthetic and elegant physical make that makes it worth owning. This is a transcendent value product that comes with an e-liquid capacity of 18ml, which is offered by the two leak-proof e-liquid tanks available. This vape device is capable of combining functionality, convenience, and exceptional flavors in a single unit that features high portability levels. You are set to enjoy up to 15000 puffs from every single vape device you purchase.

The two e-liquid tanks are designed to exist separately on the Snoopy Smoke vape device. This design grants you the chance to enjoy two different flavors without the risk of the flavors mixing. You are, therefore, offered the versatility you deserve in your vaping experience.

As an avid vape user, the Snoopy Smoke disposable device is set to offer you long vaping hours as it flaunts its attractive outer appearance. With this incredible vape device, you stand a grand opportunity to deliver fruity, ich, and classic notes as you are free to choose your favorite flavors and blends. This disposable vape device comes prefilled with a wonderful nicotine salt formulation of 50mg per ml that assures you of smooth and satisfying throat hits in every puff you take.

What makes the Snoopy Smoke vape device exceed its expectations is the powerful backup built-in battery and a battery percentage display screen. The 650mAh battery is designed to offer you longer vaping sessions, as this power is enough to keep you from recharging the device more frequently. You are never left in the dark when you desire to know how much power is left in your device. There is a 10mm built-in screen on the device that indicates the battery percentage and lets you know when you are required to recharge it.  

Whenever there is an urge to recharge the device, the Snoopy Smoke disposable vape includes a USB-C-type charging port. Remember, when you access this amazing vape product, it comes already charged and ready for use. After some moments of vaping, you will be required to recharge it whenever the power runs low. With enough power only when you can achieve the strongest and smoothest throat hits as you enjoy the general mouth-watering taste from your vape device.

Now, the big question arises on how you really charge your Snoopy Smoke disposable vape. Read along to find out:

Step-by-Step Guide to Charging Your Snoopy Smoke Vape

There are common indicators that will let you know your vape device needs to be recharged. The signs are as follows;

  • You will notice less or no vapor is produced from the mouthpiece
  • The LED light indicator will flicker a red light whenever you try to make a puff
  • The intensity of the vapor produced will be less
  • The screen on the Snoopy Smoke disposable vape will show you the percentage remaining is low.

The charging process of the Snoopy Smoke is pretty much the same as most other disposable vape devices. Since Snoopy Smoke is a highly reputable brand, you are offered a type-C cable that is meant to offer fast charging services for you. Check out the details on the steps you can take to ensure your Snoopy Smoke disposable vape is efficiently recharged.

  1. Select a type-C cable that will be compatible with the Snoopy Smoke vape device.
  2. Connect one end of the cable to the charging port that is right on the bottom side of the vape device. Using the other end, connect it to the power source. The power source can be a computer or a wall adapter. This is just like charging the usual electronic products you use daily.
  3. Once the connection is complete, the vape device will start charging automatically, and the screen will indicate that the vape device’s built-in battery is undergoing the charging process. The device will later indicate on the screen that the battery is charged fully and the device is ready for use.
  4. You are also free to use the Snoopy Smoke vape device while it is charging if you cannot wait any longer.

Precautions When Charging a Snoopy Smoke Vape

You will not wish to always get caught up through the vaping session that your vape device needs to recharge. Take a simple look at the tips that will help you get the most from every vaping session you undertake.

  • Monitor the charging progress- this will ensure the safety of the vape device and your own as well. You will ensure that the vape device is still charging or someone has just interrupted the process.
  • Do not overcharge your vape device- if you leave the vape device to charge for a long time after its charging process is complete, you will have interfered with the battery’s lifespan. It is highly advised that you disconnect the charger from the power supply the moment the charging signal goes off.
  • Avoid frequent charging – if you intend to achieve optimal charging and increase the battery life of your device, you need to charge the device only when the battery level is low. The battery is still powerful, which will decrease both the duration and performance of the Snoopy Smoke vape.
  • Engage the recommended charger- switching from one switch to another will make the general charging process inconvenient and unsafe. The original type-C cable will ensure that the charging process is fast.

Wholesale Vape Equipment Retailer-UPENDS

UPENDS is a world-leading vape product manufacturer and retailer whose products are of the highest quality you can imagine. This popular vape company exhibits its commitment to crafting products that feature a lingering finish. With the quest to deliver the best for its customers, the UPENDS presents you with the MIRROR PRO. The MIRROR PRO is a highly advanced disposable vape device that embraces the most recent technology.

Right from the physical design appearance, this exceptional disposable vape device features a color contrast that impresses whoever gets to see it. This disposable vape device is always the vaper’s first choice when it comes to selecting the vape product that brings a formidable lifestyle and elegance.

This disposable vape device features a 650mAh battery that is powerful and heats up the 20ml e-liquid that it comes with. For your MIRROR PRO to charge within a short time, it engages a type-C charger.

The MIRROR Pro disposable vape avails you of the FRESOR dual mesh technology that involves a combination of coils. With the influence of the intelligent control aspect, you can achieve a stronger and long-lasting taste as the coils work interchangeably. You will adore the consistent flavor that you will meet as the vape device offers zero leakage and better protection for its components.

The competitiveness of the MIRROR PRO disposable vape is highly enhanced by the top-notch flavors it allows its users to enjoy. This vape device prepares for you beyond 20 fresh flavors that include candy, fruit, and beverage flavors. You are free to make the most appropriate choice to ensure you get a long-lasting pleasurable experience by getting a MIRROR PRO disposable vape.