WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

RELX Vape Pens and E-Cigarette: Review and Instruction

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When you go for the right brand for your vape products, vaping can be a recalling interesting experience.  If you are so unlucky to lay your hands on a poor product, vaping can on the other hand be a really bad experience.  That is why one of the best measures to put in place when choosing your vape products is to ensure that you go for brands that are reputable and well known.  There are a lot of awesome vape brands out there today, one of them is RELX, which you are likely to have come across. In this article, we shall be taking you through everything you need to know about RELX Vape pens and E-Cigarettes.

1.      What is RELX? 

Relax(Website:  https://relxnow.com/ Location: China)  is especially a good choice for people who want to quit smoking and adopt vaping! This brand deals in high quality, original vape products. The brand was founded in 2018 in China, and it has since then maintained a good reputation amongst vape brands. All the products from this company are simple to use and highly innovative. They design their products smartly, making them technologically fit and effective. The prefilled pods from the Company presents in various flavours that hit your bud awesomely and deliciously. They also have a team of experts and professionals incorporated in the business, these experts are saddled with producing quality products while ensuring that they are safe, reliable, and effective.

The product profile of the brand includes the RELX Classic, which is a combination of a very simple prefilled pod system and a quality battery, another is the RELX Essential which comes with an attractive battery and USB-C charging feature, and the RELX Pod Pro, which is a redesigned prefilled with a lot of awesome flavours. There is also the latest from them, which is the RELX Infinity, and this product us with additional innovative technology that makes it even easier to use. The products from RELX are all easy to use, very good for switchers from smoking to vaping, and they are products that would leave you very confident.

1.1 Pros

Highly Effective

Good Option for starters

Quite Affordable

Easy to Use

1.2 Cons

Might be difficult to have access to it if you are outside China

1.3 Is RELX Vape Good?

RELX is the best brand for you especially if you are trying to leave off the habit of smoking. Going for the brand will help you achieve a smooth transition to vaping. That is not only all, though the brand is still quite new, it has also won a high position when compared with so many other brands and this is probably due to the high quality that their products reflect. You can also be very certain about the safety of the ingredients used in their production as they have effective laboratory testing in place for all their products. Their products are made by experts and they adopt high innovative technology in the production of their vape materials.

Most of the products from this brand come in a very attractive appearance that makes it difficult to just walk past without buying, they have excellent shipping policies and their customer care service is a superb one too. RELX has a wide range of vape products for you to choose from and most especially, various complete packages for starters. You should get one of their products today so you can see it for yourself.

2.      RELX Top Product List

2.1 RELX Classic

This product is a quite popular prefilled vape for beginners.  It is very portable, simple, and it comes with an automatic MTL draw and a quality magnetized drop-in pod. It presents with a pod capacity of 2ml that is standard TPD-compliant. It is available in various awesome flavours and it presents in 3% and 5% nic salt. It is sold for $16.99 and it appears in 3 packs. It is available in various colours such as Mystic aurora, Radiant nebula, Classic black, Navy, Space Grey, Red, Blue, Sunset glow, Rose gold, Solar eclipse, Space grey, and more.

The battery device and the pods attach magnetically, and the product has the dimensions: 4-1/4″ x 13/16″ x 7/16″. It weighs 25g which makes it very portable to carry and easy to use. The product is draw activated and it does not come with any button or LED lights. The device automatically turns on when you take a drag and goes into sleep mode automatically when you stop. Since the product is draw activated, the vapour happens when you take a drag via the mouthpiece. The product produces a nice hit and it is available in various flavours as Tropical fruit, Fruit tea, White freeze, Fresh red, Tangy purple, Dark sparkle, Turbo red, Fragrant fruit, Lemon tea, Pink zest, Fresh cucumber, Green tea, and so on. The battery is also quite strong and it lasts a long time.

2.1.1 Pros


Easy to Use

Great Flavour Production

It doesn’t leak

Hits well

2.1.2 Cons

Magnetic pods are not held so strong

2.2      RELX Essential

This product is a unique and strong one that can last up to 360 puffs in one go. It is quite fast to charge and it comes in a material that is very strong and protective. The product comes with varieties of flavours and nic strength available for you to choose from and it is very portable, easy to carry and use. It is quiet to use, and there is an indicator light that comes with it which helps you to monitor your level of consumption. The product is very fast to activate and it delivers a great hit on the bud. Built with aluminium alloy, the product is powered by a 350mAh battery which aids its longevity and effectiveness. It is a close pods system and it is mainly draw-activated.

This product presents in a water-tight style with an awesome coil technology while delivering a high nicotine content. It is quite easy to use and it comes in a wide range of flavours that you are certainly going to find delicious and enjoyable. It is available in the flavours: Dark Sparkle, Tangy Purple, White Freeze.

2.2.1 Pros

Quite Easy to use


Quick Activation

Fast Charging

Strong Battery

2.2.2        Cons

It doesn’t come with a built-in pogo pin

2.3      RELX Infinity Pod Pro

The satisfaction that you would derive from this product is certainly raised to Infinity! This redesigned product is a mixture of expertise, experience, and quality. This product is highly effective, potent, portable, and very easy to use. The presents in quality material and it comes with prefilled pods of 1.9ml. The battery that comes with this device is 380mAh which makes it long-lasting. It is a fast-charging device and is built with the concept of SuperSmooth technology.  There is also a charging case that affords you to charging even while on the move. The device is draw activated and it is with a magnetic battery connection. It is available in three colours namely: Silver, Black, and Red.

This device does not leak as it is a leak-resistant device designed with maze technology. It doesn’t come with a Pro Pod so you usually have to get it separately. The Pro pods present in a foil seal and come with plugs in the base and mouthpiece. Make sure to remove these plugs before vaping so that your device can work. It is easy to use and assemble and it is a perfect choice for those who intend to switch from smoking to vaping.

2.3.1 Pros

Easy to Use


Comes with a portable charging case

A nice choice for starters

2.3.2 Cons

It doesn’t come with a pod

3.      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

3.1 What are the Different Products Available at RELX Vape?

There are lots of Products available at RELX Vape. They deal in the production of vape products like electronic cigarettes, high wattage electronic cigarettes, atomizers and other amazing accessories. Their products listing includes RELX Classic, RELX Essentials, RELX Pod Pro, and RELX infinity.

3.2 How do I Choose the Best Vape?

Choosing the best vaping device is very essential to have a great vaping experience. To be sure that you are going for quality products, ensure that you are buying from only certified and trusted stores both online and locally. There is a lot of vape selling online stores today, one of them is the Sneaky Pete that has just been discussed, another one is UPENDS. A good way to choosethe best vapes is to also check for the ingredients on the label of the product so that you can be sure of their authenticity and reliability.

3.3 Is RELX Vape worth it?

This brand is one of the top-rated when it comes to the production and sales of all kinds of vape materials. Their products are of very high quality, and they are a good option for anyone looking to switch from smoking to vaping.

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5.      Conclusion

RELX is one of the best brands out there as you can see from what we have discussed above. They have over the years maintained a good reputation in the vaping world and their products are tested and trusted. Have you heard about UPENDS too? Check out Upends.com to access a wide range of amazing vape products.