Magnetic Vape Pen. The Features, Specifications, How to Use, and FAQs About Magnetic Vaporizer

    Magnetic Vape Pen. The Features, Specifications, How to Use, and FAQs About Magnetic Vaporizer

    What is a magnetic vape pen?

    The Magnetic vape pen is among some of the best vape pens there is in the market. Its affordability and portable features make it ideal for those who love vaping but are always on the move.

    The Magnetic vape pen can be used with many different concentrates such as shatter, sauce and wax. The design of the Magnetic vape pen is superb, with details of voltage temperature control and total magnetic connections, hence the name.

    The Magnetic vape pen has a voltage setting that will allow you to adjust to your preferred heat setting for maximum enjoyment. The magnetic connections make it easier to use by removing threading issues. 

    Features of the Magnetic vape pen

    Fully magnetic

    Every connection on the Magnetic vape pen is magnetic, just as the name suggests. The magnetic connections make this vape pen easier to use, charge, and clean. Although some other vaping pens use wax and are magnetic, they cannot surpass the Magnetic vape pen because they have threading connections. 

    Usually, unscrewing a threaded connection takes longer, but all you need to do with the Magnetic vape pen is to pull the parts apart with ease. This feature comes in handy when you need to load your shatter or wax into the pen. The threading connection can be manageable if you are using the pre-filled oil cartridges or the oil vape batteries.

    However, if you are using wax vape pens, thread connections can be a real headache as you will have to change the cartridge after every few hits. 

    The Magnetic vape pen is here to take away all your trouble. What you need to do is to pop off the mouthpiece, load the wax you are using, pop the mouthpiece back on, and make your vaping a lot easier and more enjoyable.

    Variable voltage temperature setting

    The feeling of knowing that you can change your voltage temperature at a time is just amazing. The Magnetic vape pen has three voltage temperature setting, which are shown by the LED light indicator.

    All you have to do is press the power button three times to change your preferred voltage temperature. When the color of the LED indicator turns green, then it means the voltage temperature is low. When it turns blue, the temperature is on medium, and the red indicator will indicate high temperature. 

    Having control over the voltage temperature gives you the freedom to vape your wax however you like. Preferably when you set the voltage temperature to low, the green indicator, you are sure to have smooth, creamy, flavorful hits. However, if you want bigger, thicker hits, then you can switch to medium or the blue indicator. If you are a heavy vaper who likes thicker, harder, and heavier hits, you can change the high voltage indicated red.

    Ceramic coils and quartz

    When it comes to heating elements, two options are the best so far: ceramic and quartz. Most vaping pens have several atomizers, but the Magic vape pen beats them to the game because of its unique atomizer option. The work is even made easier for you, you don't have to choose the atomizer, and the vape pen comes with the atomizer with both quartz and ceramic coil.

    When the ceramic coil and the quartz are combined, be sure to have thicker, creamier and flavorful hits. Interestingly, the ceramic coil tends to maintain its heat longer. It is an added advantage because you are sure to have longer hits. On the other hand, quartz takes a shorter time to heat up and provide massive, thicker hits.

    Specifications of the Magic vape pen

    • It has a battery capacity of 650Mah
    • Its dimensions are 4.75" diameter by 0.5."
    • Its coil type is dual; ceramic doughnut and quartz

    What is in the box

    • There is one instructions manual
    • One Magnetic vape pen charger
    • One Magnetic vape pen mouthpiece
    • One 650mAh battery, grade A
    • One heating chamber with dual ceramic doughnut coils
    • One chamber with dual quartz coils

    How to use the Magnetic vape pen

    The first thing you need to do before you using the Magnetic vape pen is to set the temperature you desire by pressing the power button three times. After that, you will have to hold the Magic vape upright while holding down the power button.

    Take a big, smooth inhale, hold it for few minutes, then exhale when you are ready. The first hit may not be significant and flavorful because it may take a few second to heat some concentrates to a vaporizing stage. 


    You can turn up the voltage temperature control to your liking to get creamier, heavier and flavorful hits. Your Magic vape pen should always remain upright while you are using it and after use. This hack helps avoid leakage problems.

    How to clean the Magnetic vape pen

    Cleaning the Magnetic vape pen is much easier provided you follow the given headlines. After some time of continued use of the Magic vape pen, there could be some residue in the atomizer.

    All you need to do is to use a dab tool and scrape off the edges, do not damage the coils. If there are any spills, use rubbing alcohol to clean them up. Clean the mouthpiece and the outside of the battery and atomizer.

    When the mouthpiece becomes rusty, soak it in alcohol. After it is clean, dip in warm water to rinse off the alcohol.

    FAQs about the Magnetic vape pen

    What do colors on my Magnetic vape pen mean?

    The different colors of the LED indicator show the voltage temperature of the battery. When it is green, it means that the battery is charged. As you continue to use, the color will change to yellow, then orange and finally red. When it first turns orange, then know it is time to recharge your pen.

    How will I know my vape pen is fully charged?

    You will know your Magnetic vape pen is fully charged when you connect it to the charger and the light it is illuminating is green. After this, the pen is ready for use.

    Pros and Cons of Magnetic Vape Pen


    • It is portable; you don't have to worry about where to carry your pen or who is looking at you while using it.
    • The dosage is easier to manage.
    • Easier to clean and maintain
    • Easy to use even for new users
    • It has a dual heating chamber
    • Has voltage temperature control


    • The quartz heats faster, thus can lead to a burnt smell in the oils
    • It is a bit costly compared to other vape pens.


    In conclusion, we recommend you get the Magnetic vape pen and start enjoying your vaping experience like a pro. The magnetic vape pen is relatively easy to use, that even new users won't have any problems with it. It comes in various colors, making it easier for you to choose a color that best suits your personality and taste.

    The long-lasting 650mAh battery ensures you enjoy your vaping time longer before recharging. The Magnetic sleek design and portability make it easy to carry with you anywhere and to use anywhere. It can fit perfectly in a pocket or your handbag.


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