Melatonin Vape Pen. An Ultimate Review and Guide of the Melatonin Vaporizer

    Melatonin Vape Pen. An Ultimate Review and Guide of the Melatonin Vaporizer

    What is a Melatonin vape pen?

    Melatonin is a drug based supplement used to help people get enough quality sleep and wake up. Doctors and physicians have prescribed melatonin-based sleep supplements for those having hard times closing their eyes and having a night of quality sleep. Melatonin is not just any other supplement but a hormone produced by the body naturally to help regulate your sleep and wake-up cycle.

    The melatonin levels in your system are known to increase during the night to help you sleep soundly and the dip in the morning to manage you’re waking up. The Melatonin vape pen is a version of a supplement given to people with insomnia or any other condition that messes with their sleep.

    Currently, there is not much research to tell us if vaping melatonin is safe for you or not. If you must use it, though, then play safe.

    Just as there is no concrete evidence that vaping Melatonin is safe, there is no knowing the exact amount to be taken. This lack of information may lead to the abuse of melatonin or an overdose.

    Too much melatonin can give you symptoms like anxiety, headaches and lethargy. Medically, the correct dose is 3mg per dose, but this is not known as the safe dosage for vaping.

    Features of melatonin vape pen

    • The melatonin vape pen has a pretty good voltage production unit that gives you the freedom to adjust the voltage temperature to your desired output.
    • The vape pen shaft has an LED light indicator on the power button, which will flush each time you change the voltage temperature. This feature will help you know the correct voltage to use.
    • The price tag is uniquely affordable because of its availability as an over the counter supplement. You can find it easily in grocery stores and medicine stores without much hustle.
    • The melatonin vape pen has an overcharge protection system that can disconnect your vape pen from the power source once it has reached the full charge limit. This feature will ensure your battery lasts longer with highly maintained performance.
    • It has the 510 thread, which makes it compatible with most cartridges hence easy to change.
    • The battery has a power capability of 650mAh that can hold power up to two hours straight. Therefore, you are sure of longer hours of vaping or continued use without charging. As we already know, vaping melatonin requires only one puff, and you should be ready to journey to the slumberland.

    Product review

    The melatonin vape pens are new to the category of vape pens and sleep aids. However, they are different somehow; instead of the e-liquid, they contain the melatonin solution. This solution gives out vapor if inhaled.

    The delivery system in a melatonin vape pen is quite similar to any other vape pen out there. Unlike other vape pens, which have nicotine and other addictive substances, melatonin vape pens are pretty different. They contain melatonin and other safe substances for vaping.

    The most obvious thing to note on the melatonin vape pen is the single button embedded into its shaft. This button is used to switch the pen on and off and control the voltage temperatures. There are numerous different colors to pick from when buying your vape pen. The choice of color gives you the freedom to choose one suitable to your taste and personality.

    Pros and Cons of Melatonin Vape pen


    • Sleek design for easy portability
    • Vegan friendly
    • No additives
    • Zero nicotine
    • It comes in different colors thus easy to make preferences
    • They have adjustable battery voltage
    • They don’t require any experience to use
    • They are easily accessible and affordable
    • It gives the user control over vapor output


    • These vape pens don’t have temperature control buttons
    • They come without a coil
    • They are cumbersome to switch on and off

    FAQs about vaping Melatonin

    Are melatonin vape pens safe?

    Any substance that is not clinically proven to be helpful when vaped is not safe for you. If you decide to vape melatonin, know it is not safe. Vaping tends to offer way too much melatonin than the actual amount the body needs to help you go to sleep. The lack of research as to if it is safe or not should be enough warning to those vaping melatonin. However, it is safe to take the prescribed dosage of melatonin to help you get enough sleep.

    How many puffs are in a melatonin vape pen?

    In each puff, there is 1mg of melatonin. That amount is the same as the amount in Inhale Health’s vape. It is, however, five times less than the amount in Cloudy's. We recommend that you take one to two puff only of the melatonin vape. Some people may feel the effects with just one puff which more than ok.

    How long does a melatonin vape pen last?

    Melatonin is available as a counter sleep supplement.  You can find it in any grocery store or drug store. The melatonin can last up to five hours in your system, but the melatonin vape pen can last up to approximately one month. The usage life may vary depending on an individual and how often you vape your pen.

    Why is vaping melatonin terrible for the health?

    Vaping melatonin for too long may cause bad dreams or grogginess in the morning. Vaping melatonin can also make other drugs that you might be using less effective. For example, birth control pills and high blood pressure drugs.

    Do melatonin vape pens work?

    Vaping melatonin may be an un-approved way of delivery, but there are possibilities that it works. However, there are no clinically proven right doses for vaping and how healthy it is for the lungs.

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    There is no knowing what vaping melatonin will do to your system. Naturally, the brains produce melatonin into your bloodstream, excluding the lungs. Vaping melatonin may be dangerous to your health, especially the lungs. Before you start vaping melatonin, try and get to the bottom of what is causing your sleeplessness.

    The lack of evidence of vaping melatonin should be enough warning to avoid vaping it. No one is stopping you for those who feel like they need to vape the melatonin to supplement their sleep. It would be best if you take caution, however, to avoid overdosing or abusing the sleep supplement.

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