Slim Vape Pen: Review and Instruction

    Slim Vape Pen: Review and Instruction

    You deserve to experience a highly enjoyable vaping experience! Though many people love vaping over smoking mostly because it is far healthier and is very enjoyable, a major problem they face is laying their hands on bad and fake vaping materials which can worsen their vaping experience. There are a lot of vaping stores today, both local and online, to help you have a safe, enjoyable vaping experience, we shall be discussing one of those stores in this article. Let’s have a look into Slim Vape Pen: its Review and Instructions.

    1.      What is Slim Vape Pen? 

    Slim Vape Pen (https://slimvapepen.com/ Location: Netherlands)  is an online vape store that deals in majorly all kinds of vaping materials and product. It’s a store for all vapers- either you are a starter or you are an experienced vaper. The Company, which is located in the Netherlands, is well known to be one of the best retailers when it comes to vape products. They feature a lot of brands. The Slim Vape Pen is said to likely take its name from the main product that is featured on the Company's catalogue which is a small e-cigarette. The catalogue features e liquids, herbs, and wax vape pens, and some other vaping materials and e-liquid brands.

    Even though the collection is not as huge as that of some other vape stores, it still perfectly covers a reasonable number of bases. They have got a well organised, and easy to surf througha website which makes it very easy for starters to navigate. The Slim Vape Pen is one of the leading vape stores around the world today and they feature a reasonable number of product brands. The categories featured on the website include KangerTech Subox Box Mod, KangerTech NEBOX, and Ithaka Clone. The products listed are Vape Pens, Vape Mods, Wick & Wire, Batteries and e juice.

    1.2 Pros

    Quality Products

    Excellent for Beginners

    Amazing Customer Care Service

    Nice Shipping Offers

    Great Packaging

    1.3 Cons

    Limited Collections

    2.      Is Slim Vape Pen Good?

    Like we noted earlier, the Slim Vape Pen is one of the leading vape stores when it comes to the sales of reliable vape materials, the store is one of those you can be very confident about. Their website is well organised, easy to navigate, and beautifully designed. If you are a starter, you wouldn’t even have any difficulty finding your way through products on their website. When it comes to their customer service too, it is a highly superb one. Their shopping service is excellent and they have various promotional offers for their customers.  Talk about their packaging too, highly superb! We checked through various reviews from their customers and we were flustered, you should try them out too!

    This store features a collection that is not as large as many other vape stores but we can confidently say that those they feature are of high standards, they are not much h concerned about selling just everything, but about selling quality products.

    3.      Slim Vape Pen Top Collections

    3.1 KangerTech Subox Box Mod

    The KangerTech Subox Nano and Subox Mini both have almost the same features apart from the fact that the Subox Nano has a smaller size and features more colour options.

    3.1.1        KBOX Nano

    The KBOX Nano serves as the battery house for the Subox Nano and it is much smaller when compared with the Kbox Mini. It however uses the same battery of 18659 as the mini and you would find that quite awesome when you consider the fact that it is smaller. This product features a wattage option of 7 to 50watts and it has a different set up from the Mini due to its smaller size. It comes with three buttons that can be used to control and switch between the wattage options. You may however find using this product a bit difficult if you have poor eyesight as it has a really small screen; though its LED screen is quite bright. The product automatically shuts off if the fire button is pushed for about 10 seconds; this feature makes it very safe to use.

    3.1.2 Pros

    Quiet Portable

    Strong Battery

    Safe to Use

    3.1.3 Cons

    Comes with a small screen

    3.2        KangerTech NEBOX

    This is an amazing all in one vape pen that comes with sub-ohm vaping and temperature control. This kit includes everything needed for a fully enjoyable vaping experience. The Kit includes:

    1 Kanger NEBOX

    1 0.15 ohm Ni200 coil pre-installed in the NEBOX

    1 10-ml tank built into the NEBOX

    1 mini RBA coil for your rebuilding pleasure

    1 0.5 ohms SSOCC vertical coil

    1 USB charging cord

    1 black battery cover

    KangerTech NEBOX Instruction Manual

    One very amazing thing about this particular kit is the fact that you have the chance to choose between varieties of options. The led that comes with it offers you lots of options to choose from, you can also choose your preferred wattage range anywhere from 15 watts to 50 watts. This kit is beautifully designed, very easy to use, and of very great quality.  It is quite portable and it comes with a big 10ml tank that makes it possible to contain large juices at a time. No wonder it produces huge and strong clouds! How about its temperature control option? It is very amazing too!

    3.2.1 Pros

    Easy to use

    Big Tank

    Pretty Design


    Various Temperature Control Options

    3.2.2 Cons

    It is not very easy to clean

    3.3        Ithaka Clone

    The Ithaka clone is a Rebuildable Atomizer that offers you the chance to enjoy a highly customised, and personalised vaping experience. It gives you the chance to customise your e-juice flow, and to also control the quantity of air that leaves through the coil every time you take a puff as you usually get more vapour if more air passes through the coil. This is quite amazing! It means that with this product, you would be able to get the level of thick vapours you so desire. This product presents in a diameter of 23mm and it comes with a huge tank that can hold up to 4ml of e-juice. The Ithaka clone is quite easy to vape and very safe to use. You should try it out one of these days.

    3.3.1 Pros

    Large Tank

    Massive Vapour

    Quite Versatile

    3.3.2 Cons

    Might be difficult to Assemble

    4.      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    4.1 What is the Return Policy at Slim Vape Pen?

    Like we noted earlier, the company has a cool customer care service and consideration and this includes their return policy. For full detailed knowledge about what their return policy is about and what it entails, we recommend that you check through their site. Briefly, the Company offers to accept back any kind of package that has not been opened and is still sealed in as much as the customer reaches put to them within 16 days from the date of delivery. Customers can get in touch with them by filling out their contact form and they will promptly reply within 24 hours of working days.

    4.2 What are the Different Categories Available at Slim Vape Pen?

    There are several categories available at the online store. The top-selling ones are KangerTech Subox Box Mod, KangerTech NEBOX, and Ithaka Clone.

    4.3 Is Slim Vape Pen worth it?

    Yes! The Slim Vape Pen is one of the best online vape stores you would ever come across. Even though they have limited collections, the ones they have are highly loaded and full of awesome qualities. Their website is well organised, easy to navigate, and beautifully designed-very good for starters. Their shopping service is excellent and they have various promotional offers for their customers.  Talk about their packaging too, highly superb!

    4.4 How long does delivery take?

    All shipped and processed items would usually be delivered right to your doorstep within 10 to 12 working days.

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    6.      Conclusion

    If you are looking for a reliable online vape store, choosing The Slim Vape Pen can never be a wrong decision! They deal in high quality and reliable products and their website is quite easy to use. They also have amazing policies and offers to give their customers a superb experience. You can check them out and also try Upends.com if you would like to have access to a variety of amazing vape products.


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.