Lux Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the Lux Vaporizer 2021

    Lux Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the Lux Vaporizer 2021

    What is a Lux vape pen?

    Lux vape pen is Suorin technology's new release with an improved Air Bar version, with an aluminum alloy body. Lux has a 500mAh battery capacity which enables you to go for more extended hour’s vaping.

    The Lux vape pen is a revolutionary pen with a compact AIO starter kit and a battery capacity of 500mAh with a 2.7 refilling pod. The ceramic coil brings clean, flavorful vapor. It has clear plastic that will enable you to see the e-liquid and two magnet contacts at the bottom.

    With a three-color LED indicator, you can know the battery level, thus, know when it is time to recharge. The Lux vape pen has the vape-while-charging capability; you can use the pen while it is hooked to a charger.

    The Lux vape pen is activated without the on and off button but by drawing air into the mouthpiece. Its minimalist design makes it easy to use for beginners, and it is also easy to carry along, in the purse or the pocket.

    Product features

    • 500mAh battery capacity
    • 1000 puffs per Lux vape pen
    • 2.7ml of prefilled juice
    • 5% of salt nicotine strength
    • 95mm by 19mm by 10.6mm
    • It has aluminum alloy and ABS

    The Lux vape pen review

    The package comes in a flashy bright red cardboard box with a picture of the vape pen on the front. Inside the box, there are two Lux replaceable pods, one micro USB charger, one Lux battery and an instruction manual.

    It also comes with an empty tank giving you the freedom to choose the e-liquid of your choice and a three-month guarantee policy on the battery. The Lux vape pen comes in black, rose gold, silver and Champagne Gold to give you the freedom to choose the color compatible with your personality.


    The Lux vaporizer creates milky, flavorful and smooth vaping with every draw. The LED indicator glows green when the battery is fully charged, blue when it is medium and finally white when the battery is almost depleted.

    The LED light indication will help you know when you need to connect your vape pen to recharge. The Lux vape pen has three automatic protections; low-voltage protection, no pod protection and short-circuit protection.

    The Lux vape pen has a transparent window that makes it easy to check the oil levels, thus making it ready to use in seconds. 

    The Lux performance

    The Lux battery capacity of 500mAh is amazingly compatible with its size and weight. The vape-while-charging feature ensures you a continued use while it is on the charger. The battery takes up to one hour to fully charge as the LED indicators on the bottom of the pen will always tell you how much charge you have left.

    The draw-activated switch is the way to turn the Lux vape on. The system is easy to use and very convenient for new users. It produces creamy enough, warm, flavorful vapor. With the anti-leakage feature, you are assured of the full experience while using this vape pen.

    The Lux vape pen design and build quality

    Like most vape pens, Lux has a USB pen design with a micro charging port. Its measurements are 95mm by 19mm by 10.6mm and weigh 22grams. A battery of 500mAh fits into the slim pen, yet the weight is kept down. The Lux vape pen comes in a variety of colors with an ultra-light aluminum alloy.

    Overall, the Lux vape pen has a minimalist design with only the carvings of the 'LUX' cut out near the bottom with LED lights to indicate whenever you are using it. The micro USB charging port at the bottom makes it easy to recharge whenever the battery runs out. The Lux vape pen has a 2.7ml capacity which is not much but does the work, and the ceramic coil has a resistance of 1.4Ω.

    After filling the pods, place the mouthpiece over it and attach it to the Lux vape pen. Once the metal contacts are in contact, you will see the LED light on the pen flash, which means the pen is ready for use.

    Pros and Cons Lux Vape Pen


    • It has a vape-while-charging capability
    • It is draw activated
    • Minimalist design for easy portability
    • Has magnetic connection
    • Affordable
    • LED light indicator


    • It has no power button
    • High maintenance

    FAQ about Lux vape pen

    How do I turn my Lux vape pen on?

    There is no on and off switch on the Lux vape pen; it is draw-activated. To switch it on and off, you need to attach the pod and then draw through the mouthpiece. 

    How do I use my Lux vape pen?

    • You have to hold the vape pen upright and remove the mouthpiece.
    • Secondly, you have to remove the oil cartridge then unscrew the top cap.
    • Take the oil that came with the package, fill the cartridge up to the line indicator.
    • Screw back the top to the cartridge, return it to the pen and then screw back the mouthpiece.
    • Draw in the air to activate the pen. The LED indicator will show you when to stop and when to continue vaping.

    How long do Lux vape last?

    With an average maximum of 1000 puffs, the Lux vape pen should last for up to five days for an average person. For a newbie or an extreme vapor the pen might last longer or shorter.

    How do I know my Lux vape pen is working?

    After assembling all the components, you will see the LED light at the bottom glowing, which is an indication that the vape pen is working.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    Uppor has fantastic pricing and a performance that will blow your mind. For vapers who prefer the RDL or DL, this is the best mod pod for you as it gives a thicker, creamier vapor experience. The airflow system has to be adjusted through 180 ̊ to enable you to select the preferred airflow.

    The five layers of leak-proof rings help to eliminate any leakage problems. Uppor has a design of a unique antibacterial mouthpiece technology that effectively prevents bacteria growth for more prolonged enhanced hygiene.

    The pod and the battery has a strong magnetic connection that holds them together; hence no more physical fasteners.


    The Lux vape pen is a pod easy to use, and it's convenient. The two refillable pods give you the freedom to use your juice, thus saving you money in the process. Its minimalist design and convenience make it easy to carry in the pocket and the purse.

    The vape-while-charging feature gives you the freedom to continue vaping even when the battery runs low. Caution should be taken, however, to monitor the vaping routine. The lack of power button and ease of use makes it ideal even for beginners as it does not require any experience to operate.

    Its anti-leakage gives you an excellent vaping experience as you enjoy the full flavor of the creamy, milky vapor.


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