Sigelei Vape: Review & Instructions

    Sigelei Vape: Review & Instructions

    There are a lot of vapes producing brands out there today, you can easily find multitudes of them both online and locally. The problem however is getting that best, trustworthy vape store for you. Vaping can be a really enjoyable experience when you deal with a superb brand and it can as well be a worse experience if you ever get to trade with a bad brand as their products will be bad too. In this article, we shall be looking into one of the best vape brands for you- Sigelei Vape: its Review and Instructions.

    1.      What is Sigelei Vape?

    Sigelei Vape (Website:  http://sigelei.com/ Location: China) is a well-known brand both locally and internationally and they are renowned for their high quality and product originality. This brand was introduced in 2011 and it has since then gone from a small company to an award-winning one. The Company specializes in the production and sales of various e-cigarette products and they have topped so many other brands on the award-winning list. One thing about Sigelei is that they make use of highly advanced technology and innovation in the production of their products and they ensure that all products go through lab testing. Their team is a combination of professional and highly experienced individuals who work diligently to give their best.

    We checked through the production profile of the company and we were amazed! They have everything you need for an awesome vaping experience. They deal in the production of anti-dry-burning temperature control electronic cigarettes, mechanical electronic cigarettes, high wattage electronic cigarettes, atomizers and other amazing accessories. There are none of these products with low quality, they are all original, effective, and of a high standard.

    1.1 Is Sigelei Vape Good?

    We are sure wouldn’t be expecting a no for an answer, or what else would you expect from a company that has remained top rated on the list of leading vape brands? Sigelei vape is one of the best brands for every vape products you need! When you buy products of this brand, you are more confident in the safety of the ingredients used in their production as they have effective laboratory testing in place for all their products. Another thing that would build your confidence in them is the fact that their products are all produced by experts who know exactly what they are doing.

    Their products are not only of high quality, but they are also well fashionable as Sigelei usually stay updated on every innovation in the vaping realm. They also have a really good customer care service in place and there are various amazing offers for their customers. Sigelei has so far maintained a high rank amongst other brands and we are sure that they are not ready to let go of that high position!

    1.2 Pros

    Great Customer Service

    Quality Products

    Nice Promotional Offers

    Wide range of Products

    2.      Sigelei Vape Top Products

    2.1  Sigelei Top 1

    This is the best-selling mod in the Sigelei store and it is also one of the best mods you can get out there. One very interesting thing about this product is that most people tend to ignore it because of its not too catchy design. The mod is too superb to be judged by its design! It is a great one, a high-quality product that delivers! This mod is made with zinc alloy and its material is so strong that you can be very confident about its durability and longevity. It is also designed to be very easy to hold and handle. It comes with a very nice display screen that makes it look like a smartwatch or a car speedometer, at a closer look.

    When it comes to performance, this product does an excellent job. Its wattage performance is quite awesome and the coil and resistance readings that come with it are very apt. The product is a dual 18650, which makes it a very strong one when compared to so many other mods. Another awesome thing about this product is its battery, it is very strong! Even though the display screen is large and would be power consuming, this battery still lasts up to 8 to 10 hours at a go.

    2.1.1 Pros

    Very strong battery

    High-Quality Product

    Easy to use

    Large Screen

    2.1.2 Cons

    Poor Temperature Control

    2.2  Sigelei Etiny Plus Kit

    This is one of the most portable vape pens that are available in the market, though portable, the durability of this product cannot be undermined. It is a high-quality one. Unlike lots of other vape pens out there, this product is constructed using aluminium alloy and SS303- this makes it a unique one. It also comes in a nice design that supports easy handling. It comes with an 800mAh battery and it fires correctly and perfectly. The product comes with a rank that gas the capacity to contain 2.0ml of e-liquid. Because some vapers are heavy vapers, the tank might have to be refilled from time to time, but it’s nothing to worry about as the tank is convenient and simple to use.

    One other interesting thing about the product is that it comes in 5 different beautiful colours that make it a perfect choice for use in the office or other formal settings. The product presents in the colours- Onyx, Champagne, Neon Gray, Crimson, Champagne, and Platinum CCELL Silo. We love the appearance and quality of this product; you should also try it out to see for yourself.

     2.2.1 Pros

     High Quality

     Beautiful Design

     Quite Durable

     2.2.2 Cons

    The water tank isn’t so big

    2.3  Sigelei Moonshot 120 Vape Tank Replacement Coils (5-Pack) 

    These coils are very strong ones and they are a good choice for you if you need good coils that have the abilities to contain high wattage vapes. The product is quite reliable and they are fit to use with the Moonshot 120 Tank. The coils have a resistance level of 1.25 ohms each and this makes them very strong for high output levels. The design of the coils is awesome and it aids very full and thick vapours. The coils also enhance a very delicious, enjoyable, and satisfying taste and flavour when used. The product presents in a pack that contains 5 coils for use with your Moonshot 120 Tank.

    The materials used in the production of the coils are very strong which makes them quite durable, very effective for strong vapour creation, and great flavour production. You sure would also fall in love with these coils.

    2.3.1 Pros

    High Quality

    Thick Vapour Production

    Great Flavour


    2.3.2 Cons

    Use the Product with caution

    3.      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    3.1 What are the Different Products Available at Sigelei Vape?

    There are lots of Products available at Sigelei Vape. They deal in the production of high-quality vape materials like anti-dry-burning temperature control electronic cigarettes, mechanical electronic cigarettes, high wattage electronic cigarettes, atomizers and other amazing accessories

    3.2 How do I Choose the Best Vape?

    Choosing the best vaping device is very essential to have a great vaping experience. To be sure that you are going for quality products, ensure that you are buying from only certified and trusted stores both online and locally. There is a lot of vape selling online stores today, one of them is the Sneaky Pete that has just been discussed, another one is UPENDS. A good way to choose the best vapes is to also check for the ingredients on the label of the product so that you can be sure of their authenticity and reliability.

    3.3 Is Sigelei Vape worth it?

    Of Course, Yes! This brand is one of the top-rated when it comes to the production and sales of all kinds of vape materials. Their products are of very high quality, their customer care service is excellent, and you can trust their products as they are produced by experts and go through lab testing before getting into the market.

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    4.1 UPENDS




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    5.      Conclusion

    Sigelei Vape is a top-rated vape Brand that has its base in China and it has so far produced lots of vaping devices. The brand is well known for its high-quality product and awesome customer service, this is in addition to the fact that all products from the company are strictly laboratory tested and the team is a combination of experts and professionals. To get these products and products from other brands, we recommend that you check the fast-rising online vape store at Upends.com

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