WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Midwest Vape: Midwest Wholesale Vape Mods, E-Liquids, and other Vapes Equipment Review

12th May 2022 | 224 | upends v

Most consumers prefer using vaping and electronic cigarette products since they play a major part in kicking away cigarette use and its harmful effects. Thanks to the drastic advancement in technology over the years that have employed little standardization. New e-liquids have been introduced to provide a variety for consumers to choose from. The Midwest vape wholesale brings you the best you deserve.

What is Midwest Vape?

The Midwest vape is a wholesale vaping supplier that includes E-Liquids box, Mods vaporizers, batteries, tanks and starter kits, and other necessary quality equipment. You have every reason to purchase your products from this highly rated vape wholesale. You are guaranteed quick product delivery. There are special offers, such as incredible coupon discounts throughout the year. The Midwest allows you to track your orders through USPS, or you can give them a call to track your order. They have professional and well-informed agents who will help you in anything concerning your order through emails, calls, or chat.

In this article, you get a clear and precise knowledge of how excellent the Midwest vape products are and help you get the best equipment at your service.

Midwest Vape Mods

Aspire Zelos 3 Mod

From the physical outlook, the Aspire Zelos 3 Mod will attract you with its solid-built body with a lavishly sleek design. The small size of dimensions, 81mm by 38mm by 28mm, allows you to carry it around to any place comfortably. This Mod is the type that lets you fill the e-liquid from the top cap.

This vape mod features a powerful 3200mAh battery. This device’s huge wattage will do you more than wonders since you will able to switch between a wider range of 200-600F of heating options. You will wait for the battery to be too low, but you will be surprised by how long it takes to ask for another recharge.

This device has been equipped with a 2.0 ml E-Liquid tank capacity. This capacity is enough to help you experience a long-lasting and adorable vaping session. There is a digital display that will help you navigate through the heating options and will always show you when the battery runs low and when it is fully charged.

Vaporesso Gen S Vape Mod


This device is made by one of the most recent and popular vape manufacturers known as Vaporesso, and you can easily find the product in the Midwest vape wholesale. With the first impression, you will be elated by the adorable simple design of this vape mod. This machine achieves a smooth, soft texture that makes it sit comfortably in your hand.

Impressively, the Vaporesso Gen S mod is perfectly built and achieves a rectangular shape, but it still maintains a comfy and soft state when holding it. It also has a very small weight that is; 107 grams, which makes it non-burdensome when carrying it.

You are left to choose from the 12 brilliant colors that are available since every person has his or her taste and preference in color. Another incredible feature is the powerful battery that can provide the power of up to 220 watts. This is a big catch when choosing this kind of device.

Remember, this mod employs an efficient standard TCR, which can completely be adjusted across all vaping modes that the device is able to support. This adjustment can be easily monitored via the digital display that is installed in this machine.

Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank

The Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank is uniquely made in such a way that it is after ensuring that you feel the classiness and high performance that it brings. This model utilizes the original stainless steel and Pyrex made tank that is 25.2mm wide. This vape tank is readily compatible with most vape mods of your choice. You will meet a 510-gold plate connection along with a sloped resin wide bore drip trip.

Talking of the airflow of this device, the Horizon Tech Falcon is proud of its triple adjustable control system. This system allows you to control the rate of vapor production to suit your desired vapor level. This vapor level depends on the amount of heat produced and the resistance of the device.

Through the top fill system this you can fill this Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Vape Tank with your favorite e-liquid up to a maximum level of 5 ml. This tank is 55mm tall, and it is unbelievably light, easy, and fun to carry around. As you will realize, this is a highly innovative and versatile tank that will make your vaping experience worth looking forward to.

Smok V2 Vape Mod


The Smok V2 Vape Mod is a decent vape product that displays a combination of strength and beauty. This machine is colored with decorative strips on the backside and front side of the device. This species delivers a powerful vapor production, which requires a power output of up to 230W. This wattage is less, and this means that this vape Mod is power cost economical.

Your Smok V2 Vape Mod comes with a sensitive touch screen that allows you to touch the brilliance of modern technology. The screen you will encounter is around 1.45 inches. You will absolutely be thrilled by the sensitivity; hence quick response this screen offers. There are six colors on this screen that help you make the vaping setting of your preference.

The machine has got coils that can offer a resistance range of 0.1- 2.5ohms. With this range of resistance, the output temperature range delivered is between 200-600F. Additionally, there is a lot of fun and comfort when it comes to carrying the device. The Smok V2 Vape Mod weighs 155g and has got small dimensions of 82.1mm by 49.0mm by 30.6mm. This ensures that you enjoy the uttermost portability of this noble machine.

Twist Vape Pen E-Liquid


The outstanding flavors and e-liquid blends are synonymously related to the name 'Twist,' which is a concept that has been accepted by most customers who have reported a high level of satisfaction. The magic formula that the Twist E-Liquids delivers is through the exceptional collection of limited edition flavor blends that suits every consumer.

The above-mentioned limited edition e-liquids are composed of the Golden Coast Lemon Bar, Mango Cream Dream, and the Golden Honey Bomb. It is quite captivating how much each of the flavors is able to incorporate the Twist E-Liquid passion and commitment that aims at delivering that are absolutely exceptional.

You will mostly find these Twist e-liquids packed in 120ml bottles with certain nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and propylene Glycol levels. For example, the Pampaya e-juice has got 30% Propylene Glycol and 70% Vegetable Glycerin. Plus, you will find the Pampaya e-juice with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine strengths.

Super Mesh Vape coil


Among the finest and most efficient vape coils, the Super Mesh Vape coil proves to be genuine and of high quality in the current market. These coils come in the double head make, constructed of the Kanthal mesh, and come in a 5-pack featuring organic wicking materials.

For improved and delicious taste and vapor, the Super Mesh Vape coil employs a single mesh coil design. This single mesh design also improves the coil's longevity. The coil is long-lasting since it is made of stainless steel, which is almost permanent.

The Super Mesh Vape coil is power rated between 30W and 90W and also offers a resistance of 0.2 ohms for a single Mesh coil. For a 0.3ohm double mesh coil, you will be offered a power rating of between 30W to 45W. No doubt, you will be in a good position to enjoy the massive vapor for as long as you can.

Innokin GoMax Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank


Improve your vaping to your best with this wonderful and technologically updated Innokin GoMax Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank that delivers you with excellent vaping moments. The tank can hold up to 5.5ml of the e-liquid that you intend to use. This capacity is incredibly enough to help you have a long duration of massive vapor consumption in every vaping session.

For best cloud production and delicious flavor, the tank utilizes a 0.16-ohm coil. These coils are perfectly grooved and notched to achieve the most efficient vape mod at your service. The Innokin GoMax Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank also adopts the top filling system, which brings total convenience due to the smoother refills along with the adjustable airflow ring.

This equipment is pretty much simple to operate, and you will only be required to take good care of it, and you will be able to enjoy its amazing output for s long as you deserve. Get this accessory at your service and enjoy the technology it brings.


Visit the Midwest vape shop nearest to you and get the grand chance to own the above highly rated vape products. You will be offered the variety of vape models you will wish to have at a quick delivery rate. Once you get to know the goodness of having such products, you will never need any other wholesale supplier. The Midwest vape is all you need.