Puffco vape pen. Types, Features and How to Use Puffco Vape Pen Guide

    Puffco vape pen. Types, Features and How to Use Puffco Vape Pen Guide

    What is Puffco vape pen

    The Puffco pen is a portable vaporizer developed and marketed by Puffco Company. This company is usually linked to American celebrity P Diddy, and most of their products will have his name on them.

    Puffco is one of the first big names in the vape market industry, and this is because of their stylish innovation, reinvention, and renovation of the traditional e-nail.

    From that time till date, they have recreated themselves in the wax market, and they are well known for high-quality wax pens and vaporizers.

    The Puffco vape company prides itself on having one of the best vape pen catalogs, and we are going to look into some of the best pens they have put on the market. The pens we will be looking at are

    • Puffco plus pen
    • Puffco Pro 2 pen
    • Puffco peak pro pen

    Puffco Plus wax pen review

    The Puffco Plus is a vape pen with a built-in dab tool and does not have a coil in its ceramic chamber. There are many things we can like about this pen from the first glance, and it works perfectly when it is taken out of the box. 

    The Puffco plus works like any other vape pen you can find; minor exceptions make it different from the cheap devices around. All it has is a battery, chamber, and mouthpiece.


    You also get one button for controls and charge the battery, and you need to screw it to a charger. You get three temperature settings on this device, and it is good to have some flexibility of power. All you have to do is click on the button four times when using the device.

    When you take out the mouthpiece from the chamber, you will see a white piece that appears. This piece is the built-in dab tool, and it is called the dart. This tool is highly convenient when it comes to loading your chamber.

    Build and design

    The design quality of the Puffco pen is so good and has set it apart from other pens. Being one of the vape pens with a built-in dab tool, the Puffco plus has concentrated slipping into the heating chamber, giving you a smooth vapor. The loading system on this pen is straightforward to use for a wax pen.

    The Puffco plus pen is fitted with a 520mAh battery that takes only 45 minutes to charge fully when empty. With its size and shape, the pen is so portable, which is one of their biggest strengths.

    You are assured of lasting a whole day with the charge when using the pen moderately.

    This pen is straightforward to use, and it is just like your normal vape pen with only one button and a little control on the settings.

    The immense flex on this device is having the dab tool, which is pretty much something other companies should do for their vape pens.

    Temperature controls

    This device gives you three temperature pre-sets, and they are indicated as low, medium, or high. To know the temperature readings, here is a guide.

    • Low/green -580°F
    • Medium/blue-650°F
    • High/white-720°F 

    These figures are accurate, and you can select any of them for your vaping experience.

    Video on how to use Puffco Plus.


    Quality of vapor

    Ou gets a good vapor production from the Puffco plus vape pen. This has to be dependent on how the wax was heated. Coils heat the wax faster and deliver big, thick clouds, but at times, they may overheat and cause burning.

    The ceramic chamber is helpful because it ensures that you get smooth and flavorful draws. 

    Puffco Pro 2 wax pen

    This pen is an update of the pro wax pen. It has a fresh atomizer design and a better battery life. Additionally, it comes with a stainless steel material design. It is also the most minimal product release by Puffco.

    Using the Puffco pro two is just as simple as using your normal wax pen you have used. You still get the battery at the base, with a single button and a 510 threading charger.

    The mouthpiece and atomizer are fixed together in place. To turn this device on, you have to click on the button five times consecutively and three times toggle through your temperature settings. You can use the device on ‘sesh’ mode by continuous heating for 12 seconds.

    Build and design of the Puffco Pro 2 vape pen

    The design quality of this device is outstanding, and there is so much to like about this device. You get a quality polished stainless steel finish. You can easily carry it around because it is a perfect fit, and you do not get scratched up. 

    The battery on this device is good, and you can get up to 100 draws when fully charged. But this could not be the same when using the device at higher temperatures or in the sesh mode.

    Here you would only get 20-30 sessions for every full charge, which is perfectly fine. Additionally, the portability of this device is fantastic, and you can carry it anywhere. 

    With the size and design, you can carry this device anywhere, and you can get some incredible draws when using it. 

    Using the Puffco pro 2

    This device still has a single button control. You need to click on the button five times to turn it on and give it three clicks to adjust the temperature. For engaging heat, you will need to hold the button. Clicking on the button twice activates the heat for 12 seconds, which now puts you on the sesh mode.


    Puffco peak pro

    We want to advise that you fully charge it before you get down to using it for this device. Then when it is done, put your concentrates in the atomizer. Press down the power button, and the device will turn on.

    To switch between temperature settings, press once on the power button, and your device with heat up automatically, and when it reaches the maximum temperature, it will vibrate.

    The Puffco peak pro is unique, with four built-in temperature settings. The temperatures give a good range, but with the app-enabled, you have the freedom to customize these settings to your desired temperature.

    Vapor quality

    The Puffco peak pro has some good vapor production and being a more oversized device, and it can handle more concentrate because the bowl is 40% larger. Using this pen rids you from facing any problem with larger loads. You get a directional airflow that distributes the vapor equally.

    Build and design

    The Puffco peak pro has a slick matte finish and does not get fingerprints sticking on it. The glass is longer and gives more room for holding water, and the water still does not splash into your mouth. 

    The atomizer in this vape device is 40% larger and is efficient for holding much load, and you can also see how your vapor swirls within the atomizer before you take a puff from it.

    The peak pro has a good battery life, and it should last you for 30 sessions before you head over to recharge. When your device runs out of power, you get a 2 hour recharge time using a USB charging.

    It is also necessary to remember that this device is equally portable, and it comes with a carrying case that has been modified for better portability.

    Using the peak pro vape pen

    The Puffco peak pro is one easy-to-use device with the same press and holds feature we have seen in the previous device versions. The one-button control is used to turn the device on and also for temperature control. The Peak app makes things even better.



    Puffco products are some of the excellent wax vaporizers available in the market, and they handle the load so well. They have been improving each of their devices from time to time, which is for the better.

    We cannot deny that these devices have some outstanding features that you cannot compare to others in the market.

    The Puffco vape pens have been optimized to ensure they deliver to their clients without so much fuss and mishaps.


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