R Vape Pen. The Design, Features, and Performance of the R Vape Pen

    R Vape Pen. The Design, Features, and Performance of the R Vape Pen

    What is the R Vape pen?

    The R Vape Pen is a portable vaporizer kit from the famous line This Thing Rips from the STok brand, widely known for its durability and massive cloud production.

    When you run out of cartridges, the new R series comes with two atomizers and a visual reaction chamber. The STok company is well known for manufacturing vaporizers, torches, cartridges, and many other R Vape products.

    With their ThisThingRips series launched in 2013, they got so much attention from vapers of all kinds.

    Their lines of stylish pens have gained so much recognition and are going through regular updates and renewal processes to ensure that they give the best vaping experience.

    With its cartridge, you will realize that this is all you need in your collection. The device is fully compatible with most of the Stok R series pens and can be matched as you please.

    In the package, you will get;

    • A calibrated low-temperature ceramic ring with no coils
    • Extra-large polycarbonate visual chamber
    • Reaction chamber
    • Dish with a fully patented design
    • The direct quad-core airflow system
    • Dual ceramic Ti coil atomizer
    • Single ceramic Ti coil atomizer
    • Discreet pen cap
    • Hypercharge USB cable 
    • Mouthpiece
    • Two cleaning wipes

    The Roil pen has an advanced coil-less ceramic atomizer that gives you smooth vapors, and you will not even feel a hint of burnt taste. The atomizer is not exposed to wires and wicks, which will, in turn, give you a pure vapor taste when your concentrate heats slowly and at low temperatures.

    The 510 threaded battery on the R Vape pen is additionally a variable voltage and gives you three temperature pre-sets that you can work with. 

    This pen has pioneered the success of the Stok Company, and their accessories are getting so much recognition from this success. 

    Design and build quality

    One thing to note about the R series atomizer is that it has cartridges that give room for stealthy usage. This is because of the slim build that easily conceals the device to avoid unnecessary attention.

    The chamber features a window system that lets you see how much substance is left in your pen. The two atomizers come with one mouthpiece, so you expect this unit to last longer than a standard atomizer.

    For vapor production, you are promised satisfaction, and the hits are not as big as the ones you expect from the monster-size vape mods.

    This vape pen has a concealed battery that is covered with a stainless steel cover. The cartomizers fit into this device equally well and make the cell look more sturdy and complete.

    You get different types of tanks that allow you to either use oils or wax, giving you flexibility. The 510 threading connection lets you connect other mainstream 510 threaded devices hassle-free.

    You can mix tanks across the ThisThingRips series, and this will give you a perfect blend of colors that you would want to enjoy. 

    Features of the R Vape pen

    • Rapid heating technique from the ceramic coils
    • 650mAh variable voltage battery
    • Up to 12-hour battery life that assures you of longevity and sustainability 
    • Silicone base station that holds your stuff together in place.
    • Pocket-friendly design that you can easily carry around for your errands
    • The mouthpiece mounted on this device is more discreet 
    • Temperature recall feature that remembers the last temperature setting you used
    • Ceramic dual Ti coil for effective conduction of heat
    • 510 threading battery design for easy fitting of cartridges

    Performance of the R Vape pen

    The R Vape pen is an equally intelligent and powerful device that lets you enjoy most of your vaping sessions discreetly. The wax vaporizer has the newest battery cell that can remember your last vaping setting, and this is a unique feature to get in a vape pen. It has a dual-coil ceramic atomizer that gives hits full of flavor,

    The vape pen has a silicone bottom that holds everything about your R Vape pen in place. You are assured of getting big rips and vast clouds of vapor which is very convenient for any vaporizer at any given moment.

    With top-quality heating rods wrapped in titanium to ensure you get the best vapor production. The ceramic cup in it adds more conduction which is essential for vaporization. 

    You get to set the temperature at whatever setting you like, and the recall feature lets you vape uninterruptedly, extracting the best flavors from oils. This device is easiest to use; it just needs you to turn it on and start vaping.

    The long-lasting battery on this vaporizer will ensure you get uninterrupted vaping sessions, and you can use the pen all day without having to charge. If you run out of charge, you are provided with a USB cable that lets you recharge the battery with ease and convenience.


    The simple design makes this device pocket-friendly with a very discreet mouthpiece and cannot be easily noticed. The visible chamber allows you to watch as the vapor clouds build up in your device.

    You can quickly put this pen in your pocket and walk around with it without realizing you have it. This is because it is so well designed to be perfect for carrying around. Having this vape pen in your collection makes sure that you get the best rigs anywhere, anytime.

    Additionally, this device is easy to clean and maintain. The 90-day warranty is also one advantage that comes with using such a vape pen.

    Pros and cons of the R Vape pen


    • An affordable device that comes with its complete series of wax unite
    • The R Vape pen has an advanced airflow system that is good for reducing draw resistance
    • Generally, you get an excellent vapor quality from the pen
    • With the design and accessories, it is an easy to use the device
    • Detachable chambers that are easy to load
    • Stylish design that looks like an electronic cigarette
    • The battery is long-lasting, with up to 12 hours of active time


    • Polycarbonate chambers do distract from the quality of vapor
    • The 90-day warranty is short for such a high-performance device
    • The pen is not favorable, and it appears to be too large for a vape pen.

    FAQs about the R Vape pen

    How do you charge the R vape pen?

    In your device kit, you will find a USB charging cable. This USB charging cable should be connected to the device charging port and the other end connected onto the wall charging block. The LED indicator will display lights as your pen charges, and when it is fully recharged, it will go off.

    How long does an R Vape kit last?

    The R vape kit has a strong battery of 650mAh, and when fully charged, you can be sure that it will last you for more than 12 hours on moderate vaping. But it is still a good performer even on intense vaping.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    This pen will satisfy you immediately you take the first draw. This is because it has the new school Etchip coil that provides an efficient heating surface with its enlarged heating area.

    This improves the heating on your pen, and in collaboration with a high resistance mesh, you get a satisfying and sustainable vapor quality.

    The coils are tested and proven to work with any mainstream e-liquid worldwide, giving you an excellent general performance.


    The R Vape pen is a good deal for a vape pen retailing under $100, and its performance outdoes most vape pen units that you can compare with. For reliability, durability, and easily concealable devices, the R Vape pen is the right one for you. It rips as good as they claim it does, and the low-temperature heating provides you with one of the best tastes than most pens that employ the Ti coils technology. This pen is a recommended one, and it would be just right if you check it out if you have not done that already.

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