WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Pop Naturals Vape Pen. A Complete Guide of the Pop Naturals Vaporizer

21st May 2021 | 460 | upends v

What are pop naturals vape pens?

The pop naturals vape oils is a portable vape pen manufactured by the pop naturals company that deals with cannabis products. The pop natural company prides itself on being one of the best companies for the production of high-quality CO2 extracted cannabis oils.

Their cartridges have been well accepted into the vaping family, and we can see that they have transformed that energy into developing vape pens to supplement the cartridges.

The pens have an excellent vaping experience considering they have not been much common in the vaping scene. Many people are starting to like it because it is well designed to go with the vape cartridges. It is not every day that you get such good performance when it comes to oil vape pens. 

The pop natural oils are very pure and no extra additives or fillers. That alone makes them a unique brand that is highly appreciated. With its clear packaging, you can read everything from the package concerning the quality, product contents, and compatibility with other devices.

The oil cartridges and vape pens from pop naturals use a 510 threaded connection that makes them versatile and flexible enough to be used with any device. They have THC content ranging from 70% upwards.

Pop naturals design and build quality

The pop naturals vape pen looks like vape pens from the SMOK and V2 cigs brands. These pens have a standard vape pen outlook of the tank on top and the 510 threading. It would help if you were careful not to confuse the pop naturals with the pens mentioned above. 

When placed against the other vape pens, the pop naturals pen is lightweight and more petite. Its packaging design resembles the Kandypens casing designs. This casing is necessary for keeping your device safe from damage or attracting dust and lint.

The similarity between the pop naturals vape pen and other e-cigarettes is the single-use button in the center that can adjust the temperatures, activate and deactivate the phone.

The cartridge has a glass design that allows you to see how much liquid you are left with on the tank. This feature has been an advantage in many vape pens because it ensures you do not run out of oil when you are in the middle of vaping.

Using the pop naturals, vape pens guarantee you quality CO2 extracted THC and CBD oils that you will not have to think so much about the satisfaction. With the 510 threading on the pop naturals vape pen, you are sure that you can use any 510 threaded 510 cartridges when you need to try other flavors.

You get a USB charging feature that can charge your phone in less than two hours, and this is very effective for a pen with a good battery capacity of 650mAh.

Features of the pop naturals vape pen

  • The device is equipped with a 510 threading that holds together the removable parts of the pen-like the cartridge and charger
  • Has a 650mAh battery that gives a suitable power supply that keeps you vaping non-stop
  • The device is a variable voltage pen that lets you control the amount of temperature your machine is operating
  • Has short circuit protection that protects your cell from suffering shortages that may cause damages
  • The low voltage protection feature adjusts the pen accordingly when there is a decrease in the optimum running voltage
  • Has overcharge protection that will disconnect the charging coil to avoid heating and possible explosion of the battery
  • eGo battery set that is charged using a 510 threading connection
  • LED light indicators that show you voltage levels and charge capacity left in the cell
  • The price of the pen is relatively affordable, so people do not have to stretch their budgets to afford one

Pop naturals performance

The 650mAh battery and additional preheating function ensure that your vapor is well prepared before you take a draw. The smoke that meets your mouth is unmatched, and the flavors are distinct that you feel the HITC getting a grip on you.

The adjustable voltage feature lets you set the device on low voltage, and you can slowly increase them as you improve on the harshness you desire.

The preheat feature is pretty fast and gets work done in less than three seconds. Ceramic coil hardware is one thoughtful component of the device is a performance booster compared to the other standard vape pens.

The atomizers are also refillable, and you can use some quality refillable oils of your choice. 

One reason for the quality vapor is the highly potent THC that burns so seamlessly and assures you of a perfect hit once it gets to your system.

Pop naturals vape cartridges

Pop naturals is a brand known for its quality CO2 extracted cannabis oils. The pop oils have gone through a series of tests and have been certified to be safe for use.

The cartridges are complete with the mouthpiece installed, and all you have to do when you buy a pop natural vape pen is to take it our the package, fix it on the battery and start vaping.

The plastic mouthpiece is black, and the cartridge base is a 510 threading, meaning that you get to fix them on the other devices that are compatible with 510 threading.

Instructions on using a Pop naturals vape pen

Using pop naturals vape pens is so simple

  1. Take the pen out of the kit, remove the plastic cap covering the 510 threading on the battery.
  2. Take your pre-filled cartridge and place it inside the pen and turn it in a clockwise direction until it locks up in place.
  3. To turn on the device, press the power button five times consecutively without stopping until the led lighting comes on.
  4. To change the temperature settings, press the buttons three times until the voltage indicator light comes on.
  5. Immediately the pen is switched on, and the preheat function will be activated. You can now take a draw from the mouthpiece and enjoy an excellent flavor of good vape.

Pros and cons of the pop naturals vape pen


  • You can adjust the temperatures as you wish to maximize your satisfaction
  • The pen is priced affordably for CO2 extracted cannabis oils
  • You can easily track your oil usage through the chamber’s windows
  • Ceramic coils burn effectively to give you good vapor
  • 510 threading that fits most of the cartridges in the market


  • The 510 threading sometimes is small and holds too tight on cartridges that are not from the pop naturals catalog.

Alternative Vape: UPENDS

UPENDS Uppen plus

The Uppen plus is an upgrade from the classic Uppen, and it still uses the same Etchip coil. You still get to enjoy the superb taste satisfaction you get in the uppen pod.

UPENDS still keeps the signature taste that is always fresh and fulfilling. This particular vape pen is versatile, and it can keep your e-liquid fresh by preventing exposure to air that may lower the quality.

One outstanding feature about the Uppen plus top cap is that it can protect your pod from dust and dirt. The mouthpiece has an antibacterial component that defends against 99.9% of bacteria.


After building a solid name as a producer of vaping oils and wax, pop naturals tried to develop a vaporizer to go along with their products, and so far so good, and the efforts can be seen from these pens.

High-end technology and laser-sharp focus on quality helped them create one of the most outstanding products within the vaping industry. Their cells are seamless, with smooth cylindrical shapes and short enough to be concealed. 

The pen's design was above average, and with the battery capacity, the device was able to vaporize oils effortlessly, giving some excellent clouds of vapor. It is impressive how pop naturals have used their know-how in making vape oils in making quality pens.