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Overview of the Freemax Fireluke 2: A detailed look at the features, design, and performance of the Freemax Fireluke 2 vape tank

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If you're a vaping enthusiast or someone curious about the latest vape technology, you're in for a treat! In this article, we'll take you on a detailed tour of the Fireluke 2, exploring its features, design, and performance to give you a comprehensive overview.

The Freemax Fireluke 2 is not your average vape tank; it's a powerhouse of innovation and style. With its sleek and modern design, it's sure to catch your eye and impress your friends. But it's not just about looks - this tank is all about delivering an exceptional vaping experience.

So, grab your favorite vape juice and get ready to learn all about the Freemax Fireluke 2 vape tank. By the end of this article, you'll have a clear understanding of what sets this tank apart and whether it's the right choice for your vaping needs. Let's get started!

What is Freemax Firefluke 2 Vape Tank?

The Freemax Fireluke 2 vape tank is a cutting-edge device that revolutionizes the vaping experience. It's a sleek and powerful tank designed for both flavor enthusiasts and cloud chasers alike. This tank boasts a range of impressive features and a striking design that sets it apart from other vape tanks on the market.

One of the standout features of the Fireluke 2 is its advanced coil system. It utilizes high-quality mesh coils that offer exceptional flavor production and vapor density. The mesh design provides a larger surface area for e-liquid to come into contact with, resulting in intense and rich flavors. Additionally, these coils are built to last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving you money in the long run.

The Fireluke 2 also incorporates a convenient top-fill mechanism, making refilling your tank a breeze. With just a simple slide of the top cap, you can access the large fill port and quickly replenish your e-liquid without any mess or hassle.

In terms of design, the Fireluke 2 boasts a sleek and stylish appearance. It features a durable construction and comes in a range of vibrant colors and resin patterns, allowing you to personalize your vaping setup to suit your style.


The Freemax Fireluke 2 vape tank comes packed with an array of impressive features that enhance your vaping experience. Let's take a closer look at what this tank has to offer:

Vibrant Color Options

The Fireluke 2 is available in six eye-catching colors, including golden, black, stainless steel, blue, green, and rainbow. Whether you prefer a sleek and sophisticated look or a bold and vibrant style, there's a color option to suit your personal taste.

Well-Designed Components

This tank comprises several components that work together seamlessly to deliver exceptional performance. It includes an 810-drip tip for comfortable vaping, a user-friendly top cap for convenient refills, and practical filling slots that make the refilling process quick and mess-free. The tank also features a durable Pyrex tube that can withstand the rigors of daily use.

Top Fill Design

The Fireluke 2 incorporates a top fill design, allowing you to easily refill your tank without the hassle of disassembly. Simply slide open the top cap to access the fill port and pour in your favorite e-liquid. This feature ensures a hassle-free and efficient refilling experience, keeping your vaping sessions uninterrupted.

360 Degree E-liquid Leading Holes

To ensure efficient wicking and prevent dry hits, the Fireluke 2 tank is equipped with 360-degree e-liquid leading holes. These holes facilitate the smooth flow of e-liquid to the coil, ensuring consistent saturation and optimal flavor delivery with every puff.

Multiple Mesh Coil Options

The Fireluke 2 gives you the freedom to customize your vaping experience with its range of mesh coil options. Choose from the TX1, TX2, TNX2, TX3, or TX4 mesh coils, each offering unique characteristics and performance. Whether you prioritize flavor intensity, vapor production, or coil longevity, there's a mesh coil option to suit your preferences.

The Freemax Fireluke 2 vape tank combines style, functionality, and versatility to provide an exceptional vaping experience. With its striking color options, well-designed components, top fill design, efficient e-liquid leading holes, and multiple mesh coil options, this tank delivers superior flavor and satisfying vapor production. Get ready to elevate your vaping game with the Freemax Fireluke 2.


Here are the specifications of the Freemax Fireluke 2 vape tank.

Diameter: The Fireluke 2 has a diameter of 28mm for the 5ml capacity version and 24mm for the 2ml capacity version. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of vape mods and devices.

Height: The tank stands at a height of 47.8mm, providing a compact and sleek profile without compromising on e-liquid capacity.

Capacity: The Fireluke 2 comes in two capacity options to suit your vaping preferences. You can choose between a 5ml capacity for longer vaping sessions or a 2ml capacity for a more compact and compliant setup, depending on your local regulations.

Material: The tank is constructed with a combination of steel and pyrex materials. The steel provides durability and structural integrity, while the pyrex glass section ensures excellent visibility of your e-liquid level and preserves the flavor purity.

Thread: The Fireluke 2 features a 510 thread, which is the industry standard for connection between the tank and the mod. This universal thread ensures wide compatibility with a variety of vape mods available on the market.

Drip Tip: The tank is equipped with an 810-drip tip, offering a wide bore for maximum airflow and a comfortable vaping experience. The 810 size also allows for easy customization, as there are various aftermarket drip tip options available to suit your personal preference.

How to Use Freemax Firefluke 2

Using the Freemax Fireluke 2 vape tank is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Preparation: Before using the Fireluke 2, ensure that your tank is clean and free from any debris or residue. If this is a new tank, it's recommended to wash the components with warm water and let them air dry. Once clean, assemble the tank by attaching the coil to the base and then screwing the glass section onto the base.

Filling the Tank: To fill the Fireluke 2, locate the top cap on the tank. Slide the top cap in the direction indicated to reveal the fill port. Hold the tank at a slight angle and carefully pour your preferred e-liquid into the fill port, making sure not to exceed the tank's maximum capacity (either 5ml or 2ml, depending on the version). Once filled, slide the top cap back into place, ensuring a snug fit.

Priming the Coil: If you're using a new coil or a coil that hasn't been used for some time, it's essential to prime it before vaping. To do this, apply a few drops of e-liquid onto the exposed cotton areas of the coil. This helps saturate the coil and prevent dry hits. Additionally, allow the tank to sit for a few minutes to ensure the coil is thoroughly soaked.

Attaching the Tank:Screw the Fireluke 2 tank onto your compatible vape mod or device. Ensure that the tank is securely fastened to prevent any leakage.

Adjusting Airflow: The Fireluke 2 features an adjustable airflow system. Locate the airflow ring at the base of the tank and rotate it to open or close the airflow channels according to your preference. Adjusting the airflow can affect the draw resistance and vapor production.

Vaping: Once everything is set up, you're ready to vape. Press the fire button on your vape mod or device and inhale from the drip tip of the Fireluke 2. Take slow, controlled draws, allowing the coil to heat up and produce vapor. Remember to monitor your e-liquid levels and refill as needed.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your Fireluke 2 in optimal condition. Clean the tank periodically by disassembling the components and rinsing them with warm water. Dry them thoroughly before reassembling. It's also recommended to replace the coil when you notice a decline in flavor or vapor production.

By following these simple steps, you can effectively use the Freemax Fireluke 2 vape tank and enjoy a satisfying vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to replace the coil in the Freemax Fireluke 2?

The frequency of coil replacement in the Fireluke 2 depends on factors such as your vaping habits, the type of e-liquid used, and the coil's resistance. On average, coils are typically replaced every 1 to 2 weeks for most users. However, if you notice a decline in flavor or vapor production, or experience a burnt taste, it may be time to replace the coil sooner.

Can I use other drip tips with the Freemax Fireluke 2?

Yes, the Fireluke 2 features an 810-drip tip, which is a widely used size in the vaping industry. This means you can easily swap out the included drip tip with other compatible 810 drip tips available on the market. Customizing your vaping experience with different drip tip styles and materials can enhance comfort and aesthetics.

Is the Freemax Fireluke 2 compatible with all vape mods?

The Freemax Fireluke 2 tank features a 510 thread, which is the industry standard for tank compatibility. This means it is compatible with a wide range of vape mods and devices that also have a 510 connection. However, it's always a good idea to double-check the specifications and compatibility of your specific vape mod before pairing it with the Fireluke 2 tank.

How should I clean the Freemax Fireluke 2 tank?

To clean the Fireluke 2 tank, disassemble the components and rinse them under warm water. Avoid using any harsh detergents or cleaning agents, as they may leave residue or affect the flavor of your e-liquid. After rinsing, allow the components to air dry thoroughly before reassembling the tank. Regular cleaning helps maintain optimal performance and flavor purity.

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