WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen: Product Specifications and Review

1st Jun 2023 | 747 | upends v

Wondering why has vaping suddenly become extremely popular? A lot of people take this trend as a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. It doesn’t impact the body as much as cigarettes do as the nicotine strength is regulated. Moreover, disposable vape pens are so convenient to use and available in many different flavors. 

It seems like vaping has risen considerably in popularity and has become the new form of smoking, especially for younger generations. It's not just that but it seems to have surpassed the popularity of traditional cigarettes. Due to this, many vape manufacturers and suppliers are jumping into the vaping world and providing a wide range of products.

In this article, we will discuss Mad Labs Disposable vape products and see if they are worth buying. Let’s get started…

What is Mad Labs Disposable?

First, let's understand Mad Labs’ disposable…

Madlab Industries manufactures Mad Lab disposable products and the company is known for quality and innovation. Though the company makes many vape products, its disposable vape pen has grown in popularity. It is an easy-to-use, portable vape device that comes pre-filled and pre-charged. It can be used straight from the box as it does not require any setup.

Moreover, the Mad Labs disposable is known for its unique features and value for money.  

Mad Labs Disposable Review

Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen can be a great choice for individuals looking for a convenient, affordable, and hassle-free vaping experience. Let’s take a deep look at the product…

Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen: Pros and Cons

Let’s talk about the pros…

  • Easy to Use: Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen is extremely easy to use as it does not require any setup or maintenance.
  • Travel-Friendly: The compact and lightweight design of this vape pen makes it highly portable and travel friendly.
  • A Smooth Hit: As the vape pen is filled with high-quality e-juice, it provides a smooth and flavorful hit.
  • Sleek and Stylish: Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen looks great and feels comfortable.
  • Flavor Preferences: It comes in many different flavors so that vapers can choose as per their taste.

Let’s talk about the cons…

  • Holds less juice: Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen comes with 1.2 ml of e-liquid, which may not be sufficient for heavy vapers.
  • Non-rechargeable Battery: Once the vape pen runs out of battery, the device has to be disposed of but not recharged.
  • Contributes to Electronic Waste: Since disposable vape pens are designed for limited use, they contribute to electronic waste and are not environmentally friendly.

Mad Labs also guarantees additive-free products and uses solvent-free extraction methods to avoid the contamination of the oils. This results in superior quality products that are free from harmful chemicals and offer a cleaner taste as compared to other products.

Moreover, the company follows a rigorous manufacturing process that is followed by third-party testing for purity of the products. The products also hold two QR codes that you can use to access the testing reports. Isn’t it commendable?

Mad Labs Disposable Product Specifications

Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen is known for its unique design and specifications which includes…

  • Setup: Unlike other vape pens, it has no complex settings and comes ready to use. There is no need to charge the device or fill it with e-liquid as it comes pre-charged and pre-filled.
  • Design: At just around 4.5 inches long and 0.4 inches in diameter, Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen is sleek and stylish.
  • Battery & Puff Count: This vape pen is powered by a 280mAh battery that is non-rechargeable and provides around 300-350 puffs.
  • Flavors: Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen comes in a variety of flavors such as Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango, Mint, Watermelon, and more.
  • Capacity & Resistance: The disposable vape pen comes pre-filled with 1.2 ml of e-liquid and has a resistance of 1.8 ohm.

Mad Labs Disposable Flavors

Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen comes in a wide range of flavors and we’ve listed some of the popular ones…

Mint: A refreshing and cool flavor that is a perfect mix of subtle sweetness and minty flavor.

Peach: A mix of sweet and tangy flavors accentuated with a hint of peach.

Watermelon: A light and refreshing flavor offering a sweet and juicy taste.

Strawberry: A sweet and fruity flavor for a smooth and flavorful throat hit.

Blueberry: A bursting Blueberry flavor offering a tart and tangy flavor in every hit.

Mango: A juicy and sweet flavor for a refreshing vaping experience.

Mad Labs also have 6 new strain-specific liquids, including Sour Apple, French Cookies, Sour Razz, Peaches & Cream, Mad Sauce, and Kiwi Fruit.

5 Important Things to Consider While Choosing a Disposable Vape Pen

With so many options available out there, it can be overwhelming to pick what works best for you. Here, we’ve discussed some tips that might help you get your hands on the best disposable vape pen…

  1. Nicotine Strength: As vape pens come in a range of nicotine strengths, it is important to pick the level that works just right for your needs.
  2. Choice of Flavor: The Mad Lab disposable vape pen comes in a wide range of flavors and the best way is to try a sampler pack.
  3. Battery Life: It is imperative to consider the battery life as most disposables come pre-charged and cannot be recharged.
  4. Specifications: Before buying any vape product, it is important to know the product features to ascertain its worth.
  5. Price: Prices may vary depending on the type of product and retailer you choose. Compare prices and look for deals to get the best possible price.

Everything put aside, do not forget the environmental impact of disposable products as they contribute to electronic waste.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Mad Labs Disposable

Is Mad Labs a good brand?

Well, there are many brands selling vape products out there and Mad Labs is one of them but what makes it a popular brand is its cartridges that contain high-THC, certified oils, and all-natural terpenes.

What is a Mad Labs Disposable vape pen?

A Mad Labs disposable vape pen is a disposable device that comes pre-filled with e-liquid and requires no setup or maintenance.

Are disposable vape pens fake?

Counterfeit disposable vape products do exist but Mad Labs is a renowned brand name in the vaping industry providing high-quality disposables.

Are there any healthy vapes?

The so-called healthy vapes come in flavors like caffeine, vitamin B12, melatonin, and other essential oils rather than harmful substances like Nicotine.

Where can I buy Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen?

You can either find an online store for buying Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen or visit a traditional brick-and-mortar vape shop.

What flavors are available for Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen?

Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen comes in many different flavors, including Mint, Watermelon, Blueberry, Mango, and more.

What is the lifespan of a Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen?

Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen is designed to provide around 300-350 puffs depending on the usage.

Is the Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen refillable or rechargeable?

No, Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen comes pre-filled with e-juice and pre-charged. It cannot be refilled or recharged once finished and need to be disposed of.

Is Mad Labs Disposable Vape Pen an ideal choice for beginners?

Most disposable vape pens are ideal for beginners as they are easy to use with no complex setup or maintenance required.

Is Mad Labs a trusted brand?

Mad Labs is a renewed name in the vaping world and aims to be a top-tier cannabis brand.

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