WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Snoop Dogg G Pen. A Review and Instruction Guide About the Snoop Dogg G Vape Pen

20th May 2021 | 71 | upends v

What is a Snoop Dogg G vape pen

Snoop Dogg G Pen is a vape pen that famous American rapper Snoop Dogg created. Snoop Dogg has been identified as one of the marijuana enthusiasts, and it is not surprising that there is a vape brand with his name on it.

Snoop Dogg collaborated with Grenco science, and their partnership has been longstanding. This is why we have many products proudly supported by snoop.

The Snoop Dogg is an articulated figure, and through his speeches and talks he gives through mediums, he has managed to give them recognition.

Today we will look at one of the products that are a result of Snoop Dogg’s efforts.

Greco Science Company successfully designed the G pen that offers good vaporization that is the G pen elite. The device is not as small as you would be expected it to be, but it is significantly improved from other vape models. 

Features of the Snoop Dogg G vape

  • The device is exclusively designed for use with dry herbs
  • Specially designed and customized by Snoop Dogg
  • Compact and ergonomic design that is discreet for use
  • Reliable and straightforward build design
  • Stainless steel outer case for safety
  • Mesh steel screens for easy visibility of chamber contents
  • One button activation system for operating device
  • High-quality heating coils for good combustion

How it works

The g pen is a straightforward device to use. All that needs to be done is to press the power button five times to unlock the unit, and when this happens, you can now press the power button to engage the coils in the heating chamber.

You are only faced with the task of loading your elements onto the heating chamber, then insert the shield and mouthpiece on it. Press on the power button, then take a draw. 

The Snoop Dogg G pen is not like other vape pens; there is no temperature flexibility feature, so you only get one temperature setting put to work as long as you are pressing on the power button.

Apart from passing air faster or slower through the heating chamber or pressing on the power button for only a short period, you cannot control the temperature setting from the section.

Manufacturing quality

The Snoop Dogg G pen is pretty well designed because they have chosen to use many high-quality materials. The provided tank uses glass to make the shell, metal for the 510 threading connection, and a ceramic plate located below the metal coil.

The power button is relatively sturdy, and the most out of place feature in the device could be the plastic mouthpiece which is not a match up for the quality of material used on the other parts of the vape pen.

Just like many other vaporizers you have seen around, the Snoop Dogg G pen has one of the long-lasting batteries that could last you somewhere between two to four hours of continuous usage.

This is a pretty good feature because even if the unit cannot vaporize using the power, you are sure that you get more time to use the device wherever you are.

Device portability and design quality

Every vape enthusiast would like to get a vape pen that can be carried around easily without worrying about bulkiness. This unit, therefore, is easy to carry around owing to its small size.

The shape of the pen makes it easy to slide it into your pocket and walk around with it without having so many problems with it.

The only point of concern could be the glass placed around the heating coil, but luckily you have a shield around it to protect most parts of the glass.

Using the Snoop Dogg G pen

The Snoop Dogg G pen has just one button making it one of the most straightforward devices to use. The single power button locks and unlocks the device, and the same button activates the coils to start heating inside the chamber.

The most technical part about using this device is when you want to load and unload the vape pen. This difficulty is because it may be difficult to remove the combusted botanical. It is also essential that it is hard to use the device as a vaporizer.


The device is perfectly discreet, and even though you get no vapor from it, it produces some sweet botanical smell that will make it hard to hide the fact that you are using the device.

With this device, you get privacy, adding that it fits perfectly in your hand and the colors are meant to blend in with the environment.

How to load the dry herbs into the heating chamber

  1. Please take out the mouthpiece from the battery and turn the section counterclockwise to separate it from the device
  2. Unscrew it carefully so that you do not damage any internal parts of the pen
  3. Remove the cap on the heating chamber and load the dry herbs inside. Ensure you fill up half or three-quarters of the herb to allow for circulation.

How to vaporize using the Snoop Dogg G pen

  1. Click on the vape button five times rapidly to turn the device on
  2. While still holding the button, inhale from the mouthpiece continuously till you get your best draw
  3. If you feel like the chamber has started to smell burnt, then refill your room and make sure the device is off when refilling

How to fill a Snoop Dogg G pen chamber

  1. Take out the mouthpiece and the top cap from your heating chamber, then proceed to gently tap the lid on the trash bin to extract the used herbs. Ensure that you have no buildup at the bottom of the coil to keep a maximum vaporizing temperature.
  2. Once the chamber is ready to use, screw the connector onto it to have a complete device
  3. After putting back the pieces together, press on the button five times to activate the device
  4. Your vape pen is now ready to use, and you can enjoy your herb.

Make sure to watch this video to learn more about the Snoop Dogg G pen.


Pros and cons of the G Snoop Dogg G pen


  • Smooth taste

Taking huge draws from this device will give you a soft vapor that has a nice hit on the throat. This feels different from smoking the herbs.

  • Easily portable

You get a small pen design that perfectly fits your hand so that you can carry it anywhere.

  • Good quality at an affordable price

A good combination of price and quality makes the product even perform better

It has a 510 threading for battery and coil, which makes it compatible with most of the mainstream cartridges you would want to use

  • 210 mAh battery capacity

A good battery can supply you with power for close to two straight hours, guaranteeing you an excellent vaping experience.

  • A simplistic design

The simplistic design is an advantage because you get to load it readily and prepare it for usage.

It has a relaxed, unique blue and silver design that Snoop Dogg created to represent his hometown.


  • Small in size

The holding capacity is smaller compared to other herbal vape pen models 

FAQs about Snoop Dogg G pen

Is the Snoop Dogg G pen worth it?

The Snoop Dogg G pen is not bad by any standards, but it is not a good choice for people who love high-performance vape pens. This is because the device only uses dry herbs, and it is combustible, meaning that you will not get so much vapor.

Where can I buy the snoop Dogg vape pen?

The Snoop Dogg G pen is currently not in production, but a few outlets still have some pieces of this gem on their shelves.


The Snoop Dogg G pen is designed to ensure you have a good time. The herbs heat up rapidly, and the slight vapor produced is immensely satisfactory. It is effortless to keep the device clean and powered up with a neat and intelligent design. You do not need so much space to carry your vape pen around.

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