WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Rubi Vape Pen. A Complete Instruction and Review Guide About Rubi Vaporizer

20th May 2021 | 120 | upends v

What is a Rubi vape pen

The Rubi vape pen is one of the best devices ever released by the KandyPens vape company. The device is suitable for oils, e-liquids, and dry herbs. And the cartridges are easily refillable.

When you buy a Rubi vape pen, you get cartridge capacity with a holding capacity of 1ml, and the vape battery has a capacity of 250mAh, which is suitable for running such a small device. The power output stays at 8W and gives power continuously.

The most impressive feature about this device is the exterior that looks like a flash drive, and when combined with the pod, the device stands at around four inches tall.

The outer casing covering the battery is made of anodized aluminum with a single LED light located at the center of the shaft. You also get a USB charging feature for the battery that gives you power for 25 to 40 puffs.

Rubi vape pen features

From its outlook, the Rubi pen tends to look like a JUUL. The only distinction is that Rubi can be refilled while the JUUL vape is not refillable.  The device has an anodized aluminum with one LED indicator that shows how much battery is left for you to work with. The pen's surface is super thin on the surface and lightweight as well.

When buying the Rubi vape pen, you have six different colors to choose from, with the most captivating colors like rose gold, black to red, and navy blue. At the base of the device is a charging port that is to be used with the USB cable you found in your kit.

You have the freedom to refill your vape cartridges, and this gives you an endless list of options when it comes to selecting the best flavor for your vape experience.

The pods are also compatible with almost all types of e-liquids and select low-viscosity THC and CBD oil. The coils adopt ceramic cell technology, and the wicks are fitted with pure organic Japanese cotton.

The connection style for the products is magnetic to ensure that the pod components stay in place. The Rubi vape pen is air-activated, which makes it buttonless.

The two holes located on either side of the vape pen allow air into the battery and pod. Users have to cover the two holes for users to get a tighter draw, but it is good to leave them open because the airflow on these air holes gives good resistance and good cloud size.

Rubi vape pen design quality

The Rubi vape pen has a smooth design, and it is designed to compete with JUUL products. You get the plug-and-play feature with this pen as well. All you have to do is fill up the pod, plug it into the vape and start vaping.

The mouthpiece mounted on the pod makes the device simple. The mouthpiece has three separate air holes where the air enters to help create the massive vape clouds you seek.

As we have seen, the essence of the air holes is to give enough air to activate the battery.

The round and soft edges make it easy to hold compared to the other brands of the same kind. The device is a take-on-the-go because its bottomless design prevents any accidental firing when it is in your pocket or bag.

Rubi vape pen battery quality

The device is powered by a low-capacity 250mAh battery which is much higher than the alternative device for Rubi. You get an eight-second cutoff time, so it saves more battery. Though consumption heavily depends on the rate of consumption.

A fully charged pod should get you between 24 and 40 puffs, with the pod probably getting depleted before your battery goes empty. To cover up for the low-capacity battery, kandypens made sure that the pen would be easy to refill to keep you vaping back to back. Charging would take close to half an hour or less.

Rubi vape pods for Rubi vape pen

One notable feature about the Rubi pods is the plastic build material, which has ceramic coils and organic cotton wicks for combustion. The coil is rated at 1.6-ohms, which can be used for mouth-to-lung inhalation. If you inhale long and hard enough, you can get some massive clouds.

The pods have a mouthpiece attached to them, and this is used for inhalation purposes. There is a small viewing port located next to the air hole. Despite appearing absent when looked at, the port allows you to track your liquid levels.

There is a rubber grommet used to stop the fill port, and it is not directly attached to the pod, so you will need to be careful so you do not lose the grommet. Losing that piece of rubber will mean that your device is not usable unless you come up with a way to secure the fill port. The beautiful thing about the Rubi is that it cannot leak.

Pod life

The KandyPens Rubi pods are designed to use thinner e-juices and low viscosity oils because thick oils could easily clog the pores and restrict airflow. The solution to this problem is thinning the cannabis oil using some VG.

Rubi vape pen users could also use THC e-juice or other liquids that would not possibly expose your pods to damage. The vape life of the pods depends on the usage, but you will get between seven and fifteen refills.

Using Rubi pod

Even though the device is straightforward in assembling, one challenge is filling the port on the pods. This happens because the pod is tiny, and if you do not have a syringe or a dropper, you will have a hard time dealing with spillages during refill.

The grommets on the pod are also a problem to deal with because of their small size. If they drop or if you lose them, it could ruin the functionality of the whole device. 


Once the pod is filled and some liquid has seeped into the coil, let it chill for five to ten minutes. After this time, the vapor production of the Rubi will be excellent. Despite having a 1.6-ohm coil in it, you could do a DTL inhale by taking a soft, deep pull. 

The 1 ml liquid is enough to hold you for twenty to forty puffs. The coils consume a lot of oil, and more so, the frequent refill is something you have to deal with every day. Your pods will run out before your battery, so you need to be well prepared and walk around with a tank on the side just in case you need a refill.

FAQs about the Rubi pen

Rubi vape pen vs. JUUL

The JUUL pod uses prefilled e-juice pods with a unique nicotine salt blend with a content range of 5-7%. They come in many disposable one flavor e-juice pods. The liquid capacity of the JUUL is 0.7 ml compared to the 2ml pod size of the Rubi pods.

JUUL pods are fitted with silica wicks and nichrome coils which differs from the cotton wicks and ceramic coils you find in the Rubi. With a 200mAh battery on the JUUL, the Rubi beats it in terms of performance.

Alternate vape: UPENDS


This vape pod features the Etchip 2.0 flavor master coil and is compatible with many well-known e-liquids.  You get an improved heating efficiency and a mesh coil that delivers a mouthful and original flavor from just one puff.

When you are not using the pod, you can magnetically connect it inversely to store it without having dust and fabric fibers enter the airway.


This particular device is ideal for casual vapers who do not care so much about power and performance. The vape carters for both e-liquid and cannabis oil vapers still stand out as a portable and reliable battery due to their sensitive nature. 

The small battery does not hold enough power, but it is backed up by fast charging. This device is clearly for people who want to experience the JUUL-like device.