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PG Free Vape Juice, Vape Juice PG/VG

12th May 2022 | 467 | upends v

As may be known to you already, the e-juices come in various nicotine strengths, bottle sizes, and most importantly, VG/PG ratios. Consequently, it is notable is the increasing number of PG-free juices. This happens as a reflection of the growing number of vapers who appreciate more sweetness in their juices rather than a throat hit.

As such, it is always advisable for vapers to know the VG/PG ratios that work best for them. This article seeks to address PG-free vape juices and other related PG/VG ratio issues. The PG/VG concentrations play an essential role in vaping.

Is there any vape juice without propylene glycol?

Absolutely YES! This means that you go for an e-liquid that has 100% VG concentration.  Essentially, the carrier in which the flavorings are mixed will also have to be in VG. Notably, the VG is not a suitable solvent fot most substances, limiting the flavoring substances you could use.

The company best known for producing PG-free vape juices is the EC blends. The company comes first in this category, even from a google search. However, PG-free vape juices should not be confused with MAX VG e-juices. The MAX VG e-juices have no PG added, save for the content required for the addition of flavoring. This could result in up to 20% concentration in the whole juice. It is, however, usually 15% in most cases.

For the PG intolerants, it is advisable to try finding out if you could tolerate a low concentration of the same. This will open you up to more options for vape juice manufacturers as most of them use the PG. Moreover, should you be making your vape juice, it'll give you more flavorings options because, unlike the VG, PG is an excellent solvent for most flavoring substances.

Why Are Vapers Wanting To Cut Out PG?

The company mentioned above, EC blends, is at the top of many companies switching to PG-free vape juices. Statistics indicate that vaping companies are drastically changing to PG-free vape juices. This is due to various health problems associated with PG substances in the vape juices.

The main problem associated with the PG substance is the fact that the PG is a synthetically produced chemical. Notably, we interact with synthetically produced chemicals in almost all fronts of life. The chemicals are in our household detergent, diet sodas, and many other substances we use/consume daily. 

Another issue with the PG substance is the high PG sensitivity among its users and consumers. Research shows that vapers who are PG sensitive have a hard time tolerating it. Moreover, some people, the vapers included, are allergic to it. Among the most common PG sensitivity signs include cough, sore or dry throat, nausea, and wheezing, with occasional skin reactions. The PG substance is mostly consumed by inhaling; thus, you should guard your mouth and nose when vaping.

PG substance is the essence responsible for throat hit in a vape juice. Consequently, PG substances' reduced use in vape juices is contributed to by avoiding harsh throat hits. Some vapers like the deep throat hit the PG substances bring. This is, however, not the case with some vapers. The latter finds the deep throat hits rather discomforting. Notably, the deep throat hits are a part of tobacco cigarette smoking. However, the PG-free vape juices also give nicotine content for smooth transit from smoking while giving you a smooth sweet drink.

What is VG and PG in vape juice?

You probably have been seeing the VG/PG concentration and (or) PG/VG substance without really understanding what they mean. Well, worry no more.

Propylene Glycol (PG)is colorless, flavorless alcohol that acts as the flavor carrier and source of "throat hits" in e-liquids. It's been used for decades in shampoo, ice cream, baby wipes, and theatrical fog machines. The one place you won’t find it is the Kind-Juice.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is also colorless and odorless. It's a sweet-tasting liquid that is thicker than PG. VG controls cloud production in vapor. Household items are containing VG range from food flavorings to aftershave and deodorant. The organic VG in Kind-Juice is 100% USP Medical Grade and extracted naturally.

PG or VG, How to Make E-Juice

PG and VG, as discussed above, form an essential part of vaping. Consequently, you should know how to go about it. Most importantly, you should be able to decide on the PG/VG concentration. Also, you should see the procedure of making vape juices. Below are the highlights of the steps followed when making vape juices.

  1. Determining the nicotine strength
  2. Extract nicotine from the container and transfer it to a bottle
  3. Choose the flavors to use
  4. Measure and transfer flavor concentrates
  5. Measure and add the diluent/base (VG/PG)
  6. Put the drill under the bottle and screw the top
  7. Shake the bottle
  8. Steep  

Best Propylene Glycol Free E-Juices (E-Liquids)

Below are the best PG free e-juices no available in the market.


The VaporFi is the best choice for those PG intolerants. The e-juice comes in various VG/PG concentrations, including both MAX VG and 100%VG concentrations. Besides, the e-juice not only has a variety of flavors, but the flavors are outstanding as well. All the different flavors are processed in VaporFi's FDA-approved labs assures you that the juice is pure.

Whereas the 100%VG might be rare to find with the VaporFi, the MAX VG are mostly VG (80%) and may be used in any vaporizer with any OHM resistance. With the VaporFi, you can never go wrong!

Kind Juice

The Kind Juice is a favorite to any vaper when it comes to 100%VG concentration e-juices. The Kind Juice is organic, all-natural with an exquisite taste, true to the flavor description. Besides, the Kind Juice haS all the ingredients used in the vaping listed on the bottle. This helps you with the decision-making when making a purchase, and you can easily detect and avoid what you are intolerant to. Being totally natural, there is also no Diacetyl, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl, or Vitamin E oil. The Kind Juice is an award-winning brand for e-juice taste, and as such, you are assured of good taste.

Kai’s Virgin Vapor

The Kai’s Virgin Vapor is a purely organic vape juice and is certified under the European Organic Standards. Besides, all Kai’s Virgin Vapor juices are 100%VG based, and as such, you can never go wrong with it if you're PG intolerant. Again, the e-juice comes in various flavors, giving you a variety of options to choose from. Notably, the brand has won several awards for giving several choices on flavors.

In their statement, the brand urges other brands to concede to health organizations' recommendations to quit PG-based e-liquids. This helps reduce PG-associated health issues.

Ethos Vapors 

Ethos Vapors is a leading e-liquid and lifestyle brand founded in 2014. Ethos Vapors has created its path, focusing on uniqueness and innovation. Most of the Ethos Vapors juices are 100%VG based, and as such, you can never go wrong with it if you're PG intolerant. Besides, the e-juice comes in various flavors, giving you a variety of options to choose from.

Notably, the UPENDS product has proven to be reliable. Going by the customer reviews, the brand is kin to ensuring customer satisfaction, and as such, you can never go wrong with the Ethos Vapors.

Ichor Liquids

The Ichor Liquids give you over thirty flavor options to choose from. The UPENDS product has various VG/PG concentration options, including the MAX VG and 100% VG concentrations. As such, it makes it to the list of best PG-free vape juices, thanks to its exquisite taste. Notably, the brand has over two thousand five-star reviews, and as such, you are assured of the quality of the juices.


Vaping is drastically becoming a norm, both among smokers and non-smokers. Should you decide to give it a try, you should know what works best for you. Vaping, especially when using a PG base, has various problems that you should reduce by avoiding the PG substance. As such, the e-juice brands discussed hereinabove will help you get the most enjoyable e-juice of your choice.