WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Palm Vape Pen. Instructions and Review of the Palm Vaporizer in 2021

3rd Jun 2021 | 126 | upends v

What is a palm vape pen?

The palm vape pen is also known as CCell vape pen is an oil-based vaporizer that is simply designed to be highly effective in vaporizing oils. The CCell palm vape pen is a sturdy cartridge vape with a simplistic draw to activate the battery technique.

The cartridge on the device is crafted from glass and ceramic, this is good for keeping the flavor pure. The wickless cart design is suitable especially for the vaporization of thinner oils. The curve shape on the battery is specifically designed to fit perfectly in your palm. Making it highly portable.

The CCell palm vape pen is one unique device that has many features distinguishing it from other vape pens. One notable feature is the lack of adjustable settings that you would find in a normal vape pen.

There are no temperature control features, variable voltage, or any other important features. The pen runs on a constant 3.7 standard voltage. The only significant feature of this pen is the customizable cartridges.

You can choose different resistance levels that make a bigger difference in vaping.

In the real sense, the lack of such vital features would discourage people from buying this type of vape, but this pen is special because it has some advantages.

One advantage is the affordable price that is lower compared to other vape pens which would cost more than $50. You get an excellent vape pen at $25 if you are on a tight vape budget.

The other plus for using this pen is that it has a magnetically attached atomizer and a draw-activated battery. The battery is very strong and can last you a day or more depending on how you are using it.

The CCell palm, from its name you can tell that the device is portable and you can easily use it. It is a perfect fit for the hand and tiny at the same time. You can easily walk around with the device, by keeping it in a purse, handbag, or pocket.

Compared to the open palm, this device is much smaller. That is what makes it easily portable. One thing you get from such a small device is stealth, which is one reason many people choose this device. Users can keep their palm vape pen safely without many people noticing.

Features of CCell palm vape pen

  • Simple exterior design that is button-less on the interface
  • Draw to activate which saves of power usage
  • Equipped with a self-adapted optimum temperature
  • Large capacity battery for uninterrupted vaping sessions
  • The battery is tiny and compact making it portable and discreet
  • Stealthy breathing LED light that indicated when you take a draw
  • Has a high-quality circuit board with a multi-protection feature
  • Has a magnetic adapter for 510 threading, to create compatibility with other devices

CCell palm vape pen design and build quality

In terms of design, the device does not stand out as you would expect it to. But we can acknowledge that the building design is of good quality and the outer design of the phone is so simplistic.

The device looks more like an external battery than a vaporizer. We cannot write off the design as a bad thing, but we can acknowledge the fact that it does not look inconspicuous. 

The inner development of the product is not unique, it is equipped with the usual magnetic thread adapters, USB charging ports, and a 510 threaded battery.

Despite the small size of the CCell palm, the vape device is well compact and holds everything perfectly. You will realize that no matter how many times you drop the device, there is minimal damage only a few scratches.

The glass cartridge cannot break too, this is because it is placed within the battery, providing it with extra protection.

The battery has a 550 mAh battery within, with the ability to deliver up to 200 puffs before you consider recharging the device. The battery is strong enough so you can expect it to last for a day or more or in simple terms 250 puffs.

Considering that you do not get any adjustable settings, you can be sure that the condition of the battery does not come as a surprise. You also enjoy a short charging time of less than an hour that is required to fully charge the device.

The CCell palm device is readily compatible with a wide range of cartridges because it is 510 threaded. It would be important if you remembered that for the best vaping experience, you are advised to use the 510 cartridges that came with the device.

This does not mean that it is non-performing with other kinds of cartridges, but the CCell cartridges are very good at producing flavor and clouds. You also need to note that for best deliverance, ensure that the cart has an open airway hole at the bottom.

This is because the vape pen is draw-activated so it will not work with many other types of carts.

How to use the CCell palm vape pen

Using the CCell vape pen is very easy. You first need to reload the cartridge with oil using a dropper or a syringe. The use of these instruments allows you to have a mess-free filling and accurate measurements of oils.

When your cart is well filled, the magnetic adapter will enable it to slide in smoothly. The seal on the pen is tight and secure, you are therefore assured that it will not wiggle around or fall out.


The next thing to do is to place your lips on the mouthpiece and take a draw.

When you run out of power, you can recharge the device by plugging in the USB cable and giving it less than an hour to charge.

Pros and cons of the CCell palm battery 


  • Has excellent batteries that keep you vaping for longer hours
  • 510 threading that is compatible with many 510 cartridges and accessories
  • Sturdy and ergonomic design that is portable and stealthy
  • The price of the device is affordable compared to other devices in the market
  • Using CCell batteries produces 25% more vapor compared to other devices
  • Magnetic connectors easily attach to the cartridges


  • The magnetic connector is loose when used with some cartridges
  • There are no adjustable settings to use with the battery

FAQs about CCell palm vape pen

Where can you buy a CCell palm vape pen?

The CCell palm vape pen is available in legitimate outlets that stock CCell products. You can get the devices online at various stores that stock vape products. You will find many CCell products that you can choose from.

Is the CCell palm worth it?

The CCell vape pen is still a desirable device despite the lack of special features such as adjustable temperatures and variable voltage. The devices are stealthy, portable, and discreet which is an advantage to many vape users. The increased vapor production also sets the device above many other vape pens in the market.

How do you charge the CCell vape battery?

The CCell palm battery comes with a USB charger that you can connect to the bottom of the device. The pen uses a standard USB cable but you are only to use the original charger that comes with the device.

Alternative vape: UPENDS


The super-value mini-open pod system

The UpOX features a spectacular Etchip 2.0 Flavor master coil. The UpOX is highly compatible with many of the well-known e-liquids. It has improved heat efficiency, with the mesh coils you get a mouthful and original vapor with the first puff.

The pod can be magnetically connected and has a good feature for the prevention of dust and fabric that would block the airway.


Despite having less customization ability, the CCell vape pen is still an excellent device. The pen gives quite a punch, giving you big clouds that produce the most unique flavor and the battery life is also perfect.

When you buy a CCell palm vape pen, you get an affordable, easy-to-use device. The pen is highly recommended to beginners and people who do not want to spend a lot of money on vape products.