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Vaping is all the rage these days as the youth has turned from smoking to vaping. The popularity of vaping has increased because it is convenient, easier to carry, user friendly and easier to manage. You can adjust the salt and other contents according to your requirements which make vaping immensely popular in young circles. There are many vaping devices and accessories which make vaping better and give you a fulfilled experience. Among other vaping items, vapes from oasis vape are getting more popular these days. Let’s discuss the oasis vape in detail below.

1.What is Oasis Vape?

Oasis vape is known to be a company with vape stores in 9 different locations in the Southwestern United States. They primarily sell in New Mexico and provide you with different flavours of e-cigarettes. It is understood that people can get bored with one flavour of vaping, and that's why Oasis Vape sell multiple flavours of vapes. You will be able to have multiple numbers of different flavours, which are not only unique but also amazing in taste. You will find the customer services to be helpful and hold high standards of professionalism. You can find many types of e-liquids. You will find flavours like watermelon and apple and also be able to have creatively formed blends of these e-liquids as well. All of these flavours add to your experience of vaping, and you are guaranteed to enjoy these unique tastes and creative blends of e-liquids.

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Address:4411 Mcleod Rd NE Suite B | Albuquerque, NM 87109

Phone/contact number: 505-349-1325

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The Oasis Vape Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

2.The Oasis Vape Main Products

The Oasis Vape deals with your cravings for vaping and its different supplies. They are known to be one of the largest retailers of Brick and Mortar in the southwestern United States. They deal in vaping supplies and products in 9 different locations across the country. If you are from a vaping community and require anything related to vaping, the Oasis Vape is here for you. They provide the best quality vaping and smoke supplies at reasonable prices. They have the best customer service in the industry, which is also represented in 9 years of their career. You will know once you use their products that they are the best in business. Let's take a look at the supplies they sell and then find out how their products have hooked the vaping community for almost a decade.

3.Vape Supplies

Looking for vape supplies that are both of good quality and in a reasonable price range, Oasis vape is at your service. The Oasis Vape provides you with the following supplies to give you a fulfilled vaping experience.

  1. Disposable Vape Supplies,
  2. Salt Nicotine
  3. E-juices
  4. Pod – Mod Kits and Accessories
  5. Box Mods, Tanks and Coils

 Now we are going to discuss all of these in detail.

4.Disposable Vape Supplies

A disposable vape is a compact device that is non-rechargeable. It is already precharged and filled with e-liquid. A disposable vape and a rechargeable mod are different in the sense that you don't have to refill disposable vapes, and you don’t have to replace the coils and buy new ones. If the disposable vape does not have any e-liquid left, it is discarded. If you are a beginner, disposable vape is the best way to start your vaping journey. It also gives you the best experience if you are trying to quit smoking. It is a hassle-free way to vape because it will make vaping easier as you just have to inhale and go and does not have to deal with any buttons etc., like other mods. The oasis vape gives you multiple options of disposable vapes to choose from. It includes the following.

  1. Flum Float Disposable Vape
  2. Puff Extra Limited Disposable Vape
  3. Bang XL Disposable Vape
  4. Tugpod Mega Flow Red Energy Disposable Vape
  5. Hype Max Flow Disposable Vape
  6. Hush Rechargeable Disposable Vape

5.Salt Nicotine

Nicotine salts have been the talk of the town lately as nicotine salt e-juices are more satisfying than other vape juices. These have a smooth taste and allow vapers to consume higher nicotine concentrations than popular e-liquids uses. You can also have more satisfaction by using less juice than usual which makes it cost-effective for regular users. These are better than freebase nicotine because salt nicotine delivers nicotine better to the human body than other compounds. The Oasis Vape sells the following salt nicotine to give you a satisfactory vaping experience.

  1. Pod Juice Jewel Mint
  2. Pod Juice Jewel Mint Diamond
  3. Pod Juice Tangerine
  4. Pod Juice Guava Ice
  5. Pod Juice Banana Ice
  6. Pod Juice Fuji Apple Ice


As we know that e-cigarettes mimic the smoking experience but do not use tobacco but use e-juices as alternatives. E-cigarettes' heart and soul lies in e-juices, and these e-juices are also known as e-liquid or vape juices. The compounds used in e-juices contain nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerol or vegetable glycerin and other chemicals used for flavours, and water is also used sometimes. The Oasis vape provides you with high-quality e-juices, and some of them are given below.

  1. Juice Head Blueberry Lemon
  2. Vapetasia Killer Kustard
  3. Tailored House Strawberry Crunch
  4. Candy King Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum
  5. Kilo Moo Series Coffee Milk Beard Vape The One
  6. Cloud Nurdz Peach Blue Raspberry
  7. Propaganda Illuminati
  8. Mamasan Bruce Leechee
  9. Beard Vape The Once
  10. Cedar Vape American Tobacco
  11. Ripe Vapes
  12. Twist Green No.1

7.Pod-Mod Kits and Accessories

Mods are modifiable box-like devices, and they use sub-ohm technology, which gives vapers more power and more vapour. You can change different items in the vapes like coils and wicks, which change the mechanics and resistance and alter and improve your vaping experience. Mods use e-liquids, and many vapers change the blend to make their own unique taste.

Pods, on the other hand, are sleek, stylish and compact devices. These are better suited for people who have an on-the-go lifestyle. These are powerful than any traditional vape or e-cig, and these are hassle-free than others. If you are trying to find out the best pods or mods kits, then The Oasis Vape is the place to go. They will provide you with higher quality pod-mod kits at reasonable prices.

8.Box Mods, Tanks and Coils

Box mod vapes are versatile, and they are designed to interchange various battery types, atomizers and even tanks. If you are looking for customizable box mods, then box mods are for you. Box mods are advanced as compared to the other vapes, and you can adjust wattage and power property according to your requirements. You can find the best quality box mods, tanks and coils on the Oasis Vapes.

9.The Oasis Vape Discount Coupon Code:

The Oasis Vape knows that vaping is important for you; that is why we are offering discount coupon codes for you to order your favourite accessories at discounted prices.

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10.The Oasis Vape Reviews

  • VapeUser321: I have had the experience of vaping for almost half of a decade, and I can vouch for the Oasis Vape that they have the best quality products and give everything at reasonable prices.
  • SmokeLife: Vaping has made my life easier as I can now adjust the amount of liquids or salt as much or less as I want. The Oasis Vape has made it even more enjoyable as I can order the best mod kits and accessories online. I have used their mod kits, and these are the best vaping products I used lately.
  • SmartGuy: I have been looking for a reliable source of nicotine salts for past 1 year, and ever since I have started using the Oasis Vapes, my vaping experience has drastically changed, and I enjoy it more than I ever have. I would recommend the Oasis Vape with a hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed. I have also used their disposable vapes when I started vaping, and since then, I have never looked back at smoking.
  • Shelby2: The Oasis Vape has made my life easier when it comes to vaping supplies, and now I can order the best supplies whenever I want.

11.The Oasis Vape Shipping

The Oasis Vape provides shipping all across the United States and how long it takes depends upon the distance as well as the availability of the product.

12.Find The Oasis Vape Shops Near Me

Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Oasis vape shops near me(my location).

13.UPENDS: Wholesale Oasis Vape Supplier

If you are a vape lover and looking for a quality supplier to fulfil all your vaping supplies needs, Upends is the place for you. You can order any item you want at the best possible prices in the vaping industry. Upends have all the vaping supplies you need, from pods and mods to vaping juices and other accessories. You name it, and we have it. We work in wholesale but also provide you with satisfactory quality products.