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Refillable vape Review: Pros and Cons of Buying this in 2023

29th Aug 2023 | 8 | upends v

How would you feel if we told you that you could get refillable vapes? We do not mean substandard vapes but refillable vapes from your favorite reputable brands. This is not just limited to disposable vapes but extended to non disposable vapes as well.

In this review, we would share exciting news on the general features of refillable vapes, highlight a reputable brand and discuss their refillable vape options with their specifications. 

What is Refillable vape?

A refillable vape, in simpler terms, is a vape that can be refilled. This means that once the e-liquid depletes, you can replace or refill it with another e-liquid. A plus fact is that you can switch between different flavors of your choice without having to change devices. Refillable vapes are not limited to a particular brand. You would find them in brands like Vaporesso, Aspire, and Voopoo just to mention a few. But within the scope of this article, we would be focusing our reviews on Vaporesso refillable vapes.


Vaporesso is renowned for catering to various vape lovers of diverse preferences. No matter your needs, you’ll find something that fits your specifications. These devices combine innovation, performance, and style, providing users with an exceptional vaping experience. Vaporesso refillable vapes come equipped with features like adjustable airflow, versatile coil compatibility, and user-friendly designs, allowing for customized draws and diverse vaping styles.  You would get to learn more about this in the reviews section of this article.

General Features

Reusable Design

Refillable vapes are designed for multiple uses. Instead of disposing of the entire device after the e-liquid is depleted, you can refill the tank or pod with more e-liquid, making them more environmentally friendly. Also, you do not have to bother about the hassle of having to purchase your favorite refillable vape design every time you run out of e-liquids.

Refillable vape designs are pocket friendly and they save costs. While the initial cost of a refillable vape might be higher than disposable vapes, they prove to be more cost-effective in the long run because you only need to purchase e-liquids and replacement coils.

E-Liquid Compatibility

The beauty of refillable vapes is that they can be used with a wide range of e-liquids, including various flavors, nicotine strengths, and VG/PG ratios. This enables you to customize your vaping experience according to their preferences.

You also get to pick the choice of the coils of your preference. Refillable vapes come with different types of coils that cater to different vaping styles and preferences. You can choose coils with varying resistances for MTL or DTL vaping, or for different types of e-liquids.

Variety of Flavors

Refillable vapes allow users to switch between different e-liquid flavors easily. Unlike non refillable vapes, refillable vapes allow you to explore a wide range of e-liquid flavors, catering to your individual tastes and preferences.

This feature accommodates a vast array of options, from classic tobacco and menthol to an assortment of fruity, dessert, beverage, and exotic flavor profiles, ensuring that you can find something that resonates with your palate. This is appealing for vapers who enjoy trying new flavors and avoiding flavor fatigue.

Adjustable Airflow

Many refillable vapes offer adjustable airflow mechanisms, allowing users to control the draw resistance and tailor their vaping experience to their liking. This feature is crucial for both mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping styles.

It allows you to finely tune the amount of air that enters the device while inhaling, resulting in a customized draw that caters to individual preferences. By simply adjusting the airflow, you can transition seamlessly between MTL and DTL vaping styles, accommodating both those who prefer a tighter, cigarette-like draw and those who seek larger clouds and a more open airflow sensation.

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Reviews: Is Refillable vape Good?


    The LUXE XR MAX by VAPORESSO is the latest addition to their impressive "LUXE" pod vape line. It offers notable upgrades with improved performance. This refillable vape's airflow is adaptable for MTL, RDL, and DL vaping based on the pod and airflow adjustments. The device reaches up to 80W and adjusts wattage automatically for the coil.

    It has a 2800mAh battery that ensures extended vaping sessions and a fast 2A Type-C charger. Two pods and coils are included, allowing easy flavor swapping with the 5ml pod capacity. The 0.4Ω mesh coil suits restricted DL vaping, while the 0.2Ω mesh coil delivers intense flavor and clouds for DL vaping. The LUXE XR MAX supports various Vaporesso GTX coils for personalized preferences.


    • Dimensions: 106.5mm x 32.1mm x 26mm
    • Pods: 5ml capacity
    • Battery Size: 2800mAh
    • Firing Method: Button activated firing
    • Draw: MTL/RDL/DL
    • Charging Type: 2A Type-C


    • Screen and touch buttons
    • Rechargeable
    • Compatible with LUXE X and LUXE XR pods
    • Comes with 2 pods and coils (RDL & DL)
    • Adjustable Wattage (up to 80W)
    • Adjustable airflow
    • Suitable for all styles of vaping (DL, RDL, and MTL)


    • No draw activated firing
    • Large and heavy for a refillable vape pod
    • MTL pods and coils are not included, hence, sold separately.

      VAPORESSO's XROS 3 refillable vape is houses a 1000mAh battery and charges rapidly via a Type-C port despite its small size. The device offers adjustable airflow control via a slider for a customized draw.


      Inclusive of a 1.0Ω and a 0.6Ω pod, both with 2ml capacity, these pods are compatible with all XROS devices. They are transparent, enabling easy e-liquid level monitoring. The 1.0Ω pod excels in MTL vaping, offering versatile airflow options and compatibility with nicotine salt e-juices.

      Meanwhile, the 0.6Ω pod provides a looser MTL draw, best suited for freebase e-juices up to 6mg strength. Both pods ensure exceptional flavor, warmth, and vapor quality. The XROS 3's user-friendly nature and consistent performance make it an outstanding choice.


      • Dimensions: 115.1mm x 23.6mm x 13.7mm
      • COREX Heating technology
      • Pods: 2ml capacity.
      • 2 replaceable pods
      • Battery Size: 1000mAh
      • Adjustable Airflow: Yes
      • Charging Type: Type-C


      • Excellent pod life (15ml+ )
      • Great for loose to tight MTL vaping
      • Button/draw activated firing
      • Good for either regular nicotine or nic salt e-liquids
      • Refillable up to over 7 times without decline in performance
      • Delivers top-notch flavor with both pods


      • No adjustable wattage
      • Need to keep lips open a little for RDL vape

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Are there any safety precautions I should follow when refilling my vape?

      Absolutely. Some safety precautions include:

      • Avoid overfilling the tank to prevent leaks and spills.
      • Keep e-liquids away from children and pets.
      • If using a nicotine-based e-liquid, store it in a safe place and away from direct sunlight.
      • Dispose of used coils and e-liquid bottles properly, following local regulations.

      How often should I replace the pod?

      The frequency of pod replacement depends on your vaping habits and the e-liquid you use. On average, a pod might last about 1 to 2 weeks before needing to be replaced. If you notice a decrease in flavor quality or vapor production, it's a sign that it's time to change the pod completely.

      Can I mix different e-liquids together?

      While it's possible to mix e-liquids, it's not always advisable. Mixing flavors or brands could result in an undesirable taste or affect the performance of your vape. If you're interested in experimenting with flavor combinations, consider doing so in small quantities to avoid wasting e-liquid.

      How do I fill the pod on my Vaporesso device?

      To fill the pod on your Vaporesso device:

      • Remove the pod from the battery.
      • Locate the fill port, which is usually on the side or bottom of the pod.
      • Open the fill port cap.
      • Carefully pour your chosen e-liquid into the pod, avoiding the center airflow tube.
      • Close the fill port securely.
      • Allow the pod to sit for a few minutes to allow the coil to soak up the e-liquid before vaping.

      How do I clean my refillable vape?

      Regular cleaning is important to maintain the performance and flavor of your vape. Clean the tank, drip tip, and other removable parts with warm water and let them air dry. Make sure to clean any gunk or residue from the coil's exterior as well. Please note that the greatest mistake you can make is  submerging electronic components of your refillable vape in water.

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