WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Luxe Vape Review & Instructions; All you need to Know

15th Aug 2023 | 405 | upends v

With the dynamic nature of technology, almost every aspect of life has been automated with the ultimate goal of pursuing comfort and fun. Everyone has to wake up to the reality that vaping is far much better than the traditional way of tobacco smoking. Vaping gives you a healthier and more convenient way of achieving nicotine satisfaction and helps you enjoy the amazing taste of your favourite vape flavour.

For you to easily acquire the perfect vape equipment that will get you in the best mood and satisfaction that you dream of, you need to follow this article closely. The Lux vape device is the best vape companion that you will always think of whenever you wish to vape.

What is Luxe Vape?

The Luxe vape device is the pride of the VAPORESSO company. The VAPORESSO company was established with the core intention of manufacturing the all-time best vape products in the market. The vape device is known to deliver up to 40 watts, which makes it the ideal vape device that delivers both Mouths to lung and direct to lung as well. Thanks to the 1500mAh integrated vape battery that is capable of lasting for as long as the vape e-liquid is inside the Luxe vape pen. The Luxe vape device comes with a simple interface that adopts a transparent body design.

 Key Specs

  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Vape pod dimensions: 98mm by 21.5mm by 21.6mm
  • Tank Capacity: 5 ml/ 2ml (TPD)
  • Output Power: 40Watts
  • Charging Current: DC 5V/1.5A Type-C
  • Coil resistance: 0.4-ohm mesh pod (32W) and 0.8-ohm mesh pod (16W)
  • Display: 3 LED lights

Build Quality and Design

The Luxe vape pod is a highly attractive device that comes in seven classy and cool colours that give you the ultimate confidence to vape in any place of your choice. What is common in all Luxe vape is the black to transparent fade. There is a metal ring of colour that covers up to a third of the whole device’s body. There is a crystal-like casing that allows you to see the level of the e-liquid in the vape device.

The Luxe vape is designed to feature a single vape button that is meant to act as a power button. The real deal about this vape device is that the front bottom of the vape device comes with three breathing LEDs that are meant to indicate the battery’s charge levels. You will then Luxe Vape will surely impress you with its simple stick-stick style pod system, which is the secret to its physical appeal.

Battery Life and Charging

It is a happy feeling you get when you know that the vape device battery that you are using is absolutely reliable. The Luxe Vape pod features a 1500mAh internal battery that delivers you a 1.5A charge rate. This wonderful vape device engages the Type-C port and charger when it comes to its recharging. You will only need 65 minutes for your vape device to fully recharge. The Type-C port in the vape device is easy to locate as it is just right at the bottom of the vape device. The vape device is designed so that it can lie down while it is charging, but you can still charge it while it in its upright position.

Interestingly, the Luxe Vape pod allows you to engage in passthrough vaping. This is the vaping done while the vape device is still charging. There are as well intuitive LED lights that monitor the battery levels, and they breath whenever you vape. When the battery level ranges between 60 to 100%, all three LED lights display their light. At the 30-60% battery level, only two indicator lights will turn off the light. When the battery level is between 0 to 30%, only one indicator light will glow.


The pod vape device that will work best for you will display all the vape features in the Luxe Vape pod. The vape device features high-quality vape coils that come in two options. One of the coils offers 0.4 ohms, and 0.8- ohms for the other vape coil. This means that you can easily access both Mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping experiences. The vape coils have got the latest coil technology that is known as the Corex heating technology.  ]

The coils are much more powerful- especially the 0.8-ohm coil, as they can eat up to 50ml of the e-juice before the urge to replace the vape coil arises. The Luxe vape device gives you quality flavours that help you enjoy the smooth throat hits that you deserve.

Review, Manual and Instructions

The Luxe Vape Pod is a one-of-a-kind vape device that is meant to offer a beginner-friendly experience. The user-friendliness of the Luxe vape pod is unmatchable, as it involves only one button. For you to turn the Luxe Vape pod on, you are required to only press the fire button five times and do the same when you want to turn it off.   The Luxe Vape Pod gives you an adjustable airflow. Airflow adjustability can be done by changing the orientation of the vape pod device.

Another aspect that you will consider on the adjustability of your Luxe vape device is the coil type that allows the shifts from mouth to lung and direct to lung. You have to worry less when it comes to refilling this wonderful vape device. The vape device is made of magnets that hold the vape pod in place when you wiggle it. For you to easily remove the vape pod is only by just grabbing the vape pod and pulling it out. After you have refilled it, you put it back and shake the whole device. The magnets will grab it to its place. Refilling your vape device should be something that you should find super easy.

If you take a closer inspection at the bottom of the vape device, you will notice a black rubber plug that is meant to cover the fill hole. The vape pod is not completely transparent, but it is slightly tinted to allow you to check on the vape e-liquid levels. Whenever the vape e-liquid is running out during your vaping moment, you should slant the vape device and know whether there is any vape e-liquid left.

 Frequently Asked Questions about Luxe Vape Pod

Can Lux Vape Pod be refilled?

The Lux vape pod allows you to enjoy your chosen vape device as many times as you want, as it allows refilling. This well-spoken vape pod comes with a 5ml e-juice capacity that delivers you a huge puff count that is full of authentic flavours that bring you the happiness found a perfect vaping.

How long does a Luxe Vape pod last?

The aspect of how long a vape device lasts solely depends on the frequency and the model you choose to engage in your vaping journey. With the Luxe Vape pod, you are guaranteed up to 1500 delicious puffs that will allow you to engage it for as long as the 5ml vape e-juice can go.

Are Luxe vape pod vapes safe to use?

For any vape device, you should take the prescribed measures that are in the manual with care. The Luxe vape pod is designed to be absolutely safe to use as it does not exhibit any possible dangers even when it is on its wattage operation.

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