WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SMOK Novo review and instructions. All You Need to Know About the SMOK Novo Vaporizer

12th May 2022 | 457 | upends v

SMOK Novo is an all-in-one mod device that has been proven to be a perfect fit for beginner vapers. SMOK and features build the pod among their catalog bearing many products lines. The device features a unique draw activation feature which does away with the idea of having buttons that need you to press or to adjust settings.

The sleek, sturdy device has a ton of performance capability hidden behind its small size. The device will amaze even the most experienced vape users owing to its functionality and power.

The SMOK products that made their way earlier were said to be bulky and lacked portability factor, and they always ran out of battery within a short time. This is why the SMOK pod-style device was released to cover for the earlier experienced faults. The pod mods now have a high-power battery and extra portable too. The pod will last you longer with a 2ml tank that holds the e-liquid. 

Design and build quality of the SMOK Novo

The majority of the products released under the SMOK flagship always came bearing the cobra and honeycomb pattern, and the trend has made it also into their pod systems. The SMOK Novo is the first pod to take after this design and bears a unique image to its respective category.

The mod is shaped to look like a beautiful whistle, and its overall appearance does not come with any rugged or jagged edges. It instead takes after a smooth and straight-line design which gives it an ergonomic form that makes it easy for the hands to hold. 

The unit is built using a 450mAh battery. It now has a standing within the top battery power devices, beating even the earlier release SMOK Infinix. Though it slightly tends to take away some impressive portability features.

The whole device is made up of two pieces that mainly consist of the main body: the battery holder and the pod, which carries the coils, tanks, and the mouthpiece joined to it. The device feels satisfyingly solid when touched and does not rattle or produce any sound when being handled. It is only that the device does not come with a 510 threading which would have made it gain some edge over other devices in the market.

The absence of a display screen on this device has been replaced by a smart LED indicator that performs in all aspects it was designed to. It is flashy simultaneously in response to a feature, such as the amount of charge left in a device, but it has additional prompts that show the device status, such as when it is off or when it is active. It can also alert the user when they have an issue with their coil.

The USB charger has been placed conveniently, which makes the device easy to operate. You can charge it using the non-proprietary cables, which allow you to get a replacement for it quicker than it would have been. You have to place your device on the table, and it will get charging.

Features of the SMOK Novo

  • It has a pod capacity of 2ml
  • The coil resistance is at 0.8 ohms
  • The average wattage output is 22W
  • It comes with a powerful 450mAh battery
  • Small-sized that can be easily carried around
  • Draw activated device

Flavor and vapor quality

Despite its small size, this unit is a hard hitter, making it superior to the other SMOK pod systems. Its vapor output is impressive, and as a result, the amount of flavor originality can be felt from one puff.

The durability of a single pod also made this device worth considering, each pod can easily last you for a week, and if you are a slow vaper, then two weeks will be enough.

Some pods, when mishandled, tend to leak, so you have to watch out for that before you get inconvenienced.

Battery and charging of the SMOK Novo

Being a pod device, the Novo automatically does not have any advanced features with box mods. They include temperature control, customizable settings, and variable wattage.

However, there are plenty of protection features built into the device to avoid short-circuiting and low voltage vaping, improving the device's lifespan and battery. 

Since you do not have any power adjustment features, you can only improve your vaping experience by playing around with the pod strength variations that are available in the market. The airflow cannot be adjusted, but this is not a standard feature. It, therefore, makes it less of a deal. 

Ease of use of the SMOK Novo

The SMOK Novo has a full button-less design that mostly relies on an air-activated sensor that fires up your unit anytime you take a puff. This appears to work as conventional cigarettes, but it makes it easy to use for beginners who want to get into the vaping world. 

The process of taking out the pods to replace them is simple, and you have to pull out the old pod and push in a new one into the bay. The tank is also user-friendly, and it uses a side-fill port which can be used even without taking out the pod from the mod.

Performance of the SMOK Novo

The SMOK Novo performance is top-notch, and the vapor production comes as a surprise. It is not every day where you see so much vapor production from such a smaller device. You cannot get enough of the huge plummets of vapor that blow out of your mouth after one puff. 

Before you begin vaping, it might take some time before you get to fire the device since it is a draw-activated device. Then puffing up to get the right amount of vapor is also another task at hand. But this is highly expected of such types of devices. The device can be better activated by taking subsequent short puffs to get it primed ready for action. 


The battery is a 450mAh cell that can charge to its full capacity within less than one hour. The device lights will turn off and shift the colors from red to white after charging is complete, and with the pass-through feature, you can vape while the unit is charging. However, this might require you to use a longer USB charger for better accessibility and comfort.

The draw is not bad either, and it is somewhat mid-range. It does not appear tight or airy and can function as a direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung device. The vapor cannot be adjusted, which makes it inconvenient for people who like narrow draws.

Pros and cons of the SMOK Novo


  • Sleek design that is stylish and can be carried anywhere
  • There are more than eight colors to choose from
  • The draw activated system makes the device easy to use
  • It is one of the cheapest AIO systems you can find in the vape market
  • The battery life is much better and too powerful
  • A unit is a good unit for beginners


  • Even with the visible tank, it is still not easy to track your liquid levels in the tank.
  • The non-adjustable airflow sometimes can be a bore
  • The micro USB charger is shorter and less effective



The uppen has been recognized as a device that gives the best flavor from the first puff. This is all assisted by the Etchip coil, an impressive chip system with an improved Heating area with the best heating efficiency.

You get a refreshing and sustained vapor from taking only one puff. The unit can also be compatible with all liquids in the market.


The SMOK Novo has held its position as one of the most outstanding vape pens in the market. Some would agree, and some would not, but the Novo is a likable pen that has proven its worth as far as vaping goes. It has a good draw and very easy functionality, and it is recommended to anyone interested in performance.