WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Puff Bar Disposable Review: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

14th Sep 2023 | 46 | upends v

The popularity of disposable e-cigarettes among young adults has been increasing every single day. Although e-cigarettes are not completely safe, they have become a popular alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

In this article, we will discuss one such popular disposable vape pen that has gained immense popularity - the Puff Bar Disposable. Let’s get to know more about it…

What is Puff Bar Disposable?

Puff Bar has raised the bar by bringing a disposable e-cigarette that is compact and classy. The Puff Bar Disposable is a premium device that comes pre-charged and pre-filled. It takes just a matter of time before disposable vape is ready to use. It is a compact and lightweight device that requires no maintenance or refilling.

The vape device is self-integrated and comes with an internal battery that uses auto-activation. It means that the vape pen can be activated by taking a draw. Moreover, it does not come with any complicated buttons but a simple, user-friendly design. Users will just need to start vaping to activate the device.

Unlike other pod vapes, the puff bar disposable cannot be reused when the e-liquid inside of them runs out. This makes them extremely easy to use and portable to be carried around anywhere. Furthermore, the Puff Bar Disposable bar is available in over twenty different flavors, making it an ideal device for vapers.

Puff Bar Disposable Features and Specifications


  • Dimensions: 96mm x 15mm x 6mm
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 1.3mL
  • Battery Capacity: 280mAh
  • Nicotine Strengths: 20mg, 50mg
  • Flavors: Twenty Unique Flavors
  • Activation: Auto-Draw Activation
  • Design: Compact and Streamlined
  • Type: Self-Integrated Disposable Vape Bar
  • Puff Count: Over 200 Puffs

Puff Bar Disposable Pros and Cons


  • Good Throat Hit
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Many Flavor Options


  • Some Flavors May Taste Off-Flavor
  • Disposable Devices Adds to Electronic Waste

Puff Bar Disposable Flavors

There are only 4 flavors available in 2% or 20mg nicotine salt, including…


  • Blue Razz - Blue Raspberries
  • Lush Ice: Candy, Watermelon, and Menthol
  • Cool Mint: Natural Mint Flavor
  • Watermelon: Sweet Watermelon

There are more than 20 flavors available in 5% or 50mg nicotine salt, including…

  • Lush Ice: Mix of candy, watermelon, and menthol
  • Strawberry: The natural flavor of strawberries
  • Blue Razz: Essence of blue raspberries
  • Cool Mint: Natural taste of fresh mint
  • OMG: A combination of sweet and sour strawberries
  • Pineapple Lemon: A mix of sweet pineapple and sour lemon
  • Peach Ice: A thick peach flavor with a hint of menthol
  • Tobacco: A traditional Kentucky tobacco flavor
  • Grape: Natural-tasting sweet grapes
  • Sour Apple: Tart yet tasty apple flavor
  • Cafe Latte: A perfect mix of espresso and warm milk
  • Cucumber: A simple cucumber water flavor
  • Lychee Ice: A subtle and sweet lychee flavor
  • Clear: Menthol flavor
  • Pomegranate: A mix of sweet and sour pomegranate
  • Watermelon: Sweet watermelon flavor
  • Pink Lemonade: Lemons with a hint of sugar
  • Peach: Syrupy peach flavor
  • Banana Ice: A mix of sweet bananas and menthol
  • Menthol: A perfect combination of mint and menthol

Puff Bar Disposable Review

Design and Build Quality

The Puff Bar Disposable has gained immense popularity due to its streamlined, no-complicated design. Although it resembles a lot like another disposable vape pen, the plastic exterior makes it stand out. All the vital components are housed in that exterior part, making it a simple-to-use device. It has straight edges with no discernible mouthpiece, featuring an extremely streamlined design.

The device has two escape holes on one end of the vape for a satisfying vaping experience. Talking about the color scheme of this vape bar corresponds to the flavor of the pod. For instance, a Blue bar for Blue Razz, a Yellow bar for Pineapple Lemonade, and so on. However, the entire device comes in a solid color that looks classic.

As far as the build quality of the Puff Bar Disposable is concerned, it comes with a sturdy, premium-quality design. It has no removable parts like there is no pod to remove and no charging port to recharge, making it an easy-to-use and portable disposable vape bar.

Features and Functionality

The Puff Bar Disposable comes with an internal 280mAh battery that provides over 200 puffs. However, the battery is not rechargeable which is quite disappointing for some users. Also, there are some reports that the battery runs out before the e-liquid depletes. However, this doesn’t have any effect on its popularity as it provides a satisfying vaping experience.

It features an internal 1.3mL e-liquid pod that cannot be refilled and all the components are also integrated into the build. As the components are integrated into the device, they are not accessible. However, this doesn’t affect the performance as the device is disposable and maintenance-free. It makes it an ideal companion while traveling.


The Puff Bar Disposable is an easy-to-use device that is designed to cater to the needs of both beginners and experienced vapers. Therefore, it provides quite impressive performance and is available in about 20 unique flavors. The battery is air-activated and there is no separate mouthpiece. However, it features air intake vents on the base to push the vapor out.

Moreover, there are no indicator lights to show the battery power or e-juice left. It means that the users will have to vape until the device starts producing poor-tasting vapor or the battery drains completely. It makes it an average vape bar but a good mouth-to-lung device that comes in some great flavors.

The vapor production is quite impressive and the device does not lag when in use. Also, the draw resistance allows proper airflow, but there is no way to adjust the airflow. Overall, the device can be a great pick for anyone looking for a simple, classic, and portable disposable vape bar.

FAQs about Puff Bar Disposable

How many hits are there in a Puff Bar Disposable Vape?

The Puff Bar Disposable with 1.3mL e-juice capacity should provide you with around 200 to 300 puffs, depending on the usage and your vaping habits.

How many flavors are there in Puff Bar Disposable?

You can choose from around 20 different flavors according to your taste and there are flavors from sweet and sour to tart ones.

What are the biggest benefits of buying a disposable vape device?

A disposable vape pen requires no maintenance or refilling, making it your ideal travel companion that you can carry anywhere in your pocket or handbag.

What are the nicotine options available with the Puff Bar Disposable?

You can choose from two nicotine strength options including 2% or 20mg nic salt and 5% or 50mg nic salt. If you are a beginner, we suggest you pick the mild one over the strongest one.

Other Disposable Vape Options

There are many disposable vapes available on the market but not all of them are worth buying. However, some companies are providing excellent products with unmatched build quality and great performance. Here are some of the best options you may want to consider…

  • UpBar GT: This disposable vape pen from UPENDS is a game changer and comes with a sports car-insider design. It comes with a 2mL e-liquid capacity and provides around 600 puffs. The device features a Next Gen mesh coil to provide the smoothest vaping possible.
  • UPENDS MIRROR: One of the best-looking disposable vapes on the market that comes with a whopping 10mL e-liquid capacity. It features an elegant mirror-like design and comes with an advanced mesh coil for consistent flavor.
  • UPBAR NANO: The UpBAR NANO by UPENDS is one of the tiniest disposable vape pens available on the market. This micro mini-size vape pen comes with a 2mL e-juice capacity and provides around 600 puffs.

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