Matter Vape Pen. Features, Specifications, How to Use, and More About Matter Vaporizer

    Matter Vape Pen. Features, Specifications, How to Use, and More About Matter Vaporizer

    What is the Matter vape pen?

    The matter vape pen is an entirely new unique approach by the matter company.  It is known to be the number one medical cannabis producer in the market. The matter is obligated to offer a consistent, effective, safe and therapeutic vaping experience to people with chronic medical conditions.

    The matter vape pen is a perfect daytime use that is known for its levelling effects. It has an earthy and pine aroma which makes vaping more enjoyable. Its cell cartridge has anti-clog effects, which prevents leakages. 

    There is a LED light indicator that shows when the pen is fully charged or depleted.  The LED light also indicates the different temperature settings.  The matter vape pen has a 510 threading which allows interchanging with any battery. The ceramic wick works for better absorption and distillation to ensure that you have the highest creamy, flavorful vapor volume.   The heat and high frequency combine in ultrasonic vibration. The matter vape pen then transforms the e-juice into vapor without letting it burn to create smoke.

    Factors to look for when buying the matter vape pen 

    There are numerous different vape pens with different flavors, making it hard to choose the right one. The first thing to look for should be;

    • Choose your favorite trains. Several matter vape pens come with popular strains. You should therefore look for one which suits you; for example, if you enjoy Sour Diesel, then find a matter vape pen with SD
    • Testing the pen before leaving the shop, even if you know that the pen is brand new, it is always safer to check if the pen is working while at the shop. This way, if there are any defects, the shop can refund or exchange them.
    • Ask how many hits the new pen get; each new matter vape pen should give you up to 100 hits. The measurement of the oil or wax may vary, but ask how many hits the available measurement equates to.
    •  Please do your research before you buy the matter vape pen. Spend some time doing your research and asking friends which disposable vape pen they prefer.

    Features of the matter vape pen

    • It has a draw to activate system.
    • There are no messes associated with the pen because it is disposable once you finish with it.
    • It has a sleek design making it easy to carry along
    • The matter vape pen comes pre-charged; there is no need to charge it when you want to use it.
    • The vape pen gives potent nicotine vapor hence a satisfying feeling when you inhale it

    Specifications of the matter vape pen

    • Its pods cannot be refilled
    • It has juice capacity of 1.2ml
    • Has a draw to activate system
    • It gives up to 400 puffs in one usage

    How to use the matter vape pen

    The first thing you want to do is to ensure your battery is fully charged before using it. 

    Secondly, you should read the instructions manual you know the use of each button. Usually, the button on the vape pen is used to switch on and off, change the temperature setting, and hold down to take a hit.

    Reassemble the device

    Put the cartridge into the vape pen, screw it into place, and ensure it stays in place. 

    Once every part is assembled, charged, and you know what the buttons are used for, you can now put it on and enjoy your vaping journey.

    Pros and Cons of Matter Vape Pen



    Relative to the price, the Matter vape pen gives you a noncommittal vaping experience. Unlike rechargeable pens, getting bored or disliking your vape pen is not much of a deal.


    The Matter vape pen is relatively cheap because of its single-use system. New users can buy it without any pinch on their wallet to try out if it is the ideal method for them.

    Less to no maintenance

    As reusable vape pens require constant attention and maintenance, the Matter vape pen has no maintenance required as you will use it up before you even think of cleaning it.

    No charging

    Just like all disposable vape pens, there is no need to charge. It is always ready for use whenever you need it, and you can carry it with you anywhere.


    Gives few options

    Most disposable vape pens only use the most popular strains; therefore, fewer options to choose from. They are limited to the familiar flavors, which may not include your favorite.


    With today’s ecology, we try to maintain a waste-free environment. The disposable pens, however, go against this dream and add to the waste.

    Unreliable battery

    Being that it is non-rechargeable, the battery is unreliable. It can go off in the middle of vaping, leaving you salivating for more. With the Matter vape pen, you will never know when the battery will die.

    Weak draws

    The amount of vapor produced is always weak as there is no way to adjust the setting to produce more potent vapor.

    FAQs about the matter vape pen

    When will I know my cartridge is empty?

    You can hold your cartridge up against the light; if it looks like all the liquid is absorbed, then you know it's empty.  You can also know that your cartridge is empty when it feels lighter than usual. Another way to tell if your cartridge is empty is when you feel a weaker aroma while you are Vaping. The vapor will have a smoky scent.

    Is my matter what's been causing harm?

    There is no such evidence as to if vape pens cause harm to the user. However, it is evident enough that any smoke inhaled causes damage to your system. The people may contain toxins and carcinogen which causes harm when used for long. However, we advise that before you start using any vaping pen, take your own time to understand the risks involved and make sure only to smoke the licensed concentrate.

    Why is my vape pen not working?

    There are several things to check for if you realize your pain is not working.  Forgetting to switch on the pain is one of the mistakes most people make. This mainly could be that your pain is faulty.  The second thing to check if your vape pen is not working is the batteries. First, check if the battery is in place and the cover is closed.  Then you need to check if the batteries are even and power is not leaking to the device.  Another way to be safe is to change the batteries entirely.

    If a pen is not producing smoke, it means the connection is blocked by receding. 

    What kind of things can I smoke in my matter vape pen?

    Most vape pens have a design to use solvent cannabis oil only. Therefore attempting to use any other type of concentrate may harm your health or likely damage your vape pen.


    Conclusively, the Matter vape pen is a good choice for those under medical prescriptions. Vaping cannabis is believed to have medical benefits and has been encouraged as part of treatment for patients.

    Medical practitioners believe that the best way to have your cannabis dosage is by vaping, as the effects are somehow immediate. The Matter vape pen is the best choice to help deliver this service. Its sleek delight makes it easily portable as it can fit perfectly in your pocket or purse. 


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