PCKT Brand, The industry leader in vapor and cartridge technology.

    PCKT Brand, The industry leader in vapor and cartridge technology.

    Whenever the term smoking is discussed, the first thing that comes to your mind is cigarettes, one of the most common sources of smoking. Smokers have made cigarettes a part of their lives, and they have been addicted to them. Smoking is actually very dangerous for your health as many try to quit it but can’t do it due to their addiction. This is why the tobacco industry came up with the new smoking devices were Pods and vapes. Many smokers around the world have shifted to these devices as they are very less harmful than cigarettes and at the same time are giving almost the same experience as a cigarette. These devices don't have any tar and tobacco; instead have different levels of nicotine that fulfill the smoking need for the people.

    What are PCKT vapors?

    The PCKT vapors were officially found in 2017 by two people in San Francisco. When they made this place, they had a one-man thing in their mind that they were going to implement: to innovate the industry of cannabis. The market was filled with very cheap stuff, and the cartridges were also of low quality along with their battery. The method of cannabis extraction was becoming very common, and it was moving on. Still, at the same time, the technology of vaporization didn't actually go well along the way to support it as it was not changed through time. Looking at all of these things, the PCKIT vapors came into the market and introduced their products like the SPRK cartridge and the PCKT one plus that was made to solve such problems of the customers. The best part is that they use only the purest, cleanest, and best materials to make their products and satisfy their customers.


    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pcktbrand/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pcktvape

    Address: 30 Lindberg Ave Livermore Ca 94551

    Phone Number: (925) 303 -4463

    Customer service: SUPPORT@PCKTVAPOR.COM

    Phixvapor hours: 8:30AM - 4:30PM PST Monday - Friday.


    The PICKT vapor is known as one of the hottest products of this vape store, as customers enjoy it a lot. The vapor unit has a massive battery that has a capacity of 660mah which is not external but is built in. the vapor unit has different power modes, which are 5 in total, so the customers won’t have to worry about the extra battery in certain situations  The process of turning it on and off is also very safe as you have to click the device five times; this makes sure that your device is safe when not in use  The adapters are magnetic so the cartages fit in perfectly and quickly  The cartridges that can fit in this device are up to 11.5mm in diameter. It also easily works or is compatible with the bottom and top airflow cartridges. The charging speed of the device is also very fast and is charged through a USB port and a cable. Along with all of this, the device has five different levels of led brightness and haptic feedback.


    When it comes to the slim design and the best quality vapor, this is the best device in the market. The PCKT VRTCL is known as the latest device that slim pen-style vaporizer battery that has the best feature in terms of controlling the temperature. This device has different power modes, which are 5 in total, and LED indicators that help the customers find the perfect voltage for the concentrates. The battery in this device is also huge, which has a capacity of 380mah  The quality of the VTRCL remains the same the whole day as the device gives the solid hit all day long  The warranty for this product is one year and is certainly one of the best devices that the PCKT vapors have to offer.


    The SPRK cartridge is a cartridge that is easily refillable and is specially made so that the customers can enjoy their favorite flavors of the concentrates their putting in. The cartridge does not dissolve the flavor as the main purpose of it is to keep the flavor as feral as possible. Their many ways of connection that you can apply to this cartridge like. For example, you can use the magnetic or 510 threaded connection compatible with any 510 vaporizer battery. This cartridge is specially designed for the PCKT 2 and the One plus version. It has the technology of the dual ceramic core so the customers can use it in multiple ways.


    The PCKT pod is also one of the most trending devices of the PCKT vapors, and that is because of its slim and attractive design it has  The Pod has a battery that has a capacity of 330mah. Along with that, it also has a refillable cartridge. The device can easily be charged with the c type port as well. The SPRK cartridge system was officially applied on this pod which is why the customers can enjoy the best flavor, and also, the battery lasts all day long, giving the customers the best experience they can get from a Pod. This pod also has dual ceramic core technology; therefore, it can be used for more than one purpose.

    Other products available at PCKT

    • PCKT POD
    • PCKT Two
    • SPRK Ceramic Cartridge
    • GRND Collector
    • GRND Portable
    • RSRV Tool
    • GRND Grater

    These are some of the other products available at the PCKT vapors, and what is confirmed in these products is that they also have the highest quality and will always give the customers the best experience in terms of smoking.


    Apart from all the devices that the PCKT is offering to their customers, the store also has a wide variety of accessories that are available in the store  The accessories that are available in this store are made by the company itself, and the PCKT only sells their products and accessories  The customers do not have to worry about the quality of the products or anything else the PCKT vapors make sure that whatever they are giving their customers are of the best quality  The following are some of the accessories that the PCKT Vapors are offering.

    • PCKT BAG

    PCKT Vapors discount coupon code

    We at VapenSmoke always care for our customers and give them the best possible price for the products that they buy from us; therefore, we are offering all our vape and pod lovers the following discount coupon code:

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    The pen has the smoothest hit, and the quality is the best as compared to other vape pens out there. In addition, the vape pen has the best design, and it looks very stylish when you are using it in public.

    The products that I have from this store have always amazed me as they are giving the best quality in the market. They take their customers very seriously and always give what the customers want. I know that I will always be buying my smoking devices from this store.

    I always feel like James bond. Whenever I use their sleek devices, the design is always very attractive, and the best part about their products is that the manufacturing is also done by themselves it's 100% their own product.


    Can I change my order?

    If the order is not processed, we can cancel it or even change it. Once the order has been processed, we can't change it or cancel it, but the customer can return it once they ace received the order.

    What type of credit cards do you accept?

    We accept all types of major credit cards used to pay for the order online.

    I have trouble using prepaid cards or gift cards. What do I do?

    This mostly happens when the customer has put the wrong address or mismatched address. Service available on our website says (AVS) address verification service that confirms that address for you so that you don't face any trouble.

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