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It is safe to say that the astronomical rise of vape pens is not being referenced enough. In the world today, vape pens have provided an innovative way for smokers to enjoy their cannabis. It is no surprise that they are a personal favorite amongst cannabis lovers. The advent of vape pens brought with it numerous brand products, making it often difficult to differentiate the fake from the original.

The good news though is that there are still some high-quality vape pens available on the market and you don’t necessarily have to search far and wide to see one. The Nord 4 Vape is one of the few high-quality vape pens that are no doubt a perfect fit for any cannabis lover. Here is our detailed review of the Nord 4 Vape and what you need to know about it.

What is the Nord 4 Vape?

It goes without saying but the Nord 4 Vape, as manufactured by the SMOK brand is no doubt a powerful high-quality vaping device that delivers in terms of both performance and versatility. It also spots a compact and sleek design which contributes to its mobility, making it easier to carry around or place in your purse or back pocket.

In addition, with a 2000mah battery capacity, the Nord 4 vape is guaranteed to last for a long while using. It is also worth noting, that the Nord 4 vape is equipped with a maximum output of 80 watts, and this vape device allows the user to customize their vaping experience based on their taste and specifications.

One notable feature of the Nord 4 vape is that it is fitted with an adjustable airflow control system, which allows the user to have full control over the quantity produced by this device. In addition, it is also equipped with two different pods both for the Smok RPM 2 coils and the Smok RPM coils respectively. This ultimately means that you get to enjoy a wide range of coil options available depending on your personal preference as a vaper.

In conclusion, the Nord 4 Vape is arguably one of the best vape options for cannabis lovers who are looking to get to a high-quality device that offers excellent vapor production and great flavor, while still having an easy-to-use feature and portable design. The Nord 4 Vape is suitable for everyone irrespective of whether you are a beginner or regular vaper as it guarantees a satisfying vape experience.

General Features

  • Varieties of flavors

As it is often said, variety is the spice of life, and what better way to spice things up than having access to a wide array of different Nord 4 vape? It is for this main reason that the Nord 4 vape is a personal favorite in the cannabis community especially as it provides the opportunity to enjoy different options and find that perfect Nord 4 vape that best suits your taste. In addition, the Nord 4 vape spots a high-quality product packaging which aids in securing the vape in place.

  • Product Design/Quality

As earlier implied, the Nord 4 Vape has a sleek and compact design which makes it easy to move from one place to another. In addition, the vape requires little to no effort to use, plus no prior knowledge or skills is required to know how to operate except for the basic skills of how a vape works. Also, the vape production is top-notch and users are allowed to customize the vape based on their preferences.

  • Battery

The Nord 4 vape comes equipped with a built-in 2000mah battery capacity which guarantees a long-lasting battery life for use. The battery is expected to last a total of 24 hours or more than after a single charge, that is depending on the frequency of how it is used.

In addition, the Nord 4 also comes with a USB Type-C charging port which further contributes to its fast charging feature. The battery life is definitely an upgrade from previous Nord vape devices and it takes over an hour for a full charge which all things considerable is very fair.

  • Ease of Affordability

It goes without saying but one of the perks of a good vape pen is that you don’t need to spend a lot to get a high-quality vape pen. In other words, a lot of people often go for below-standard vape pens because they are cheap.

However with the Nord 4 vape, you don’t need to exchange quality for cost as you get the best of both affordability and efficiency. So don’t dip into your savings or break that piggy bank as every Nord 4 vape product is set at a very reasonable price. It is however important to have a planned budget before proceeding to purchase a vape.

So what are some of the best Nord 4 Vapes to check out? Below are some of our best choices and what you should definitely know about them.

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Nord 4 Vape Review: Is the Nord 4 Vape Good?

Nord 4 “Black Armor” Vape

    The Nord Black Armor Vape is a pocket-friendly kit that requires no special skill to navigate. It is perfect and highly recommended for both experienced and regular vapers and it can also serve for both Direct to Lung and Mouth to Lung vaping. It has an inbuilt 2000mah battery capacity and provides a delicate balance of battery life and power in other to offer the best experience for all-day vaping.


    • 2000mAh battery capacity
    • Adjustable Airflow
    • Supports DTL and MTL vaping
    • 2ml refillable pods
    • 80W output range


    • Unique Design
    • Easy to navigate
    • Suitable for DL vaping
    • Excellent build quality
    • Good flavor from included coils


    • RPM2 coil leaks
    • Airflow dials tend to be difficult to adjust
    Nord 4 “Fluid Black Grey” Vape

      The Nord 4 “Fluid Black Grey” vape offers a special treat that is not common to a lot of vapes. It is designed for use on the go and the battery life is capable of lasting for an entire day. In addition thanks to its portable size it fits into a bag or pocket easily. In addition, thanks to its secure bottom filling, the job of refilling is effortless and a clean task.


      • Dual airflow wheels
      • 200mah built-in battery
      • USB- C port charging capacity
      • Compatible with RPM (2) coils
      • Sub Ohm pod kit


      • Airflow control
      • Nice design
      • Easy to use and navigate
      • Easily affordable and cost-efficient
      • Its portable design allows for discreet use.


      • Tends to be bulky
      • Included coils aren’t suitable for nicotine salts or MTL

      FAQs about Nord 4 Vape

      1. How long does the Nord 4 Vape last?

      The lifespan of the Nord Vape is greatly determined by how it is used. A standard Nord Vape pen can last you a couple of days even with constant use. However, if you are more than one using the said vape, then the vape will no doubt finish faster. Also if you are a light vaper, then your vape should last for a more extended time period before it will require a refill. Either way, you are guaranteed to get the best out of your Nord 4 Vape.

      1. How can I properly keep my Nord 4 Vape from damage?

      One advantage of the Nord 4 vape is that there are not easily prone to damage. However, if you are looking to ensure that they are available long-term, there are a couple of steps you might want to implement. For starters, ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with external factors such as sunlight or even liquid. Place in a cool and dry place when not in use, and finally keep out of the reach of children and pets.

      1. Where can I purchase the Nord 4 Vape?

      It is no new information that there are a lot of vape brands available on the market. However, there is also the issue of counterfeit and fake vape pens. To avoid falling victim to such, it is necessary to only purchase directly from the manufacturers through their online page, or you can purchase from a local retailer close to you.

      1. Is the Nord 4 Vape expensive?

      As earlier implied, a major benefit of the Nord 4 Vape is that you don’t need to spend so much before you can purchase one. For a reasonable price, you get to enjoy a high-quality Nord 4 Vape. A word of advice, when looking to purchase a Nord 4 Vape, it is necessary to have a set budget.

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