Select Vape: A Detailed Review of The Brand

    Select Vape: A Detailed Review of The Brand

    Regular e-smokers that switched to vapes have come to the fact that it has helped minimize the negative side effects of the tobacco substance found in regular cigarettes. With the various vapes around, consumers can enjoy varieties of excellent vape brands and with different flavours. When it comes to one of the best vape brands globally, one particular vape brand comes to mind and that is the select vape brand. Their products are laboratory tested and clinically safe to use. In this article, we would be talking about the select brand; its products and reviews.

    1.      Select Vape

    Select vape is one of the fastest-growing cannabis vape brands in the world. Ranked as one of the top 100 best companies to work for in 2018 and 2019.  Their vape products are of very high standards and are tested for potency. The story of the select vape brand started with a puffin in Portland, Oregon followed by a very bad cough which brought the idea of starting a safe vape brand for all vape enthusiasts. Established in 2013, Select vape has grown to be one of the top best and recognized cannabis vape brand worldwide. Select vape is based in California and has its website as selectvape.com. Select vape brand is the number one choice of e-smokers and vape users for its quality products.  Their products range from vape device to vape juice, apparel and accessories.

    2. Select Vape Top Products

    2.1 Select Vape Oil Cartridge

    The select vape oil cartridge when infused with high quality, potency and one select’s highest concentration of activated THC produces a high levelof activated and broad-spectrum oils. Each cartridge of the select vape oil produces potent and true-to-strain high effects as well as natural flavours. When the ethanol hash oil extraction method and proprietary distillation methods are used, select vape products provide a high level of cannabinoid and THC retention as well as natural terpene persecution. Select vape oils have the taste of cannabis which can also be very refreshing. One very distinguishing feature about the select vape oil cartridge is the heating element. Unlike the metal or steel typical heating element, the select vape oil cartridge's is a safer choice to go for and the difference in the taste of the vapour can also be very much noticed. Amongst the top select vape oil cartridge, the four below have always been consumers first choice.

    2.1.1 Lemon Tree Select Vape Oil Cartridge

    The Lemon Tree Select vape oil cartridge is a very good start for beginners to cannabis smoking or to get just a little bit high. It’s a very good oil cartridge for daytime activities as the Sativa hybrid oil makes you feel both lightly energized and a head-clearing feeling as well as a fresh, clean taste and very nice aroma of lemon and pine during vaping. The Lemon Tree Select vape oil cartridge can also be used while practising yoga, cleaning, organizing, or while doing any outdoor activities most especially when it requires that you need to stay focused.

    2.1.2 Gelato Select Vape Oil Cartridge

    The Gelato Select vape oil cartridge is a very relaxing vape. Its name is derived from an Indica strain. Users of this vape oil cartridge have noticed that they feel so super relaxed with their head feeling very light after each vaping experience. It has a kind of spicy but earthy and smooth flavour. The Gelato Select vape oil cartridge has a nice effect of deep-body tranquillity, personal contemplation and even when chilling in the night. The Gelato Select vape oil cartridge also helps with sleep anxiety or insomnia and it is highly recommended for it.

    2.1.3 Mandarin Cookies

    The Mandarin Cookies select vape oil cartridge has a similar crusty-like smell and flavour to the lemon tree select vape oil cartridge but it’s a bit much stronger and a dose of sweetness. This vape oil cartridge is a perfect go for unwinding and its consumers are of the fact that it has also helped reduced sinus pain while making them feel very alert, upbeat and without messing up in a conversation. It has a combined effect of strong, sweet and high feeling while enjoying the vaping experience.

    2.1.4 Forbidden Fruit

    This vape oil cartridge is an exciting combination of both Indica and hybrid formulation. The forbidden fruit select vape oil cartridge is the sweetest and full flavoured extracts to be tasted with a dose of fruity citrus, berries and spicy pine. The experience is out of this world. It not only gives you a high feeling but provides a dreamy, magical and relief feeling. Consumers call it the joyful vape oil cartridge.’ After each vaping experience, it leaves off an uplifting, euphoric and sensory feeling. The forbidden fruit select vape oil cartridge can be used both in outdoor and solo time. It is highly recommended for brainstorming, creativity and art-making. Beginners of e-cigarettes can also use this to have an entirely new and exciting vaping experience.

    3.      Pros of Select Vape Oil Cartridge

    3.1 Portability

    The select vape oil cartridge can easily fit into a pocket, backpack, or purse. It also doesn’t need a lighter to vape. It can be used by just hitting the button of the pen and then exhaling the odourless vapour that fumes out without smelling on your clothes.

    3.2 Lasting Smell

    Compared with other vape oil cartridge, the select vape oil cartridge leaves a fresh and nice scent for a much longer period.

    3.3 It Comes in Varieties

    The select vape oil cartridge has different menus of vape oil cartridges. The coded colour of each cartridge tells you which of the vape oil cartridges you are about to enjoy. Either the indica, hybrid or Sativa, all have great taste and gives an exciting vaping experience.

    4.      Cons of Select Vape Oil Cartridge

    4.1 Its vapour production is quite poor

    Poor vapour production is a common issue amongst vape oil cartridges. When you notice that you aren’t enjoying or feeling the hit you want, it’s oftentimes a result of its poor vapour production. Although this can be resolved by simply setting the cartridge upright on either a flat surface or a table. Once you notice that the concentrate has settled at the base of the cartridge, you can start enjoying your vape oil cartridge.

    5. Frequently Asked Questions About Select Vape Oil Cartridge

    5.1 How do I know when my select vape oil cartridge is empty?

    As soon as you realize a reduction in the amount of vapour produced by your vape oil cartridge after each puff and the blue light doesn’t illuminate when you puff, then it is empty.

    5.2 Can I leave the cartridge inside the vape pen?

    When keeping your cartridge inside the vape pen, it’s important to bear in mind the position of the cartridge. Vape cartridge is to be kept in a vertical position instead of lying on their side. As a result of this, it’s important to have a stash box.

    5.3 What Are the Tips for Using the Select Vape Oil Cartridge

    Always ensure you charge the battery: unlike some vape oil cartridges that are disposable, some are rechargeable. Before using a new cartridge, you need to make sure that the battery is well charged and when the indicator light shows, then it is fully charged.

     Always keep the cartridge unit very clean: to ensure a strong connection when attached, the threading in your battery and cartridge must always be kept clean. The best way to clean your cartridge unit is to use a q-tip with a rubbing alcohol.

    Avoid overheating: an overheated unit can damage the cannabis inside the cartridge unit. Once you notice that the unit stops working, it’s as a result of very hot.

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    7.      Conclusion

    Select vape is one of the fastest-growing cannabis vapes in the world and also the first choice of its consumers. Their products are tested to the highest standards for potency and pesticides as their number one focus is product safety. To produce high quality, standard vape products, they source their ingredients directly from the farmers. Unlike other brands, harmful cutting agents like vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol or vitamin Acetate are not included in their cartridges. Select vape ensures that each cartridge is hand-filled to ensure the top quality which is also further inspected via four quality control stations that give its consumers a smooth and nice flavour feeling on each vaping experience.


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