WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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It is no new information that vape pens are becoming quite a trend in the modern world. It is undoubtedly astonishing how their popularity today has risen beyond astronomical proportions compared to when they first hit the market a little over a decade ago. However, the drawback of their ever-soaring prominence is that it gave room for an over flooding of fake vape tools and mods in the market.

Finding that perfect vape can often be tedious, especially one that prioritizes your safety and comfort. Fortunately, there are still a couple of high-quality vapes that offer some of the best experiences, one of which is the "Perfect Vape." Below is a detailed review of this particular brand of vape, which contains all you need to know about this vape tool and its numerous varieties.

What is the Perfect Vape?

As its name suggests, the Perfect Vape is undoubtedly the perfect in a sea of numerous vape brands. The brand was established in 2013 as an online trailer shop, and in 2014, it earned an award as one of the "Best Drink Flavors E-liquid." It offers the lowest online price for retail and wholesale vape tools and its products, which ultimately means that its products are easily affordable, and you don't necessarily have to pull out all your life savings to purchase one. In addition, as an online store, they promise a diverse inventory while offering a large variety of vape brands and products. With the perfect vape brand, you also easily get access to a variety of vape juice and e-liquids, starter kits, premium RDAs, flavor concentrates, batteries, and e-cigarettes, amongst numerous others.

With the perfect vape brand, you also enjoy limitless access to wholesales and retail prices, not to mention that all products are guaranteed to be original, tested, and trusted. They also offer excellent shipping service, meaning you can be sure your product will get to you safely and on the agreed-upon date. In addition, the Perfect Vape brand also promises friendly customer service, meaning if you have any complaints as regards any particular product or shipment, you are guaranteed to get an immediate solution to the said issue. The Perfect Vape remains only ever committed to providing its consumers with the ultimate vaping experience.

General Features

  • Variety of Flavors/ Strains

It has been said many times that varieties often spark interest, and what better way to spice things up than trying out numerous perfect vape flavors? With the ideal vape brand, you get to pick from a set of unique flavors, including; Raspberry flavor, Barry fusion, BlackBerry, and Black Cherry Greek Yoghurt, amongst numerous others. With these wide ranges of options, consumers are guaranteed to find that "Perfect Vape" that best suits their needs and wants. With every Perfect Vape strain, you get to enjoy an elevated and enlightening experience.

  • Affordable and Cost Effective

Some of the best vapes on the market are usually high-quality vapes that offer the best user experience while still being reasonably affordable. With the Perfect Vape brand, you get the best of both worlds, which ultimately means you can avoid purchasing a below-standard product and still save a little bit of your money. However, it is essential always to have a set budget when you are looking to purchase a perfect vape product, but irrespective of your budget, you are guaranteed to get only the best.

  • Product Design

The product design of the perfect vape is quite unique, and it spots a rather distinct look which makes it very easy to identify in a multitude of other vape brands. Its design is simple and yet exotic. It is very easy to use and requires no particular skill or knowledge before you are able to understand its operation; neither is it fitted with any complicated buttons or switches. All you have to do to use is place it closer to your mouth and inhale through the mouthpiece. In addition, the vape is also very portable, making it easy to have on you at all times.

  • Maintenance and handling

With the "Perfect Vape" brand, the last thing on your mind would be how to maintain this vape product. On its own, this vape mod doesn't require any special cleaning, maintenance, or handling. But with every vape, there are necessary steps you have to take to ensure its longevity, one of which is ensuring that your vape mod is kept away from direct sunlight and stored in a cool environment. Also, keep it out of the reach of children and pets, and if you must dispose of it, throw it in the appropriate trash bin or simply recycle it.

So what are some of the best Perfect Vapes? Here are some of our top choices and what we think you should know about them.

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  1. Perfect Vape Watermelon Strawberry


If you are looking for a more fruity taste, then the Perfect Vape Watermelon Strawberry is undoubtedly the perfect flavor for you. It promises the taste of fresh juice watermelon combined with the sweet taste of ripe strawberries to offer a perfect blend of this unique fruity experience. This particular vape mod is also easily affordable and doesn't go beyond your proposed budget. It also sports a very simple and yet colorful design, plus its portable look allows for easy handling and transportation from one location to another.


  • 120ml bottle size
  • 100ml of 0mg E-liquid
  • 2 X Free Nic Shots
  • Maximum airflow design
  • Efficient vapor production


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Simple and sleek design
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Allows for discreet use
  • It is easily affordable


  • Product contains nicotine
  • Vape mod doesn't last as long as others
  1. Perfect Vape Green Monster

There is no perfect feeling than going to purchase your vape and getting a hit of the Perfect Vape Green Monster. It offers a unique experience that is out of this world. This Perfect Vape product is the right fit for you, and you don't even have to bother about the caffeine buzz that accompanies it.


  • A reasonable amount of puffs
  • 100ml e-liquid
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable 100ml design


  • Large liquid holding capacity
  • It offers a unique user experience
  • Instant relief and elevated experience
  • Requires no special care or maintenance
  • Allows for discreet use


  • It contains a highly addictive agent.

FAQs about the Perfect Vape

  1. Is the "Perfect Vape" Expensive

Fortunately, one of the significant advantages of the Perfect Vape brand product is that they all come at a reasonable price, which means that you don't have to exceed your budget before purchasing one. With the perfect vape, you can easily get your hands on a high-quality vape that promises to offer you an elevated experience.

  1. How can I keep my "Perfect Vape" from damage

As with any vape product, one of the best ways of ensuring its longevity so as to get as much as you can out of it is by protecting it against external agents. For starters, you might want to keep your vape away from direct sunlight when not in use. Also, store in a cool and dry environment, and most importantly, remember to keep away from pets and children. Also, handle with care, as some mods can be fragile. The Perfect Vape mod, though, is built to last and stand the test of time.

  1. Is the "Perfect Vape" worth it?

When you consider all the numerous advantages that you enjoy when you purchase a perfect vape, then it is very much worth it. It is easy to see why they are a generally beloved brand in the cannabis community. They offer a relatively simple and sleek design, plus they are portable and allow for a rather discreet use, meaning you don't have to worry about vapor residue. They are also perfect for regular and first-time vapers.

  1. Where can I purchase a "Perfect Vape" from?

It is necessary always to be vigilant when purchasing a perfect vape, especially as there are a lot of counterfeit and fake products available on the market. However, if you are looking to purchase an original perfect vape, it is advisable to only purchase directly from the brand's online page or from a local retailer near you.

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