SMOK Novo Vape: Why SMOK Novo Vape, Features, Battery, Charger, Flavors, Colors, Review, Coupon and Vape Shops Open Near Me

    SMOK Novo Vape: Why SMOK Novo Vape, Features, Battery, Charger, Flavors, Colors, Review, Coupon and Vape Shops Open Near Me

    What is SMOK Novo Vape?

    SMOK Novo Vape is a vaping product developed by SMOK. SMOK is one of the leading vape products manufacturer having a range of devices such as pods, mods, tanks, and others. The Novo vape line of products falls under their pods category. With innovative technology and elegant design, the Novo line of products is a must-have for all vaping enthusiasts.

    Let’s look at their products in this line:


    The Novo is the pioneer of this line of vape devices. As expected, it comes in an elegant design that is synonymous with most SMOK devices. It has an ergonomic design allowing for unmatched and strain-free vaping. And thanks to the compact and minimalist design, it is easy to carry around in your pocket or hand. You’ll can also choose from six color options such as black, red, rainbow, and others.

    It isequipped with a 450mAh rechargeable battery so you can vape on the go. With a maximum capacity of 2ml, you can use just about any e-liquid. Upon opening the package, you’ll get two pods, a USB cable, and a user manual for the standard edition. Unfortunately, the vape device has a Micro-USB port, which is not as fast as the Type-C.

    You also get an e-liquid window so you can know the level of the e-liquid. And thanks to the LED indicator, you’ll know when to recharge the battery. Like other SMOK devices, you get the efficient air-driven system for improved startup and vaping experience.

    Besides, you produce dense clouds, which every vaper yearns for. If the LED lights 15 times, you need to recharge the battery. There are numerous safety features such as short circuit protection, low voltage protection, and an eight seconds cut-off.

    Novo 2 Kit

    This is an elegant pod that you should consider buying. Not only does it come in an appealing design, but also a practical construction making vaping a piece of cake. Unlike the Novo, this kit has a long-lasting 800mAh battery. With it, you can vape for hours without worry of the battery depleting. Thanks to the air-flow grooves on both sides, you get a denser cloud and a richer taste.

    Similar to Novo, it comes with an LED indicator for the battery level. You can choose from more than 20 colors. And thanks to the Cobra design, the color scheme is elegant giving you that glossy touch. The overall design is exceptional thanks to the ergonomic and round construction. As such, you can carry the device in your pocket or pouch with ease. Besides, it makes concealing it a piece of cake.

    You can buy the EU, U.S., or the standard edition. Each coming with unique features. Some of the common ones being a pod, rubber plug, LED indicator, and a Micro-USB port. With it, you can enjoy up to 200 puffs. This makes it an ideal option for beginner or intermediate vapers. With a 12-months warranty, you can replace it should find defects.

    Novo X Kit

    The Novo X Kit packs more features compared to the Novo and Novo 2 Kit. With it, you can adjust the power, ranging from 1 to 25 watts. As such, you can get just the right e-liquid flavor you need. And thanks to the 0.8 ohm coil, you’ll get just the right amount of heating for a refreshing vaping experience. The pod has a maximum capacity of 2ml which is enough for a day-vaping.

    If you are into MTL vaping, this is the perfect choice for you. It provides a perfect hit so you can get a satisfying vaping experience. It comes in eight color options such as red, blue, black, and silver. And thanks to the cobra coating, you get that shinny look. You can get it in EU or standard edition depending on your preferences.

    As you’d expect, it comes in a compact and lightweight design. This allows for on-the-go vaping since it adds no extra bulk in your pocket or pouch. You also get an OLED indicator, which shows you the power setting, battery level, and other options.

    Some of its key components include a mouthpiece, pod, screen, power button, and a USB port. The low-profile button offers a quick startup feature. Safety features include lithium-ion protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, and others.

    Novo 4 Kit

    If you want more power and flexibility, the Novo 4 Kit is your perfect bet. With cutting-edge technology, you get a pod that takes vaping to the next level. With a maximum power output of 25W, you get adequate heating for that perfect flavor-rich vapor. And thanks to the 800mAh battery, you can have up to 200 puffs on a single charge.

    The integrated air-inlet ring allows you to customize the flavor and vapor. As such, if you want a rich or subtle flavor, just adjust the air-flow holes. This type comes with a Type-C port for fast charging. This means you can charge it with a power bank or a USB device. You can choose from 10 color variants such as black armor, white armor, and cyan pick, among others.

    As you’d expect, it comes in an elegant design. Its lightweight construction ensures you can carry it around with ease. The modular design enables you to easily refill the pod with your favorite e-liquid. And thanks to the OLED indicator, you can read all active settings and adjust as required. You can also tell the battery level for convenient vaping.

    Novo 2S

    This is a perfect option for vapers who love shinny devices. The color scheme has a shouting element in it making you stand out in the crowd. The pod is designed for MTL vaping, which feels refreshing to the throat. With a collection of nine colors, you can choose which appeals to you.

    You can choose between the standard and EU editions, although they have almost similar functionalities. You’ll enjoy the perfect and easy grip this vape pod affords you. And thanks to the elegant design, you can take it to casual and formal settings.

    Novo 4 Mini

    Finally, SMOK presents you the Novo 4 Mini, which as the name suggests, comes in a more compact design compared to others on this list. But don’t let the small design fool you since it has a more powerful 900mAh battery ideal for moderate to heavy vaping.

    You can choose from 10 color options such as regular and prismatic series. The regular series has elegant skins ideal for trendy vapers. And thanks to the Type-C port, charging it takes a few minutes. Some of its components include a mouthpiece, pod, coil head, air-inlet ring, LED indicator, and Type-C port.

    SMOK Novo vape flavors

    The SMOK Novo vape does not come with flavors. However, it is compatible with any flavor you choose to use. And since most Novo pods have an adjustable air-inlet ring, you can customize the strength of the flavor.

    SMOK Novo vape battery and charger

    Well, all Novo pods come with a rechargeable battery. With most having and integrated 800mAh battery. This can last for up to 200 puffs. The Novo 4 Mini has a 900mAh battery, which will give you an extra 100 to 150 puffs.

    All pods also come with a USB charging port. However, the Novo 4 Mini, Novo 4 Kit, and Novo 2S have a Type-C port. The rest have a Micro-USB port. Overall, you can charge all the pods with a USB device such as a laptop or power bank.

    SMOK Novo vape colors and skins

    As you’ve seen, the Novo pod series comes in numerous colors with each model having more than five colors. Others also come in different skins such as regular and prismatic. All colors have the cobra pattern engraved on them.

    SMOK Novo coupon and promo code

    SMOK Novo discount coupon code 1: MARTYVAPES

    SMOK Novo discount coupon code 2: GRANDOPEN

    SMOK Novo discount coupon code 3: MCGAW

    SMOK Novo discount coupon code 4: OCTFREE

    SMOK Novo vape review

    Well, the Novo series of pods is a one of the best in the industry. Sold by numerous vaping stores, it comes with exceptional features that any vaper yearns for. If you are looking for a vaping device with basic yet crucial features, consider the Novo pod series.

    The pod also allows you to use any e-liquid, which is unlike most pods that come pre-filled with specific flavors. This allows for better flexibility and convenience. What’s more, the adjustable air-inlet allows for a personalized vaping experience.


    How do I refill SMOK Novo pod?

    To refill it, you need to remove the mouthpiece to access the refill slot. Then pour 2ml of your e-liquid into the pod and wait for the cotton to get saturated. After a few minutes, install the mouthpiece and enjoy your e-liquid.

    How to know a fake from a real SMOK Novo pod

    Once you buy a Novo pod, access the product code. Scan it using the IVPS Tour App to verify if the product is genuine or not.

    Where can I buy the SMOK Novo pod?

    You can buy it from the main website or from their global partners. You can access them via their official website.

    SMOK Novo pod not hitting.

    Well, this could be due to low battery, inadequate e-liquid, or a faulty coil. Ensure the battery is fully charged and you have at least 2ml of e-liquid in your pod. If the coil is faulty, consider replacing it.

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