Posh Vape is a USA-based company that produces disposable vape products. They come in different flavors, sizes, and colors. Let’s look at some of their best-selling vape devices.

    Posh Vape is a USA-based company that produces disposable vape products. They come in different flavors, sizes, and colors. Let’s look at some of their best-selling vape devices.

    What is Posh Vape?

    Posh Vape is a USA-based company that produces disposable vape products. They come in different flavors, sizes, and colors. Let’s look at some of their best-selling vape devices.

    Disposable vapes

    Posh Plus XL Disposable Vape

    The Posh Plus XL is a disposable vape coming in five color patterns. You can get it in red, pink, blue, golden, or orange color. It has 6% nicotine making it ideal for moderate vapers. It can be strong for beginner vapers. The device has a capacity of 4.5ML ensuring you can vape throughout the day with ease. Besides, puffs are capped at 1500.

    With it, you can get numerous flavors such as ripe mango, grapes, lemon mint, strawberry, and others. The device requires no charging or refilling. Once the 1500 puffs are over, you can only dispose it. it also comes with an LED light that displays the battery level so you can vape accordingly. The LED also lights when you inhale.

    There’s also a cap to prevent dirt or debris clogging the mouthpiece. You’ll also love how easy it is to use it thanks to the ergonomic design. It is lightweight and portable making it a go-to for on the go vapers. Besides, you can conceal it with your hands.

    Posh Plus 3000 Disposable Vape

    Posh has been producing some of the most rich-flavor disposable pens and this vape device is no different. It has a 5mg nicotine capacity which is ideal for everyday vaping. It also comes with a higher capacity of 8.5ml meaning you’ll enjoy up to 3000 puffs. As such, you can vape for days on end without worry of depleting the e-liquid.

    You can buy it in different flavors such as pinenana, orange slush, spearmint, and others. If you’d like to have different flavors, you can always buy different disposable at once. It has a rather modular design allowing you to close the mouthpiece using a cap. Besides, the bottom is relatively flat, ensuring you can place it on a flat surface.

    You’ll also love the elegant colors you can get in. for example, there’s a black and blue color blend and red and blend combination. The elegant design is also apparent in its wording. The logo and the Posh Plus print are placed at strategic areas. As expected, it is lightweight and portable allowing you to carry it.

    OLA 3000 by Posh Vape

    This is yet another practical vape from Posh Vape. It comes in a more elegant design compared to the Posh Plus 3000. As the name suggests, you get up to 3000 puffs per device. This can last you for a week if you are a light to moderate vaper. The flavor capacity is capped at 8.5ml ideal for moderate vaping. With a 5% salt nicotine strength, it is an ideal choice if you are a novice vaper.

    The device comes in an elegant packaging significantly improving its feel and look. Besides, the square-like pen also sits well with most vapers. This is because you can easily place it on surfaces without it rolling over. Besides, a square object has more grip compared to a round one. As such, vaping becomes a breeze. It also comes in different colors such as pink, green, red, orange, and blue.

    Like the Posh Plus 3000, there are several flavors to choose from such as blue dream, citrus lemonade ice, frozen mint, and frozen kiwi berry among others. While a perfect disposable vape, you should not use it if you are allergic to nicotine. Also, pregnant women should avoid using it. nevertheless, buying the OLA 3000 will guarantee you a superb vaping experience.

    Posh Plus Disposable Pen

    The Posh Plus disposable vape is one of the best-selling device from Posh. It comes in a minimalistic design which is synonymous with most disposable devices. In fact, it is the smallest of all Posh devices. It is this compact design that allows you to carry it around, whether in your pocket or hand. And since it is extremely slim, it requires no extra space. You neighbors might even confuse it with a pen.

    It has a higher nicotine level compared to others on this list. With a 6% nicotine strength, it is ideal for moderate and advanced vapers. The flavor capacity is however capped at 2ml so you can only vape for long. That said, it has a 450mAh battery meaning it can last for a few days before disposing it. This vaping device is compact measuring less than 3.5 inches.

    To ensure flexibility, you can get it in different flavors such as banana smoothie, cali peach, OMG, minty mint, and others. So if you want a satisfying experience from a compact vaping pen, you can opt for the Posh Plus device.

    Posh by Fuma Disposable Pod Device

    Similar to the Posh Plus disposable vape pen, the Fuma model also comes in a compact design. It comes in a yellow color finish which is ideal even for outdoor settings. With it, you can enjoy more than 10 flavors such as banana smoothies, cool melon, lush ice, and cool mint, among others.

    As you’d expect, it has a 6% nicotine level making it ideal for different levels of vaping. However, it has a small capacity of just about 1.5ml. This means it can last for a few days before disposing. What’s more it does not come with a strong battery unlike others on this list.

    That said, you get a disposable vape pen that you can carry around whenever you want to. This is thanks to the minimalistic and slim design. In fact, people may confuse it for a pen. You can get it in different colors such as green, blue, red, pink, yellow, and others.

    Prom Disposable Vape by Posh

    Finally, we have the elegant vape device that comes in a futuristic design. You can only get it in a green color. Having said that, they are many flavors to choose from such as artic mint and frosty mango. You can enjoy up to 500 puffs per device. The e-liquid capacity is capped at 2ml, which is ideal for a disposable pen.

    Posh Vape flavors

    Posh Vape has several if not many flavors under its belt. Some of the most common include:

    • Cool melon
    • Arctic mint
    • Arctic apple
    • Georgia berry
    • OMG Tropical

    This flavors come in a sweet or minty taste depending on your preference. As you’d expect, they come with individual disposable pens meaning if you want to enjoy cool melon, you’ll have to buy a cool melon disposable vape.

    Posh Vape battery and charger

    Well, the Posh Vape disposable do not come with a charging port since they are intended for a single use. However, they come with batteries of different capacities. Those with more puffs have better batteries and vice versa.

    Posh vape colors and skins

    Posh provides each disposable in different colors. For example, you can get an OLA 3000 vape pen in green, red, or orange color. The same case applies to Prom. Unfortunately, there are no skins to improve the aesthetic aspect of the device.

    Posh Vape discount coupon and promo code

    There are no coupons and promo codes for Posh Vape. However, watch out for updates.

    Posh Vape review

    As you can see, Posh Vape has done an exceptional job to present you some of the best vaping device in the market. Their large catalogue of flavors is what sets them apart. This means a vaper can get just about any flavor they need for the day. Besides, they come in 6% nicotine ensuring you experience a refreshing vaping moment.

    What’s more, you can get Posh Vape device in many stores across the globe. The company does not restrict buying from its main website. Having said that, it keeps the safety of its customers on the forefront. That is, every time you buy a Posh Vape device, you can visit their official website for product verification.


    How do I refill a Posh Vape?

    You cannot refill a Posh Vape since it is a disposable device. All you can do is dispose it and buy another one.

    How do I tell a fake from a genuine Posh Vape device?

    Once you buy the product, visit Posh’s official site to verify if it’s genuine.

    Where can I buy a Posh Vape disposable?

    You can buy their devices from their official website or other vaping stores such as Ziipstock.

    Posh Vape not hitting 

    Well, this means you have depleted the pre-determined puffs.

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