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Lume Vape Pen Instructions: How to use

7th Feb 2024 | 760 | Dickson

Over recent years, vaping has become increasingly popular as it keeps evolving and bringing something to celebrate every year. E-cigarettes have proved to be the most effective and reliable mode of nicotine consumption compared to smoking traditional cigarettes. What most vape users rarely understand is that among the most appropriate vape devices, there are those that are capable of causing danger to your health owing to the chemicals they contain.

Lume is here as one of the best vape brands of THC vape pens that bring the real impact of vaping in the vaping industry. If you are new to vaping and you are looking for a vape device that will elevate your mood and deliver ultimate satisfaction, then you have to read more of this guide to find out how you can get the most out of vaping by reading the Lume vape pen instructions.

What is the Lume Vape Pen?

Welcome to the Lume vape pen that features a sleek and elegant physical design and an easy-to-use nature. The vape device comes with a built-in light that enables the user to see the vape while vaping. You can also choose to turn off the light if you want to make your vaping session discrete. The lime vape pen is known for its capability to quickly heat up concentrates. You will love the way this vape pen is made of high-quality materials, hence making it reliable and durable.

The Lume vape device is sleek and cylindrical, as it comes in two classic colors: black and silver. The vape device features a magnetic connection that is meant to ensure that the device is in place after vaping. This vape device comes with a charger and three lithium-ion batteries. For each battery, there is 3000mAh of power. You can use the charger for up to three shifts before you are required to change the batteries. It only takes barely an hour for your Lume vape pen to fully recharge.

The are LED lights that are precise and reliable when it comes to letting you know how much battery is left in your device. When the white LED lights turn red, then you need to recharge your Lume vape pen. The LED light is responsible for indicating whether the vape device is charging or not.

How to Use the Lume Vape Pen

It is really worth it if you consider the Lume vape pen to be your chosen vape device. This exciting vape device comes with incredible features, such as a powerful battery, and it also comes with various essential attachments. Check out the simple guide on how you can use the Lume vape pen;

  1. On your purchase of this device, you need to charge it overnight by plugging it into an available outlet and letting it charge using the provided cord.
  2. Access your desired e-liquid and load it into the device’s tank until the chamber is completely full. Before you fill the vape device’s tank, you will have to use an RDA to unscrew the bottom section of the device. Once the e-juice is filled up, you can screw it back to the atomizer head.
  3. Once you assemble everything, you can simply turn on the device by pressing the fire button five times in quick succession. You will discover that the Lume vape pen has started heating up, and it is ready for an impressive vaping session.

 How to Charge the Lume Vape Pen


For you to efficiently recharge your vape device’s battery, you need to first remove the battery cover, and I sent the provided micro-USB cable to the bottom of the device. The next thing you ought to do is to plug the other end of the cable into the USB port on a wall adapter, computer, or power bank. Once you successfully make the correct connection, your vape device will immediately start charging. You are required to remove the charging cable from the vape pen once the charging process is complete. If you might face trouble with charging your Lume vape pen, check out the following instructions that will help you;

  • Ensure that your Lume vape pen is completely recharged before you think of charging it. There is a red light that turns off whenever the vape device is fully charged.
  • It is best recommended that you always plug the Lume vape device into an electrical outlet using the charger that comes with the vape device.
  • You should leave the Lume vape pen on the charger until you see a green light on the device.
  • There is a chance that you are facing issues with charging your Lume vape pen. You can try to test different outlets or chargers, and you can search for the solution on a trusted website.

How to Refill the Lume Vape Pen

The refilling process is pretty much simple when it comes to the Lume disposable vape. The following Lume vape pen instructions should be adhered to when you want to enjoy your favorite e-liquid;

  • First, open the Lume vape pen and remove the battery
  • You should unscrew the mouthpiece from the body of the Lume vape device.
  • You will have to remove the atomizer’s head. You can do this by unscrewing it from the rest of the Lume vape pen’s body.
  • Pour your favorite e-juice into the atomizer ‘s head and screw on the atomizer bead back to the body of the impressive Lume vape pen.
  • The last thing you should do is to replace the battery in the vape device and screw on to the mouthpiece. Once you are done, press down the mouthpiece till it clicks into position.

How to Replace the Lume Vape Pen’s Cartridge

It can happen that in the course of using your Lume vape pen, it can reach a point where it is not firing or it just fires intermittently. This is the right time for you to replace your cartridge. The cartridge is responsible for holding the vape juice, and it is designed to be replaced every 3 three months as that is the time the cartridge starts to wear. You will have the following Lume vape pen instructions;

  • You start by turning off the Lume vape pen by pressing and holding down the available power button for two seconds.
  • You then remove the battery. This can be done by unscrewing it from the bottom of the vape body.
  • The cartridge has a small magnet on the side, and you will slide it out and place it in a trashcan.
  • You can now screw in the battery by turning it until it is clicked into its position.
  • The final step is to reattach the cap and turn on your Lume vape pen so you can enjoy its flavors.

Maintenance Instructions for the Lume Vape Pen

As you already know, the Lume is a sleek and easy-to-use vaporizer that employs convection heating that heats up dry herbs or wax into flavorful clouds. For you to enjoy longer use of the Lume vape pen, you will have to take the following Lume vape pen instructions;

  • Ensure the vape pen is clean. You can clean the vape pen with warm water and mild soap after every successful vaping session.
  • Engage the provided rubber band so that you keep the battery cap intact. The rubber band plays an essential role in ensuring that the battery cap does not come off while you are enjoying your flavorful puffs.
  • Ensure that you charge the vape battery regularly. This is because the battery tends to lose power over time, and you are required to recharge it when it runs low. When this happens, you should plug the device into a power outlet and insert the USB cable into the bottom of the pen.

You deserve to gain more from every aspect of vaping by knowing how you handle your Lume vape pen. Vaping has become much more efficient, fun, and absolutely satisfactory. The Lume vape instructions are what every beginner in vaping needs for a fulfilling vape life.

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