Njoy Vape Pen, Pods, and Vape Kits Review

    Njoy Vape Pen, Pods, and Vape Kits Review

    In a world of changing technology, everything seems to be advancing for the better as many are trying to make life easier and comfortable. The field of vaping has not been left out. The emergence of vaping equipment over the years has been highly appreciated by most customers. The need for these devices is evidently seen whereby most of the population prefers vaping to smoking. There are prominent and most trusted vape shops that supply top vape pens, pods, vape kits, and other prime accessories and supplements. The best example of such shops is the Njoy vape company that delivers a quality selection of the best vapes and vape equipment to vape users around the world.

    What is Njoy Vape Pen?


    Njoy is an independent company in America that produces and supplies adorable vaping products and electronic cigarettes. This company was founded in the year 2006 by a person known as Mark Weiss. This made Njoy be among the first American vape companies. Since then, the company has expanded the kind of products it offers. Currently, the most loved and leading vape products that you will never miss to find are Loop, Daily, and Ace.

     You are provided with a new line of modern vaping devices; for; examples there are pods that come with pre-filled e-juice cartridges and are also more enticing and attractive compared to the original models.

    The Njoy Loop Vape Pen showers you with the most adorable features that any vape user will crave. Your eyes will find it hard to get the sight of the stylish, sleek exterior of the Njoy Loop Vape Pen. This vape pen is an improved version of the e-cigarette that displays the absolute features of a modern vape pen.

    This efficient machine has a portable charging case with rechargeable batteries which are accompanied by flavor pods that come in five distinct varieties. The Njoy Loop Vape Pen utilizes a flip-open top that accommodates two cells whenever charging is needed. The Njoy Loop Vape Pen comes with two 1000mAh rechargeable batteries and a fast-charging USB-C power cable. For every complete recharge, you can enjoy 35 to 40 wonderful puffs. This is approximately a two-hour vaping duration.

    You will get the hilarious feeling of carrying a fanciful and barely heavy device that measures 0.4 oz. This lightweight nature goes well along with the small size of 3.6 by 0.3 by 0.3 inches. This gives the Njoy Loop Vape Pen the perfect portability any machine should display.


    • It uses simple flavor choices
    • It is lightweight and simple to operate
    • It recharges quickly
    • It delivers strong hits, much like a cigarette


    • Pods are not included in this kit
    • Fruity flavors tend to be more pronounced
    • The pods are likely to dribble the vape e-juice into your mouth.

    Njoy Ace vape pen


    If you are seeking the new and best vaping experiences and fulfill every vaping desire, then you should definitely think of the Njoy Ace vape pen. This is a black and grey compact device that hits the same way a cigarette does without any trace of tobacco detected. This machine is the best option for most beginners.

    Once you interact with this device, you immediately notice its premium feel. From the look, you can hardly say that it is actually a vape and seems to be more of a miniature clicker, or it resembles a smart key fobe. The device is made of outer glossy plastic, with soft-touch grey pads that are located on the front and back of the machine.

    Your device measures 3.5 by 1.1 by 0.5 inches and also weighs two ounces. This means that the Njoy Ace vape pen is not that big, and as the weight suggests, the device is very much comfortable to carry around for as long as you wish.

    The Njoy Ace vape pen delivers the best flavors as it is compatible with most flavors, including the Blueberry, Cool Menthol, Classic Tobacco, and Watermelon Twist. For you to successfully use this machine, you must recharge it fully for an hour. With a fully recharged battery, you will enjoy several days of vaping without the need for another recharge.


    • It is cheap to buy
    • It has a good battery life
    • It is simple to use
    • It displays a premium design


    • The pod magnets can be stronger
    • Has only one nicotine strength
    • The quality control is doubtful


    Innokin Sceptre Vape Pod

    This is a funky-looking pod kit that is available in the Njoy vape shop that is pre-designed to offer both mouth-to-lung and restricted direct-to-lung services. The Innokin Sceptre Vape Pod is removable, which a unique trait in the device is. The device comes in a variety of premium colors, that include Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, and White.

    The Innokin Sceptre Vape Pod is held magnetically into the 1400mAh battery. You will detect a slight wiggle, but only if you move the pod by your hand. Luckily, this device does not flop about during normal use. You will notice that this is a highly compact device as it features a 106.8 by 29 by 18 mm.

     The advantage this vape pod gives is the transparency it possesses, which allows you to see the liquid level in your device clearly. Also, once you have successfully installed the vape pod, there is the pod light that makes the e-liquid visible at one side of the pod. Remember, the Innokin Sceptre Vape Pod is absolutely refillable, and you will never have to dispose of the device after every use.

    Njoy Ace Vape Pod

    This kind of vape pod comes to you with four noble flavors that include; blueberry, watermelon twist, cools menthol, and classic tobacco. The Njoy Ace Vape Pod can be pre-filled with 1.9ml e-liquid, and it uses 50mg nicotine salt. The presence of the nicotine salt gives you nice and flavorful hits, but the hit intensity is not enough to make you cough.

    Originally, the Njoy Ace Vape Pod is not really designed to low you refill it, but if you wish to refill it, there will no problem if you pry the metal bottom piece off the tabs and add your e-juice. The airflow from this device is smooth, and your will like you are actually smoking.

    Since the device has got a powerful battery, you are sure of 1.2 hours of continuous vaping. This device ensures that you are updated on the battery level due to the incorporation of the LED light at the bottom of the machine. This is a white light that is always lit while the vape pod is in use, and when the battery dies, it flashes ten times, and you will be required to recharge it. The white light turns off when the battery is fully charged.

    Aspire Tigon Starter Kit

    This is one of the most recent hybrid-style stick starter kits that offer you perfect mouth-to-lung and Sub-Ohmic vaping. This makes it usable by both beginners and experienced vape users. Anyone can be attracted by the slim and sleek perfect design, along with the smooth paint finish of the Aspire Tigon Starter Kit. 

    You can imagine the 23 by 123 mm dimensions that will encourage you to carry or travel with the device to wherever you need. The lightweight nature depicts the technological advancement of this machine and will bring you the fancy feeling of modernity to your lifestyle.

    The Aspire Tigon Starter Kit features a built-in battery with a capacity of 2600mAh which produces an output voltage of 3.3 to 4.2V. The battery is side-mounted with a micro USB connector that will make you charge the device in a vertical and upright position. Once the battery is completely recharged, you can run the device for a maximum of four hours, undisturbed.



    • The charge indicator is hard to read
    • It is prone to occasional leaks
    • It reports erratic battery charging

    Frequently asked Questions

    Most people consider many factors before they choose the right product for themselves. These can lead to many unanswered questions that make them reluctant to purchase a product or even end up choosing an unreliable vape product. Here are some of the most asked questions you will love to read.

    How much are Njoy vapes?

    Of recent, Njoy has offered promotions to attract more buyers. On Ace’s website, it sells for $9.99. The Ace products seem to be much expensive than other models. What you need is a brilliant and satisfying vaping experience.

    How many hits is a Njoy pod?

     You will get up to 325 puffs from a full pod that has an e-liquid capacity of 1.9ml.


    It is wise to try the Njoy vape products and get to enjoy the most flavorful and long-lasting vaping moments. The Njoy vape products are modified to bring the best vapor of all time with less money needed. Contact the Njoy vape suppliers and start the ideal vaping journey you deserve.

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