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Lost Mary Vape Charging Instructions

7th Feb 2024 | 94 | Dickson

It can chance that you have bought a brand-new Lost Mary vape device and you are really blank on how its fundamentals and charging system operate. Choosing the Lost Mary brand clearly shows how brilliant your selection sense is, as this is one of the best vape brands that you can find in the vape market.

Vaping has to be one of the most efficient and fun things you can do in your daily endeavors. With a perfect grasp of knowledge about vape devices, you will be among the few vape users who get to enjoy the most from their vaping experience. To start with, you will need to understand what the Lost Mary vape brand is;

An introduction to Lost Mary

Lost Mary is known to be the hottest vape brand in today's market. This top-notch vape brand boasts of its massive loyal users all over the world as it enjoys its unwavering reputation. Lost Mary is highly popular for its competitive disposable vapes that come with unique and compact physical designs along with exceptional modern technological features. Its top-level disposable vape devices have made this quality company dominate the vape market for a long time.

Lost Mary is the brainchild of the award-winning vape brand known as the Elf Bar. This vaping company has succeeded in grabbing the attention of the public and raising more burning questions among its users. Before you get to know how you can charge a Lost Mary vape device, check out the review of one of the best disposables vape product models availed by this wonderful vape brand;

Lost Mary OS5000 Vape Review

With the first glance at the Lost Mary OS5000, you will admire its small and portable design. The vape device features 1.7 inches wide, 2.75 inches tall, and 1 inch thick. You will realize that this vape device achieves slightly rounded corners like those of a bar of soap.

Both the front and the back of the Lost Mary are made of plastic, while the top, bottom, and sides are artistically wrapped in matted plastic material that is more durable. The mouthpiece of the Vale device is made of the same textured plastic, making it easy for your mouth to hold while vaping.

There is a slot for a type-C charger on the top of the vape device that is meant to allow efficient and convenient charging. A fall that is meant to cover the charge port is made to be hard for its resistance to wear and tear. Near the charging port, a light is installed, and it indicates a red light for low charge, blue for medium charge, and green for full charge. Thanks to the 650mAh battery that keeps you in session until all the vape e-liquid is depleted.

The Lost Mary vape device comes with an e-liquid capacity of 13ml that, when heated, will produce up to 5000 flavorful puffs. You will appreciate the smooth throat hits that are delivered by the excellent-performing e-liquid as it features 50mg of nicotine salt.

You are offered a wide range of mouth-watering flavors that will keep you on the move all the way. Some of the spot-on and main flavors that the Lost Mary vape device offers include, as mentioned, cotton candy, strawberry sundae, sweet mango, cranberry soda, and many more exciting flavors that are worth looking forward to every day.

The Lost Mary vape pen with flavors you can find in the market include blue cotton candy Lost Mary, juicy peach Lost Mary, pineapple mango Lost Mary, strawberry mango Lost Mary, blueberry ice Lost Mary, blue razz Lost Mary, cranberry soda Lost Mary, kiwi passion fruit guava Lost Mary, strawberry ice Lost Mary, strawberry colada Lost Mary, and watermelon Lost Mary.

Stepwise Guide On How To Charge Lost Mary OS5000

It is quite a great idea to always be the one who knows how to handle most of your home or office devices and equipment. It is worth reading about how you can safely and efficiently charge your Lost Mary vape device. Check out the Lost Mary vape charging instructions that will help you identify what you need to do to elevate your vaping experience;

  • Firstly, you need to find out where the charging port is positioned on your vape device. As for the OS5000 Lost Mary model, the charging port is located above the mouthpiece; other vape pens have the port at the bottom.
  • Secondly, check your vape device and re-over the cover as you locate a place where a lighting symbol is indicated. This is where the charging port is located.
  • Find a type-C charging cable and insert the charger into the charging port of the vape device.
  • At this point, you will need a power bank, a USB charging port, or a wall adapter to insert the USB-C cable to, as this will enable power supply.
  • When a red light is indicated, it means that the vape device is charging. In case you do not see a red light, you should go back and check whether the connections you made were correct.
  • When it comes to how long the vape device will fully recharge, it will depend on the vape's existing charging percentage. Generally, you will have to wait for an hour and a half for your vape device to be ready for use.
  • When you see the light indicator has turned blue, it means that the vape device is 30% charged. Ag this vape device percentage level, you can safely unplug the vape device from the charging station and vape if you feel the urge to vape is becoming too much.
  • When a green light is illuminated, it means that your vape device is approaching 70% to get completely recharged.
  • The final step you ought to take is to remove the battery from its charging chamber after it is fully recharged. You need to be aware that if you leave the battery to overcharge, its battery life will be damaged.

Tips for Charging Lost Mary Disposable Vape

In addition to Lost Mary vape charging instructions, consider the following when you want to charge your vape device;

  1. Normalize using the same type-C charger that you are offered by Lost Mary for fast and safe charging.
  2. Only when your battery indicator shows a red light is when you are advised to recharge the vape device. This will enhance the battery's longevity.
  3. Consider charging your Lost Mary disposable vape device at a safe and proper temperature. Extreme temperatures will damage the battery.
  4. Avoid removing the device from charging when the light indicator shows a red light. This will also enable the battery to last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lost Mary Vape Charging Instructions

The Lost Mary vape charging instruction may seem to be all you need for a perfect vaping experience. There are questions that arise in vape users in the quest to make their vaping life better. It is most likely to happen that most of your queries are still the same with other vape users all over the world. Here are the things you are likely entitled to get their answers before you start using the Lost Mary disposable vape;

How do I know my Lost Mary Disposable Vape is fully charged?

Knowing the charge or battery level of a Lost Mary vape device is pretty much simple. The Lost Mary OS5000 is designed to feature indicator lights that let you know when the battery is low enough or full. When the vape device is fully recharged, the indicator light shows a green light.

How long does my Lost Mary take to recharge?

The approximate time for your vape device to fully charge mostly depends on various critical factors. The factors in life are the battery percentage of the vape and the general strength of the charger you intend to use. On average calculation, the Lost Mary vape device can take between 60 to 90 minutes.

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