WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Rainbow Vape Pen. A Complete Review and Instruction Guide About the Rainbow Vaporizer

20th May 2021 | 485 | upends v

What is a Rainbow vape pen?

The Rainbow vape pen is a portable vape pen that was recently introduced into the world of ultra-compact mods that have the shape and design of the most common vape pens you have around.

From the name, you can already figure out how the pen looks already, it has the Rainbow colored outlook, and it comes with its fair share of innovation.

It has a 22m diameter that gives it the room to handle reasonable performance coils. You also get a 1650mAh battery that holds a battery rating you cannot compare to others. 

With the simplicity of the device, we can clearly emphasize that the Rainbow vape pen was made for beginners with the color. That does not mean that advanced vapers cannot use the pen.

It has Sub-ohm vape features which are good if you have the expertise in vaping. The device features an eGo style battery that gives a fixed voltage depending on how much power is left.

The significant difference with the device is that it has an entirely sealed vape tank. Using this device is so simple. All you have to do is press on the fire button to switch the device on and off.

It would help if you also pressed on the button when vaping to activate the firing button. You even get a protection feature that regulates the temperature and more.          

Design and build quality of the Rainbow vape pen

The Rainbow vape pen is a beautiful device, it looks like a tube mod with all the Rainbow color schemes, and incredible enough is that the tanks are part of the mod. The airflow and base for screwing the device's coil heads are located at the top of the device, and the parts that can be removed are the glass tank and the covering cap at the top. This feature is cool because it shortens the device.

The Rainbow finish is good, accompanied by its lovely texture and ergonomic design that makes holding the mod easier.

The Rainbow vape pen is an excellent device, and its entire body is made of stainless steel and very much durable that it can withstand a couple of draws without getting chipped.

It is very thoughtful that the designers had the battery built-in and secured in place that you cannot even feel a little bit of rattling when the mod is shaken. The round powering button is also large enough, and its protruding makes it easy to find and operate.

From the company's outlook of the design, the top cap is strongly screwed on the mod, and this is very effective in ensuring that the tank does not leak under whatever conditions. Is it not interesting that you can leave this mod on overnight and not burn or leak?

This is because it has a 15-second cut-off timer that switches off the device when it is not in use. You can walk around with the pen, and it will not leak.

Rainbow vape pen performance

This device prides itself on being a sub-ohm tank that does not come with an RBA tank base. The only way to vape using this pen is by using premade coils. Additionally, you cannot use other coil heads on this device because it explicitly uses its coils. 

The Rainbow pen comes in two designs: the 0.3-ohm dual-core and the other is the 0.4-ohm quad-core. These two coil heads are rated at 20W and 50w, respectively. But all these ratings do not matter because there is no wattage control enabled in the Rainbow vape pen.

Unfortunately, the device fires up well at high wattage after being fully charged, but you will realize that the device power drops after some time of usage.

The coils in this vape pen work well, and they have a satisfactory vapor production mechanism that is quite remarkable for such a small device.

Features and functioning of the Rainbow vape pen

  • Detachable vape pen structure for easy cleaning
  • Short circuit protection when the device senses a shortage
  • Pyrex glass re-enforcement for long-lasting devices
  • The fixed bottom airflow system 
  • Low voltage and low resistance protection
  • 510 threading top fill and cartridge system
  • 1650mAh battery with a single button control system

The device is very much portable, and you can carry it around as you wish. It has a minimalistic design that is so sophisticated and beautifully sturdy at the same time. The only issue here is with the recharging that requires you to dismantle the whole pen.

The vape pens are available in 0.3-ohm coils that are pre-installed in the vape pen. You get a strong vape that would be otherwise classified as fit for advanced vape users instead of beginners. The vapor production is extensive and equally potent and may be too good for starters.

The application of vape pens has improved dramatically ever since 2.3-volt e-go batteries were introduced. The same pens have 510 threading on the atomizers, and the battery is strong enough to power the atomizer. 

In terms of flavor, you get the best you will ever experience in a starter kit. The taste is very satisfying, and the flavor alone is enough to give testimony about the pen's effectiveness. We can all agree that the vape pen is one of the top-rated kits.

Maintenance of a Rainbow vape pen

Before you kick off your vaping session, you need to connect the two coil heads, then screw in the glass tank into its position, fill up your juice into the tank, and then cover it by screwing back the cap. When you need a refill, you will have to unscrew your mod's cap and drop in some juice in the tank. You need to consider that being the first time to refill the tank, and you need to let it settle for a while so that the coil can absorb the liquid and stay primed.


Pros and cons of the Rainbow vape pen


  • The device has a compact design that makes it easy to carry around for any occasion.
  • You get an above-average flavor production when using the Rainbow pen
  • The pen is very ergonomic and easy to use
  • When fixed and installed well, the device is leak-proof.
  • You get a good battery life with the device.
  • The device is USB recharging enabled, which makes it attractive to the buyer.
  • You can vape while charging the device
  • It gives you a perfect cloud quantity
  • Leak-proof top filling feature


  • Non-adjustable airflow system
  • When unscrewing the coil head, it comes off with the top cap and makes it spill juice all over your mod.
  • The device is a starter kit, but it is too strong for a beginner
  • It does not hold a lot of juice in a refill

Alternative vape: UPENDS


The UPENDS Upcott vape pod introduces a simple yet innovative structure that saves you from unnecessary expenses and gives you a pleasant vaping alternative for a very fair price.

For people who use disposable and prefilled kits, you get a reduced cost of up to 50%, which makes vaping affordable again.

The organic cotton in the pen ensures that you are not faced with leaking, spitting, and popping problems. The cotton filters installed in the mouthpiece provide security against popping and condensation, promising you a smooth experience.


The Rainbow vape pen comes in handy for your vaping experience without much fuss. It is straightforward and usable for beginners and advanced users as well. You get so much from using this product, and you are assured of so much quality. 

With the numerous vapor production feature, the Rainbow vape pen is attractive for people who prefer big smokes for the show, but they also get quality products to marvel at the end of it. You can check for Rainbow vape pens around you, and you will not regret it.