WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Magnitude Vape Instructions: How to Use

7th Feb 2024 | 172 | Dickson

Vaping gets exciting and better each and every day. All over the world, people have realized the impact and benefits that are achieved by replacing traditional tobacco smoking with the most modern method that involves consuming vapor instead of smoke to satisfy their wants and as well have fun.

Vaping provides a healthier and more efficient way for nicotine consumption. There are different kinds of vape products and devices in the current vape market. Magnitude vape devices are among the most loved vape products. This article will show you how to access the best Magnitude vape instructions for a better vaping lifestyle.

Magnitude Vape Brand

Magnitude vape brand is the leading terpene formulator in the entire cannabis industry. For the vape brand to uncover the most accurate nature of identical strain profiles, the Magnitude vape brand’s supplier team partnered with Steep Hill and Hebrew University.

This vape brand offers you a unique broad-spectrum blend of twice-refined, solvent-free distillate that is analytically tested and is found to contain botanically obtained terpenes and flavonoids. The Magnitude vapes feature innovative technology to provide impressive value as they are designed to maximize efficiency in vaping.

Magnitude Vape Review

The Magnitude vape brand introduces you to the Magnitude All-In-One (AIO) vaporizer that is designed to offer the go vaping experience. This exceptional vape device presents you with a broad-spectrum blend of double-refined and solvent-free distillate. The distillate is third-party analytically tested. Some of the strain blends include Sativa, which is made as super lemon haze; Skunk, which is a hybrid; and banana Kush, which is an Indica strain.

The Magnitude vape device comes with a USB-C rechargeable battery that ensures fast charging, and hence, no oil is wasted. The vape device is also manufactured with glass tanks, food-grade stainless steel components, and quartz coils. You will be amazed by the best flavor delivery and the unrivaled vapor production by the Magnitude vape. Some of the common flavors that you are entitled to access include the lemon, citrus, and pine flavors.

The vape device contains an e-liquid that delivers up to 0.3mg of nicotine, and other components like THC that ensures that you enjoy the smoothest throat hits with thick clouds. The effects of using this vape device are greatly rewarding as you can experience uplifted, happy, and energetic feelings.

How to the Charge Magnitude Vape Instructions

Using your vape device starts with proper charging criteria and measures. With these Magnitude vape instructions, you will learn the right steps you can take to charge your favorite vape device. Here is what you need to do when it comes to recharging your magnitude vape device;

  • Determine whether you need an adapter or a cord- the Magnitude vape pen is among the handiest vapes that can charge through a 510-threaded USB connector, and it requires a USB-C or micro-USB cable. The Magnitude vape device comes with the cable that you require.
  • Plug the adapter into a power source- you start by plugging in the USB adapter into your power bank or computer that delivers a power output of 5 volts. It is not advisable to engage more power than 5 volts when you charge this vape device. This also applies when you are using a separate charger with a USB connection.
  • Attach your vape device’s battery to the adapter- you can hook your battery up to the provided adapter. You will have to avoid overtightening it if the battery screws into its adapter, as it can lead to damage to the connection plate.
  • Check the indicator light- ensure that the indicator light is lit so you know that your Magnitude vape device is charging.
  • Disconnect the vape device after charging- once charging is complete, you will disconnect the device so as to protect the battery life of this device.

How to use the Magnitude Vape

It is worth holding a philosophy that in everything you do, it is worth doing it well. It happens that most vape users start vaping without following the available Magnitude vape instructions. Before you start vaping, you need to consider the critical aspects;

  • Select your favorite flavor- for you to enjoy your vaping sessions, you need to choose the vape flavor that best suits your desire; this will give you the excitement and the results you expect in your vaping experience.
  • Choose the right nicotine strength- when you want to enjoy and be rewarded for every vape session you take, you need to select a Magnitude vape device that will deliver the right throat hits.
  • Select the right PG/VG in your e-liquids- you have to be aware that e-liquids are made of nicotine, flavoring, propylene Glycol (PG), and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) as their basic ingredients. The strains that the Magnitude vape delivers come with various PV and VG contents, and you have to choose the levels you want for greater vapor production and throat hits.

How you inhale your vape device is what determines the levels and quality of vaping experience you will have. Read the following Magnitude vape instructions for you to know how you can vape properly.

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged.
  • Attach the pre-filled refills to the battery
  • Hold your device on a downward angle of 45 degrees.
  • Place the vape device on your mouth
  • Start to inhale slowly with shorter puffs
  • Make 5 to 7 slow and long draws as you pause between each inhale.

Learning to use the Magnitude vape device is pretty much easy. If you make too long draws, you will be choked by too much vapor getting into your lungs. Mastering the art of vaping will be a matter of trial and error, but you will vape like a pro as you keep on engaging the amazing Magnitude vape device.

Frequently Asked Questions about Magnitude Vape Instructions

With the Magnitude vape instructions at your access, you might be curious to know whether your concerns or the problem you are facing in the process of using the vape device are the same for other users. With the following questions, you will stand a chance to handle your vape device better.

What is the best Magnitude vape voltage setting?

The ideal voltage setting for this vape device is between 2.5V and 3.3V. To be more precise, the voltage at 3.0v is great at heating up THC oils as you enjoy the balance of taste and potency from every single draw you make. At this voltage, you experience the best flavors as the vape device will be at a medium temperature where there is less chance of getting a burnt taste.

What does the color mean on my vape pen?

The various colors you see represent the temperature settings. This makes it easy to know which temperature is currently in session. You will see the colors that are displayed around the central button. The colors include red, blue, and green.

Why is the Magnitude pen not hitting?

Mostly, the reported reason for your Magnitude vape ceasing to hit is due to a clog. A clog happens when the by-product of the oil in the vape pen accumulates together and masses around the mouthpiece. This will stop your vape device from working.

How do I turn on my vape pen?

Most vape pens will require you to press the activation button in five successive counts. The vape device’s LED light will display to indicate that the vape device is ready for use. The vape device can also be draw-activated, and all you ought to do is simply make a puff.

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