WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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If you are new to vaping or smoking, don't be surprised that you are hearing about Sadboy Vape Juice for the first time. The reason is that the juice is new compared to other vape flavors. Sadboy Vape Juice belongs to the family of vape juice with roots in Philadelphia.

The first Sadboy Vape Juice was produced and released to the market in 2015, and since then, the brand has been growing and expanding in reach, thanks to its rich and refreshing flavors.

What makes Sadboy Vape Juice unique?

As stated earlier, Sadboy Vape Juice is produced in Philadelphia, USA. Since its inception, the brainer behind the flavor of Sadboy Vape Juice has always been centered on the brand's founder to create an e-liquid flavor that will be different from what everyone is already familiar with.

The primary taste of Sadboy Vape Juice came from combining different flavors. The primary flavors are jam cookie, lemon bar, blueberry jam cookie, and key lime cookie. Combining all these distinctive and unique cookies birthed the four original Sadboy Vape Juice liquid favor.

Of all the factors making Sadboy Vape Juice become a household name in the e-liquid industry, the brand's main selling point from inception to date remains that its flavor cannot be compared to another brand.

Because of this unique taste, Sadboy Vape Juice manufacturers have carved out a niche for their brand in the forever-expanding vaping industry.

General features of Sadboy Vape Juice

Affordable price

Pricing is one of the key determinants of demand for every product. By this standard, it is expected that products of high quality will ordinarily be expensive. When you consider the masterpiece committed to making Sadboy Vape Juice and the market value of each of the brands related to Sadboy Vape Juice, you will agree that the price is not proportional and Sadboy Vape Juice is considerably affordable.

Another way of verifying the claim on whether Sadboy Vape Juice is cheap or not is to compare the quality and the level of work committed to Sadboy Vape Juice, then compare it with other related products from other brands.

The reason why Sadboy Vape Juice is being sold at an affordable price is to ensure the products are not too expensive or beyond the reach of those interested in joining the Sadboy Vape Juice community.

Ingredients Quality

Everywhere you turn, there is a high chance that you will find one piece of art around you. Now, what differentiates the value of art from another is the quality of the work and the personality behind the painting.

This same impression can be projected on Sadboy Vape Juice. Sadboy Vape Juice is made from the finest ingredients. Some ingredients that go into making Sadboy Vape Juice include USP-grade nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol.

Looking at these three main components used in making Sadboy Vape, some people might feel that the level of these ingredients may be on the high side. But are they? No. The makers of Sadboy Vape are known for the quality of ingredients they deploy into making their products.

The three ingredients above are used to ensure that users of Sadboy Vape get as much positive impression and satisfaction they can get from taking e-juice. All the ingredients for making Sadboy Vape are to ensure every puff is smooth, satisfying, and consistent.

The perfect flavor combination of ingredients

It is one thing to have all the best ingredients in the world for your products, and it is equally another level entirely to know how to get the best out of those ingredients. The best way to understand how using ingredients is key to developing any product, including e-juice content, is to observe the importance of a barrister in developing new drink flavors.

A barrister can have all the best and iconic beverages at his or her disposal, but what will determine the taste and general acceptability of what the barrister is planning to make is subject to the understanding of the barrister's knowledge about each of the ingredients at his or disposal. So, Sadboy Vape makers have mastered blending different flavors to create the best and most memorable e-juice flavor imaginable.

Popularly known for its unique flavors and their unique taste when combined, Sadboy Vape has different flavors ranging from the dessert's inspired flavors to fruity flavors. In a nutshell, Sadboy Vape has everything you can ever desire, irrespective of your taste.

Sadboy Vape Juice review: Is it good?

Key Lime Cookie Shortfill


Key Lime Cookie Shortfill contains two main ingredients, tangy citrus notes and sweet-tasting butter cookies. Like every Sadboy's collection of shortfill, the key lime also contains a mixture of 80% VG and 20% PG.

The combination of the VG and PG levels helps create a large amount of vapor, usually to the delight of the vast majority of vape lovers. Key Lime Cookie Shortfill container is also designed to have a free extra space for 10ml nicotine shots.


  • 80% VG / 20% PG
  • 100ml of E-Liquid in a 120ml Shortfill Bottle
  • Childproof Cap
  • Designed For Sub Ohm Vaping


  • Sweet and rich in taste
  • Users can determine nicotine level
  • Holds flavor nicely


  • Nicotine must be well gauged to avoid overdose
Sadboy Unicorn Tears Vape Juice


If you want a vape that can keep you on your toes, try out Sadboy Unicorn Tears Vape Juice. The unique selling point of this e-juice is that it combines fruity and savory tastes, and trying to find the difference between the two is a tough task.

Each puff comes with excitement, while each exhales puts you in a situation where all that will be roaming through your mind is understanding the exact content you are tasting. Beyond its glamorous container, Sadboy Unicorn Tears vape juice is that one e-juice flavor you will like to have around.

Also, finding out more about Sadboy Unicorn Tears Vape Juice is easy because of the social media presence the brand has been enjoying since its inception.


  • The bottle size is 100 ml.
  • VG content is 80, while the PG content is 20.
  • It is available in different flavors.


  • Easy to find on the market due to social media advertisements.
  • The taste a unique, and users will always want more.
  • The container is portable and easy to move around conveniently.


  • The nicotine level is a source of concern, especially for new users.

FAQ about Sadboy Vape Juice

Is Sadboy vape juice safe?

From all indications and health regulations reports, Sadboy Vape Juice is considered healthy for users that are planning to convert from traditional cigarettes to vape or new to e-juice. Sadboy Vape Juice is also considered safe because it is made from high-quality ingredients.

While e-juice is considered safe for consumption, it is also important to inform current and potential Sadboy Vape users that the only way to get the best out of using Sadboy Vape Juice is to follow all the rules on vaping intake and vaping etiquette.

What is the ratio of Sadboy vape juice?

Sadboy vape juice qualifies for sub-ohm vaping because of its 70/30 VP/VG ratio. Also, Sadboy vape juice comes in varieties of nicotine strength. You can choose the option of 0mg or 3mg. Creating these dual options enables users to enjoy their Sadboy vape juice to the highest level of satisfaction without going over the board on Nicotine consumption.

What does Sadboy Vape Juice taste like?

Sadboy Vape juice has different varieties when it comes to flavor and taste. But guess what? You won't be the first or the last to question or doubt what is on your taste bud after your first intake.

The reason is that Sadboy Vape juice has a unique taste across different flavors. Each intake and exhale gives you a lot of joy, enough to find yourself in a pleasant state of ecstasy.

Yes, there are different brands of vapes, but when it comes to delectable taste and unique flavors, Sadboy Vape juice is one of a kind.

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