WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

MONQ Aromatherapy Pen. All You Must Know About this Pen

6th Jul 2021 | 100 | upends v

What is the MONQ aromatherapy pen?

The MONQ aromatherapy pen is one of its kind vape pens ever to hit the market. The pen is an essential oil diffuser that still counts as a vaporizer. The pen is a merger between vape technology and old-age aromatherapy technology. The pen is very convenient, pocket-friendly, and is one of the best ways to experience the superior benefits of aromatherapy. 

The pen style is a personal oil diffuser that is available in 11 premium blends. These blends are obtained from well-known aromatherapy experts, and each oil is 100%organic, and the vegan oils do not contain any GMO, nicotine, tobacco, or additional artificial ingredients.

The pen offers between 200 to 300 draws, depending on how you are using the pen. The pen is free from loading, messing, leaking, or anything because they come when fully loaded. All you need is to inhale from the mouthpiece and take in the vapor to feel the full profile of the essential oils.

Even though the traditional style diffusers give some simulative features, the MONQ gives an optimal diffusion that is simple and easy. 

Features of the MONQ diffuser

The MONQ aromatherapy pen is made using stainless steel material which is very sturdy but still lightweight. This makes the pen pocketable and durable at the same time. In addition, the pen is designed for long-lasting performance.

The pen uses a 210mAh lithium-ion battery that runs on 0.88 watts to give constant aromatherapy lasting up to 220 puffs. The battery is not located closer to the heating elements and can hold up to 248°C temperatures. 

The pens feature a nickel-chromium wore that is responsible for heating the essential oils. The crafting of the pen is made of high-grade materials and the highest-grade materials. These materials are made to make aromatherapy more enjoyable than ever.

MONQ diffuser blends

The MONQ vape pen features a range of eleven premium blends. Each blend is designed to give its distinctive benefits. You can be sure that you will get some good satisfaction by trying their products one by one if you are a big fan. The blends do not have any additives in them, and that should be enough to assure you that you are getting the best quality that will not disappoint you. 

The blends of the MONQ diffuser

Zen- this is a perfect blend of frankincense, sweet orange, and ylang-ylang. The combination is not very complex, but it gives one of the best feelings considering it has some of the most standard components. This blend is more of a traditional flavor profile.

Happy –from its name, you can tell that this pen is solely meant to give you a happy feeling, and that is true. The blend is a mix of fennel, thyme, and vanilla. You are aware of the effects of these substances on the human brain. They are very relaxing, and the sweet scents they possess are worth every good thing.

Sexy- the sexy blend is a mix of jasmine, lime, and patchouli. This blend of traditional herbs gives you that sexy feeling of vaping. In addition, you get to feel the confidence that comes along when using the pen. The lime profiles have been added to give a perfect tincture that will always ensure that you get the less irritating feel from using the pen.

Sleep- the sleepy blend is a more relaxing variation of the vape pen, and it features a perfect combination of chamomile, kava, and lavender. The flavors in this pen are very relaxing, and they are good for taking control of anxiety. This pen is best to use when going to bed to activate the hormones that will calm your mind before going to bed. 

The vibrant blend is more of a blend that stimulates you and puts you in a very playful mood. The pen features a combination of ginger, lemon, and spearmint. This flavor profiles very well, especially for the seasons when you may experience so many recurrent flu cases. The pen is a good device to use when you are seeking to relax your nerves and to [protect your sinuses

Active- the active blend is a very stronger mixture compared to the other blends. The flavor combination in this pen is made up of bitter orange, black pepper, and sage. When using this pen, you will realize that it feels more of an activating device, especially when faced with a tough day ahead. The diffuser can also be used when you want to wind up after a very long day.

Healthy- just as the name suggests, the blend is more of a healthy products mix. The flavors in this pen include cinnamon leaf, marjoram, and turmeric. This makes it a good blend that you will need by your side to protect you from illnesses. In addition, it has been made from well-selected extracts that will not disappoint you.

Forest- this blend contains black spruce, Douglas fir, and sandalwood. As you can see, most of the components of this blend are wood extracts, which would suggest the origin of the name forest. This blend is good for giving you a perfect forest blend that feels more tropical and distinct than the other flavors.

Ocean- this blend contains Eucalyptus, lime, and tangerine. This flavor is meant to be relaxing and has no additives to it. You can trust that the diffuser will satisfy your needs and focus on giving the best aroma, especially the Eucalyptus, a unique blend of this pen. 

How to use the MONQ aromatherapy pen

The MONQ pen is very easy to use. It has a pen-like design that makes it a go-to device. The pen is breath-activated, and it can quickly generate mist once you take a draw from the mouthpiece. When the coils sense the increased pressure, the 210mAH battery will heat t0 0.8 watts to heat the elements. There is a nickel-chrome resistance wire that heats up to 419°F.


This is the best temperature for vaporizing essential oils while maintaining the highest flavor profiles, aroma, and effects. The wick is made from silica materials and can deliver up to 0.03 ml of oils to the chamber, creating the life-changing mist. The process will take less than a second, meaning that you will get instant aromatherapy. 

Pros and cons of the MONQ


  • Has a 240 mAh lithium-ion battery 
  • Available in a wide range of flavors
  • The pen is small and easily portable
  • You have color options that you can select from
  • Comes Prefilled essential oils
  • The pen is simple to use and straightforward

Cons of the MONQ

  • The pen cannot be recharged
  • The device cannot be refilled
  • Costly when you need a range of temperature options

Alternative vape: UPENDS


The Upcott is a prefilled pod system from the UPENDS vape company. The pen introduces a very innovative and simple-to-use structure. The pen does not have any extra expenses because it allows you to vape at very affordable prices. The pen has reduced the cost of vaping by up to 50%.

This is because each pod is 4.5ml which is three times the usual 1.5ml pods. The mouthpiece on the Upcott is fixed with organic cotton, which prevents leaking, spitting, and popping issues. 


It is believed that the MONQ portable diffusers will help you deal with anxiety issues, and it is very true. However, the success of the product depends on who you are and how you use it. If you suffer from anxiety related to scents, then this pen might not help you. For bigger distractions than aromatherapy, MONQ will not help you either. 

For people who love scents, then the MONQ pen will be very reliable. With the perfect blends, you have a wide option of flavors to choose from. You can get the sleepy blend that will make you feel peaceful and sleepy at the same time.