WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

O Pen Vape 2.0. Features, Specifications, and How to Use O Pen Vape 2.0.

2nd Jun 2021 | 603 | upends v

What is the O pen vape 2.0?

The O pen vape pen is a portable vaporizer used for vaping oils. The pen also adds up as one of the best variable voltage devices you can find around the vape market. The open vape company responsible for these vape pens is located in Denver, Colorado.

They have been steadfast in building and distributing many vape products across the United States and Europe, and many other zones in the world. They are well known for producing open vape 2.0, which is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading vape companies. 

The open vape pen 2.0 is a very versatile vape mod. It can seamlessly vaporize waxes, oils and it can hold a variety of cartridges. There are not many mods that can perform in the way the open vape 2.0 performs.               

Features of an O pen vape 2.0

  • Well-designed metallic finish
  • LED color-coded indication system for showing voltages
  • Rapid charging feature of fewer than 30 minutes
  • The variable voltage that lets you control the voltage amount of your device
  • An indication that shows any issues with the connection
  • Has a unique mode for quickly heating waxes.
  • Equipped with a 510 threading that allows for smooth connection
  • Draw activated, you have to inhale to activate the pen
  • You get a lifetime warranty when you buy the pen
  • Available in more than nine color options for a variety

How to use the O pen vape 2.0

  1. Carefully screw the 510 threaded cartridges onto the pen battery
  2. Press on the stylus top five times rapidly to turn on your battery
  3. If you need to cycle through the voltage settings, press on the stylus tip two times
  4. To activate the battery for delivering vapor, inhale from the mouthpiece when in any mode except on waxes.
  5. For waxes, activate by holding down the stylus tip.


Performance of the  O pen vape 2.0 

The open vape 2.0m comes with a built-in battery that requires recharging when you buy it. When you push the battery into the charging source, you will see the LED light turn red to indicate that it is charging.

When the device is fully charged, the device will turn fully green. It will take less than thirty minutes to go through this process. When the battery is complete, it has an automatic eight-second shut-off time which protects the battery from overheating.

The pen delivers well, considering it is easy to use the pen for many substances. The cartridges do not come prefilled, so you have to fill them on your own. The kit comes with almost everything you need to boost your vaping experience, and if you need something extra, it is readily available in vape stores.

How to take care of your open vape 2.0

Caring for your vape pen is very important, and we must take you through a few pointers that will help you take care of your pen and give you better service. It is known that you have to install the cartridge and take a draw. But there are many things stop consider when you want to take care of your vape pen.

  • Avoid exposing the 510 thread carts to high temperatures

When you leave your open vape 2.0 in a car or a room that exposes it to high temperatures, it may cause a few changes in the quality of your vape. The cannabis oil may increase viscosity which will leave you with a leaky cartridge.

  • Avoid drastic elevation 

In as much as the open vape 2.0 is fit for use in beaches, mountains and other places. It would help if you avoided drastic elevation and changes in temperature that will force your roil to leak out of the cartridge.

  • Protect your cartridge

It can be one of the worst feelings of breaking or cracking your brand new cartridge in case of an accident or drop. The best way to do this is using an open protective cover or get yourself a pencil grip that will help you protect your device. These products are good in protecting the 510 thread cartridge from getting cracked in case they drop to avoid losing any of your substance.

  • Do not draw too hard on your vape pen

Do not try to pull hard on your cannabis oil. It would be best if you were gentle to take care of your cartridge. If you have been vaping a lot, you will note that the oil has become too thin not to go up the mouthpiece. It would help if you let the cartridge take time to cool down before it goes back for another puff of the vape pen. Frequently using the pen will make the cartridge warm and the oils inside.

  • Understand the maximum voltage of your device

510 threaded cartridges are susceptible when it comes to the temperatures you run them on. You need to understand what limits your vape pens can hit and avoid getting a bitter taste from it. It is good that you should not go beyond the 4.0 volts. The vape pens come with four battery settings, and it is good that you start from low as you go up.

Pros and cons of the O pen vape 2.0


  • The open vape 2.0 does not have any buttons, making it a simple device to use
  • You get a serial number when you purchase the device to call the labs to ask for product data.
  • No heat up time which means you need to take a draw to activate your pen
  • The pen is sleek in design and perfectly fits in your pockets
  • The battery is long-lasting and quickly charges up when you need to
  • The LEDA lights on the phone light up when you take draws, making it easy to figure out when the heating element is active
  • You get a lifetime warranty when you buy the device


  • The thinning compound polyethylene glycol may have adverse effects when heated and inhaled.

FAQs about the O pen vape 2.0

Is the open vape 2 worth it?

Yes, any vape user, whether seasoned or a newbie, will confirm that this vape pen is worth it. The pen is easy to use, well-designed, and portable, which makes it suitable for use by any vape user. It is good at burning substances with advanced coil systems that ensure equal distribution of heat.

How do you charge the o pen vape 2?

When your vape pen runs out of power, you will need to recharge it by connecting the USB charger to the USB port on the device. Once you have done this, connect the charger to a power source. Watch on the LED indicator to know if your device is fully charged. Ensure you unplug it early before it causes problems with the battery.

Where can you buy the o pen vape 2?

The open vape 2 is readily available in shops that stock vape products. It is a widely recognized vape pen that will give you the best quality you deserve. You can also check a few online stores that stock vape pens from the open company.

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For many years since the legalization of vape pens, the Open vape company has delivered many quality products to the market.

They develop products with the best quality that deliver the best kinds of flavor and hits. With the upgraded user experience, you are assured of getting quality that does not let you down.

The vape pen is highly recommended for both beginner vape users and advanced counterparts.