Logic Pro Vape Pen. A Complete Guide of the Logic Pro Vape Pen

    Logic Pro Vape Pen. A Complete Guide of the Logic Pro Vape Pen

    What is the logic pro vape pen?

    The logic pro vape pen is a beginner friendly vape that is a flagship of the Logic company that is based in the UK. The logic company is a subsidiary of the JTI and most of their vape products are available in the European Union and they are available online for worldwide users.

    The vape pen is an automatic draw pod system that has no buttons and complicated settings. All you are required to do is take a draw through the mouthpiece and get vapor.

    The pods come in 1.5ml and are available in five flavors with three different nicotine concentrations that is the 6mg, 12mg and the 18mg but the tobacco and menthol flavors are available in the higher strengths of nicotine. The logic pro vape pen was an addition to the collection from the logic compact after the tremendous performance.                             

    Contents of the logic pro kit

    1 x logic pro

    1 x mouthpiece

    1 x capsule case

    1 x USB charger

    Features of the logic pro

    • Pre-filled capsule systems that can be easily refilled
    • Has a 650 mAh battery that is powerful
    • The stainless steel vape build
    • Holds 1.5ml of liquids
    • Has a five click system
    • Separately sold capsules

    From its general appearance, you can tell that the logic pro is a lightweight device that has a convenient cylindrical shape. The overall weight of the pen stands at 40 grams and has a height measurement of 13cm and a width of 1.5cm.

    The features make it a very portable device even though it could be bigger than most vape pods. When place against the logic compact, which was one of the best build vape pods, the logic pro feels cheaper.

    The main difference is the rubber external casing which is somewhat less desirable compared to the logic compact’s steel casing.

    The plastic cartridge is also a good addition in making the pen accessible and we would add that the removal mouthpiece has an ergonomic and comfortable design and the click button gives immediate feedback when pressed.                

    Using the logic pro vape pen

    To start using the logic pro, take off the attached top part away from the battery and place your cartridge into the opening then screw back your top. The single button will activate the pen by clicking on it five times.

    When it is active, press the fire button while taking a draw on the mouthpiece to release vapor. If you happen to leave your pen unused for up to twelve minutes, it will automatically turn the device off signaling a reliable safety feature.

    The logic pro could be one of the devices that uses an eGo style battery that is equally proprietary.  But you need to understand that for charging purposes, you are advised to use the original charger belonging to the logic pro because not every charger will work for you. 

    Delivery of the logic pro

    The draw style of the logic pro vape pen is one that you have never experienced with any vape pen. It has a delivery style similar to the cigarette. The draw is somehow tight and comfortable that will be exciting to smokers.

    The vapor production is not heavy but for this type of device, it is favorable. When vaping on the logic pro, you get smooth hits but for stronger hits you will need to try the 12mg and the 18mg.

    One plus about the logic pro vape pen is that it does not have leakage issues such as spitting and popping from the cartridges. You may only get a few dry hits when taking extra-long draws. You will however not get any burnt hits, but you need to take care of your cartridge by taking slowly timely hits.

    In terms of the flavors, the logic pro is similar to the logic compact. Although this particular pod has three extra flavors such as watermelon, vanilla and blueberry. But the 18mg strength content pods come in menthol and tobacco flavors. But when you try vaping on both the devices, you will realize that the results are closely similar.

    These pods have some of the best flavors that you can find on a beginner vape and the tobacco and cherry are highly recommended, for menthol cigarette the lovers, you can also opt for the menthol flavor.

    Performance of the logic pro vape pen

    The logic pro vape pen has a 650mAh battery capacity that is not bad in terms of performance. Considering that the pen is a low power output, it can easily last you a day after a full charge and this mostly depends on how you take your hits. A full charge can do one and half cartridges.


    When your pod runs out of charge, you will need to recharge it by first removing the top part that holds the cartridge and screw the battery onto the charger. The device will light up the LED light and it will turn red. When fully charged, the device will turn green.

    To fully charge your device, it needs up to 100 minutes but in essence, it could take less than 75 minutes. But it would even be a better pen if it had a fast charging feature.

    Pros and cons of the logic pro vape pen


    • Practical shape and form which makes it easily portable and discreet for private use
    • There are many flavors to choose from that have varied nicotine strengths and various hit strengths
    • Excellent tobacco and cherry flavors that cannot be compared to other devices in the market 
    • It has been designed to deliver draws similar to cigarettes that is good for smokers
    • The mouthpiece is made of plastic which makes it comfortable to put on your lips
    • The 18mg cartridges have  been optimized to deliver the best strength of hits
    • The pen is relatively easy to use and equally affordable


    • The 100 minute charge time is very long and time wasting in case someone is in a hurry
    • The vapor production is a bit too low for such an advanced type of vaporizer
    • When you vape on the device for long, you might get a few dry hits that could destroy your cartridge
    • The pen feels somehow cheap with the rubber external casing and plastic mouthpiece
    • There are limited options for the 18mg nicotine strength which makes it a fixed device to use
    • There is no Mini USB port for charging and uses an eGo charger which is not compatible with many devices in the market.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    For ultimate satisfaction, get yourself an UPENDS Uppen and you will get fulfillment from the first draw. This is because of the enlarged heating area coil known as Etchip. The coils provide improved heating efficiency with a high resistance mesh that gives you sustained vapor from every puff.

    The coil is compatible with most of the mainstream e-liquids. 

    The Uppen has a cap that is very effective in protecting your liquid from getting exposed to air. This also helps to maintain the flavor by lowering oxidation process


    The logic company did a good job with the logic pro, but it feels like the logic compact was a better pen compared to the logic pro. The logic pro is a good pen after all and it has a higher performance level which has more flavors to pick from.

    If you are torn between the decision to get the logic compact and logic pro, it all adds up to personal taste. The logic pen is a pen form which has battery that is long lasting. The operation button makes it easy to use and you can use it to warm up instead of having to do quick puffs.

    Both the logic compact and the logic pro are good pens and it is a convenient option for smokers who seek to quit smoking combustible cigarettes. Even though you might like the softer flavors, trying the higher nicotine contents is better because it gives you a stronger throat hit.


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