WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Open Vape Products, Instructions, and Reviews

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Introduction: What is Open Vape?

The Openvape was founded in 2012 to develop the best products with a great need of enhanced vaporizer satisfaction. Manufactures and distributes personal vaporizer devices for use with herbal extract oilfield cartridges. Based in Denver, Colorado sends its product to over 1200 retail locations. 

It is one of the enormous brands providing high-quality, long-lasting vaporizers with alternative reliable and harmless smoking options. 

Due to wellness and medicinal reasons that may result in a healthy lifestyle, these products are trusted, thus motivated them to increase the efforts to provide better and superior products that are easy to use.

Open Vape Accessories

You can no longer waste the products when you have Gyro. One can spin, shake, toss and even drop it but still won't spill anything.

OpenVAPE 2.0 Rapid Charger

Is your pen battery empty, and you are in a hurry to leave? Don't worry anymore; Rapid Charger is there for you. With no time, your pen will up. By swiping your finger across the logo on the charger, the light will change from orange to red. The USB and battery will turn green when fully charged.


OpenVape 2.0 

Description and Features

Open Vape 2.0 has various voltage settings, minimum setting giving moderate experience.

It is a multipurpose device with a 510 thread battery used with a 510 thread tank. Those who prefer using the prefilled  CBD oil and the oil cartridge prefer using this product. It is indifferent colors; black, white, silver, gold, rose gold, green, purple, blue, and wood grain.

Open Vape. Original Battery

Description and Features 

It is the product of brand O.penVape and one of the best vapor products with Black Battery.

It Is a charming and intelligent vaporizing pen with a stylus and a tiny form factor making it multipurpose and discreet, allowing you access to various experiences. It is fitted with a regular 510 thread cartridge and can covertly fit in the pocket. It charges faster due to the 510 thread charging accessory. With its size, it can easily fit in a bag. It Comes with a Battery and USB charging attachment.


Open Vapeish Battery 

Description and Features 

If you are always on the go and prefer using prefilled cartridges, this is for you. It is bottomless, a 3inch length pocket-sized, and tasty with its durable stainless still shape with a draw-activated design that uses 510 thread to fit in with the common CBD and prefilled wax cartridges in the industry. It comes with a micro-USB cable and a Lifetime warranty. 


Open Vape FIY kit 

Description and Features

It lets you create and customize your unique liquid concentrates with different varieties for empty cartridges. It is a favorite to those who like mixing oils and herbal extracts. The kit includes a battery, combining tools, and  O.juice to get you started.  It is portable with a pleasant flavor. The kit comes with an O.pen Battery, Charger,5.0ml O.juice, Fill Tool, Lanyard, and Honey Pot/Lid.


O.penVape original veteran batteries 

Description and Features

The Open Vape Original is branded with the American flag and camouflage batteries. It is dedicated to honoring over 20million retired and active first responders struggling with addiction and psychological disorders and injuries by helping them gain access to safe alternatives pharmacy prescriptions.

O.penVape original veteran batteries have a small form factor and are capped with a stylus, making it both unobtrusive and versatile andlets you explore an abundance of options on the go. The breath-activated heating system delivers a consistent eight-second puff, known as the Perfect Puff. You can charge using a 510-threaded USB charging attachment.

 O.penVape 2.0 variable voltage battery 

Description and Features 

If you're searching for a variable voltage vape pen, the 2.0 features our signature sleek and compact design.  This varying voltage vaporizer battery with 4 voltage modes gives you more control over your vaporizer experience - from mellow and flavor-forward to rich and robust.

It comes in different color options (black, white, silver, gold, rose gold, green, purple, blue & woodgrain) limited edition battery designs. This battery comes with a 20-minute rapid charger and a lifetime warranty.

Reviews, Pros, and Cons

Open Vape 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery

The variable battery has four voltage that lets you enjoy the materials. It is compatible with the various cartridges. The Vape is small, but its battery lasts three to four hours, which is pretty good. The Vape is smooth and has more flavor; the higher settings enable the vaper to exhale more significant clouds.


  • Rapid charge mode 2.4 - 3.2  
  • Long-life battery 
  • The low and high setting works well 


  • The battery does not have a clip; hence too easy to misplace 

When the light flashes red, it means there is an issue with the connection. Yellow indicates the airflow has a problem, and if the lights keep on flashing, it means the battery has turned low. 

The user manual is easy to interpret compared to other brands.

Open Vape Ish Battery

The Ish design is subtle and very discreet, allowing the new vapers to enjoy their cannabis under the radar.  It is ideal for any consumer because it is small hence can be held on the hand. The silver finish adds an element of classiness. The ish pens will automatically blend in any party from galas, dinners, etc.  The ish pens performance is equivalent to the bucks that you spend when buying. They are the perfect way to consume time, and as much as they have only three flavors, there is genuinely a flavor that suits you 


  • Easy to use 
  • Slick design 
  • Pocket friendly


  • Few flavors 


Gyro is a perfect Vape for newbies looking for substantial material to discover the sensation of a complete vape. It has 6 mods in one; there is an Electro mode that sends up to 35 W in three sizes and a mechanical MoD in three dimensions. The sensation is excellent; this kit offers a perfect deal because you buy an Electro mode with an optional tube and a Mecha mode with an optional line. 

The decoration is simple but also of good quality. 


  • Accuracy of output power 
  • Accuracy of output voltage 
  • Adjustable positive stand 


  • No recharge function 
  • No power bank function 

Open Vape Fly Kit

 The Open Vape fly Kit contains a battery, mixing tools, and oil juice. It is awesome! I have used the word awesome, which is precisely what it is- it grows on you. It is terrific to see a different design. 


  • You create your liquid 
  • Long-lasting battery  
  • Easy and straightforward to use 
  • Easy to mix cannabis oil with the web kit 
  • Lifetime warranty 


  • It is expensive

Watch the video below for better understanding in how Open Vape works


Where Can I Buy Open Vape Products?

You can buy any Open vape products on our website or from one of our license shops. If you would love to buy maybe an open Vape cartridge or battery, then make sure to see a list of our licensed retailers. 

How Do you Use an Open Vape Battery?  

All our  Open Vape batteries come at least charged, so they're ready to be used. They are drawn activated hence easy and straightforward to use. Screw your best cartridge and inhale. 

If it doesn't work after you inhale, click the stylus tip five times to turn on the battery. There you go. You can also adjust the heat settings by clicking twice.

Does Open Vape have a warranty on its Products?            

We value our customers. We have a lifetime warranty, and replacements are hassle-free. 


Open Vape is trusted because they offer quality from their accessories, batteries, vaporizers, and Vape pens.