Moxie Vape Pen. All Information and Review About the Moxie Vaporizer

    Moxie Vape Pen. All Information and Review About the Moxie Vaporizer

    What is a Moxie vape pen

    Moxie is a well-known known vape brand that is popular in California and Nevada. The company is involved in the sale and distribution of vape pens. 

    A moxie vape pen is a portable THC oil vaporizer developed by the Moxie company. With a burst in the number of portable oil vaporizers in the industry, vape companies deliver convenient and very portable devices you can carry around anywhere.

    The moxie vape pen is a unique device with favorable specifications features protected within a small portable. This pen has the same design structure you find in other companies, and it has a simplistic design and is available at a low price alongside many excellent features.       

    Moxie pod quality

    The Moxie pod is compact, sleek, and generally appealing in design. You get a unique feeling when holding it in your hand, and it gives the best as it is expected to perform. You get the vape pen, a USB charger, and a user's manual in the moxie kit. You will have to buy the pods separately because they do not come in the same pack.

    Fitted with a 480mAh battery, the moxie vape pen performs exceptionally compared to most units that run on less than 200mAh batteries.

    This battery is perfectly designed to work for these pods, and if you are looking forward to getting more battery capacity, you can make a move by trying high-power units.

    When using this battery, you get around 40 draws but not more than 50. All factors depend on your duration of taking draws and the in-between time. You can get a few days of service or a few hours, depending on how intense your vape sessions are.

    How to use the Moxie vape pen

    To get vaping on your moxie vape pod, you need to first put in the pod into the battery and because is is draw activated, inhale through the mouthpiece. When you have fully utilized a pod, dispose it and get a new one.

    The automatic setting for draw detection is good for engaging the coils any time you take a draw and it will give you good vapor.

    The Moxie vape pen is extremely easy and straightforward to use. We can even classify it as so easy to use that it comes off as very surprising. The device only comes in two parts, and that is all with the whole device.


    You get the bottom part that holds the battery and the cannabis oil pod that you have to fix on the battery. The batteries are your normal Moxie pen with the brand name on it. 

    When you buy the kit, the pods are not included and you will therefore have to source them as a separate component. Once you have them, place the pod in the battery and kick start vaping.

    With the draw activation feature, all you need to do is inhale through the mouthpiece to release vapor. When you have had enough of the pen, you can push it back into your pocket without the need to switch it off.

    With its small unique design, you can walk around with the device anywhere you feel like going. You could not notice it is in your pockets when you walk. It is highly discreet and could be used freely in public places if you do not like people throwing their eyes at you whenever you do not want many people looking at you while enjoying some suitable oil cartridge.

    Compared to other vaporizers, you will find that the portability of the Moxie vape pen is incredible, and by comparison, you can tell other cells look a little bulky.

    In terms of being discreet, the moxie vape pen is the best device for the job. You could not easily find something in the market to handle such tasks. The pen is good for oil vapes and it preserves your liquids equally well. The draws are pretty quick even 10 seconds will not elapse

    Moxie vape pen performance 

    When you purchase the Moxie vape pen, it does not come with any temperature control mechanisms. This is not an issue and does not stop the vape pen from offering good performance. It is among the many dealers who release such pens and still get good fan base.

    In terms of vapor production, the moxie vape pen gives good hits just as you would expect. You get a lot of flexibility if you are looking for satisfaction because the moxie vape pens work well with selected moxie pods.

    It has very sweet tasting oils and if you want the best experience, try getting the pricey mods and pods.

    To get the best from the moxie vape pens, it is advisable that you use the right pods even if they are from other dealers. This is to enhance compatibility when using the vape pen. The moxie collection has good flavors that are delicious. When taken under the right conditions.

    The pod heating mechanism is very smooth and will make you get the best vapor for tickling your fantasies. There are many other brands that will give you good vape pods apart from moxie so you do not have to worry so much about versatility.

    Additionally, it is not about the flavor of the pods. We can attribute to the size and performance of the pods, most notably for a tiny device like the Moxie. You are assured that you are getting the best vape quality, considering there are several flavors to choose from.

    FAQs about the Moxie vape pen

    How do you choose the best Moxie vape pen?

    When selecting a vape pen to buy, confirm that your selection is within the price range you are willing to spend. Do not go for a device that is beyond your budget.

    Look around and confirm if the available designs are good for your personality and will deliver for you.

    Ensure that the battery you are selecting is strong enough to heat up the oils. The quality of oils also adds on to the list of things that will improve your experience.

    How long does a Moxie vape pen last?

    The moxie vape pen is designed with a 210mAh battery that has the ability to last you for around five days when it is on a full charge, but the survival of the battery depends on the manner you use your vape pen.

    If you are a seasoned vape user, the the pen could only hold you for a few hours.

     How do I turn on my Moxie vape pen?

    The moxie vape pen uses a draw to activate technology for the pods, which implies that without the buttons, you only have to inhale through the mouthpiece to activate the device. taking a draw activates the coils to pass fumes.. 

    Alternative vape: UPENDS

    The UPENDS Uppen plus utilizes the signature Etchip coil that was first used on the Uppen. Thie superior coil technology will ensure that you feel the amazing taste of the uppen plus.

    It delivers a fresh taste that is original and smooth. The first puff will guarantee you satisfaction. The uppen plus has a metal cap that is effective in protecting your e-liquids from exposure to air that would cause oxidation.           


    The moxie vape pen is among the vest vape mods that are compatible with pods. It is very efficient, cheap, reliable and above all simple to use. If you are looking to find a device that will give you an easy time while delivering quality at the same time, then you should try the moxie vape pen.

    The company has ensured that they develop a good pen that will seamlessly deliver hand in hand with their line of vape pods. This pen is the best option when looking for a small and portable vape pen. 

    This pen is recommendable to everyone, and if you can find one around your locality, please make an effort to find one and improve your vaping experience. 


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