NJOY vape reviews and instructions. The NJOY Vape Pens and Mods

    NJOY vape reviews and instructions. The NJOY Vape Pens and Mods

    The NJOY is a widely known brand in vaping scenes. The Company was founded in 2006 by an enthusiast known as Mark Weiss, and it is also listed among the pioneering companies that started distributing e-cigarettes in America.

    With the initial NJOY king device, the e-cigarette looked and operated like a real cigarette with the shape, filter, and a LED light found at the tip. From that time, NJOY has done so many changes to its brand and also its product line, which now includes products such as disposable e-cigs, pod devices, and electric carrying cases. 

    NJOY vapes vapor production

    NJOY mainly focuses on traditional smokers, so most of their devices have been designed to look like cigarettes. They also have a throat hit that is very satisfactory to smokers. The vapor produced on the NJOY vapes is flavorful and hits you in an instant.


    It is sporadic to find draws without taste on the NJOY. Their self-made liquid is mainly used to refill their products but getting vast vapor clouds is not something to expect.

    If you are looking for a device that gives dense amounts of vapor and flavorful clouds, this pen is the proper selection. Most NJOY pens have been fitted with 3.7volt batteries, which is mainly tied to the vapor quality. The higher the battery voltage, the higher the vapor production and heat.

    The voltage selections on these devices are well set to ensure that the flavor and taste are intense and constant. The overall vapor production among these products is precisely what they promised and is very satisfying to smokers who try out their e-cigarettes. 

    NJOY ecig and accessories

    NJOY does not offer many accessories that can be used to customize their products; their accessories are only limited to the brand's e-liquids, additional vape pen batteries, pre-filled tanks, and empty tanks.

    The good side of this is the simplicity that the Company uses in building their products; they are very convenient and reliable. Their devices are primarily straightforward and can be used in an instant. 

    While the Company's products do not have so much room for customization, they make their products compatible with devices from other vape companies. Most of the pens have 510 threading which allows connection with any tanks, decorations, and customizers.

    The products from NJOY are not brand specific, and they give their users room for improvement. NJOY also stocks products from other companies, so you can check them at their stores if you need any extra accessories. 

    NJOY vape pens and mods

    The NJOY ace

    The NJOY ace is the newest product from the Company, and it features a small 1.9ml pod fitted on a battery. It comes in four varied flavors: cool menthol, classic tobacco, blueberry, and watermelon twist. Each pod comes with nicotine contents of 5%, and the battery is a button-less design because the pods are draw-activated.

    Before using the device, users are required first to charge it, and this process can take an hour or an hour and a half to set. The cell uses USB charging, and every kit comes with its charger. The pods need to be bought separately, and they come in two. You can seamlessly get more than 325 puffs when the device is fully charged and full of e-liquid. 

    A fully charged NJOY ace devi9ce can hold you for more than 24 hours. The LED light on the front of the device tells the battery charge and when you need to recharge. The charging port is found at the bottom of the device, and the top part is where the pods are inserted. The pods always come pre-filled, and they are fully integrated to have the mouthpiece on them.


    • The device is simple to use
    • You get a sleek modern design exterior
    • The battery can last up to 24 hours
    • It is convenient, compact, and very discreet


    • Flavor options are limited

    NJOY loop

    The NJOY loop is a charging pen for the vape devices from the NJOY. They are only compatible with rechargeable batteries and the respective flavor pods, which are available in five types. The whole kit weighs 5.7g, and the battery capacity is 1000mAh. It also has two NJOY batteries, a USB charger, and a power cable. 

    The top of the loop has a flip-open design that allows you to input the two batteries anytime you want to charge them. The battery can last you anywhere between 35-40 puffs before your next recharge.

    To charge a battery to full status only takes 15 minutes. The case is fitted with three LED lights that show the pods' battery level and the battery percentage of the case itself. 

    The added feature of this unit is the quick recharge USB port which has a magnetic connection. So you can get close to 400 puffs from both cells when they are in the case—charging a case till it's full takes close to two hours. 


    • The exterior design is sleek and stylish
    • The unit is portable and constant
    • Inductive charging is included
    • Fast charging for better battery use


    • Expensive replacement pods
    • Other flavors are better than the others

    NJOY daily

    The NJOY Daily is a vaping device used to replace the NJOY classic king-cigarette. There are other king cig-a-like devices available at the NJOY website, but the Daily has many flavors. The devices use similar flavors as the loop, but it has two extra, making those seven.

    You have two options for nicotine strength that is the 4.5% or the 6%. The daily unit still uses the traditional cigarette shape but looks very modern and updated. The exterior is a soft, rubberized, and soft filter.

    The unit's tip still has a LED end, but it does not look like the ash found in an analog device. The whole unit can last for more than 300 puffs, and it is entirely disposable. This means that you do not have to recharge it once the contents have been depleted. In addition, you have the option to buy the disposable unit as a single unit or a pack of ten.

    Pros and Cons                          


    • The design is sleek and new
    • It is soft to the touch
    • He has a good throat hit
    • The device is much cheaper


    • Battery life is short


    The Juul is a well-known compact e-cigarette that also uses pre-filled pods with a blend of nicotine and e-juice. The Juul and the NJOY loop have no buttons or any additions to the interface and use the draw-activation system.

    The vape can be recharged via USB, and every unit comes with a charging unit. Juul and the NJOY devices are all available in many stores, and they both have seven flavor variations.

    NJOY prices

    The prices set for the NJOY products are reasonable, and purchasing them in bulk can get you one device at $5. One thing to note is that the e-cigarette pack should not last as the cigarette pack would.

    This also applies to their e-liquids which are sold at $8 per bottle of 10ml. The vape pens are designed for beginners, and this is evident in their pricing. 



    The apex is one device from UPENDS that features the Etchip 2.0 coil. The pod system is compatible with most of the mainstream e-juices. It has improved heating systems and mesh coils that give a mouthful of the original flavor with the first puff. The battery connection is done magnetically and is in an inverted design.


    NJOY vapes are perfect for people who are transforming from smoking combustible cigarettes to electronic ones. The experience is enjoyable and effortless because of the expansive e-liquid selections, which also have exotic flavors.

    Their vaporizers are also becoming competitive in the market and are getting so many fans. The NJOY vaporizers have been designed to fully favor beginners who are looking for more straightforward vaping methods. The NJOY Company has not diversified its products so much, but they are outstanding in building e-cigarettes.

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