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List of vape juice ban laws in the USA in 2021

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Vape Juice regulation has come with a variation in different countries. Some countries have completely banned the juices, while some have put restrictions on their use. Such bans have affected some countries with adverse effects on their markets.

Many countries have a pending legal status for e-juices. There have also been bans in some states in the USA, while some have put restrictions on its consumption. For instance, the U.S. holds that the sale of vape products to adults is legal.

There has been a history that has marked certain improvements of the law while some get tougher. Juices that contain nicotine have so far undergone tougher restrictions. Let us, first of all, know the history that has come along with such ban laws.

Previous vape ban by city councils in the states

Chicago flavor ban

The pick-up procedures of flavors have undergone an effect because of the ban in Chicago. Under the ban, the following happens.

  • All the flavored juices that have nicotine cannot get to Chicago.
  • Disposable vapes that are flavored have no market for shipping in Chicago.
  • The only allowed shipments include the flavored liquids without nicotine and those that have tobacco. 
  • Hardware’s that make coils and e-cigarettes are legal in Chicago
New York City bans

Since first July 2020, shipping vape products to New York got limited as there are restrictions. This means that the vape products got a complete ban and illegal in the area.

San Francisco flavor Bans

This is a ban that has been in existence since 1st July 2019. As per the ban, all vape products, including vape juices, are under restrictions and a ban. The ban applies to both physical and online orders. All the flavors that make the vape juices are also under this ban.

Bans by state

New York State ban

Since July 2020, there was a ban on all vaping products in the New York state. All the vaping products, including vape juices, are under this ban. 

New Jersey Flavor ban

The New Jersey state only allows tobacco e-juices and flavors. The ban has been effective since 20th April 2020. 

Vermont Vape Ban

The Vermont vape products have been under restrictions. The sale of online products was banned, making the process of ordering and supplying products impossible.

Massachusetts vape ban

There was an existing ban that got lifted in 2019 November. However, there are still restrictions that guide the operation of vape products. Any person under the age of 21 is not legible for the vape products, and the transaction will need a signature on delivery. 

Online orders are still under the ban as the orders are made through a specific number.  Under the permission of products, only tobacco products observe a nicotine level of 3.5% and less.

Rhode Island Flavor Ban

In Rhodes Island, only tobacco flavors are accepted as nicotine juices are banned. The accepted flavors are those of products such as tobacco cartridges, e-juices, and pods are still permitted. Accessories from hardware are not affected by the ban as these rules only apply to online orders.


There is a bill in the state that controls the products' shipping to and from the state. Act 1235 was approved by the general assembly, the shipping of vape products is under a restriction. The sellers and the buyers also have very tough restrictions and conditions that they must adhere to asstipulated in the bill.

South Dakota

South Dakota has a complete ban on vape products. They consider anything that lies under the vape products to be containing tobacco. It is illegal to ship products to or from South Dakota. Under the ban law, both physical and online selling is restricted.

Washington Flavor Ban

There was a ban in Washington that restricted shipping and ordering. However, it has been under a lift since August 2020. Legislation to guide the acquisition of the products to and from the state is strictly adhered to.

Michigan Flavor Ban 

A pending case will determine whether the ban will be in place the status quo remains. Under the case that Judge Cynthia Stephens ruled, the ruling blocked the prohibition of flavor in Michigan.

Under her ruling, there was evidence that adults would turn into serious tobacco products. The delay in implementation by other states was the real cause of ending the discussion. However, the decision is not final.

Oregon Vape Ban

The state of the ban is also under a case waiting for a final ruling. There was a ban that existed from 15th October 2018. A ruling by the court of appeal allowed the shipping of vape products to and from the Oregon State. 

The ruling was in favor of tobacco-based vapes. Marijuana vape products remain under the ban till further notice.


The vaping ban was in localities that promote vaping and included bars and restaurants. Areas such as Clay, Cleola, Fultondale, Middlefield, Monroeville, Troy, Gadsden, Troy, Mountain Brook, Vestavia views are affected by the ban.


Tempe and Coconino County have vaping bans that include bars and restaurants. All the enclosed workplaces are affected except the bars of Coconino County.

Vape juice ban laws in the USA in 2021


The passing of the SB 793 Bill that aims at banning the dealings of vape products and its signing has confirmed the state to be the fifth for the ban. Cigars, smokeless tobacco, and menthol cigarettes make part of the proposed banned products. 

The vaping ban underwent readings and discussions by the senate. It's final voting after the amendment was to include exemptions of products such as premium cigars and tobacco.

Other states that have implemented the ban include New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. The bill was signed and has been in effect since the start of 2021, Jan 1st. Its third reading was quite funny as the senators voted the majority with 50 yes and 0 no.

PACT act

The PACT act has been another law that prohibits the shipping of nicotine and cannabis products for vaping. They are all required to comply with thePACT Act. In the act, all online retailers are expected to 

  • Register with U.S. Attorney General
  • Verify age and collect signature upon arrival or delivery
  • Register with tax administrators of the federal government and use the private shipping services
  • Collect and fix up any applicable stamps to facilitate the shipping and for the already sold products.
  • Send a list of all transactions to the tax administrator. Each transaction must indicate the customer to whom it was sold, the amounts, and the types of sold products.
  • Maintain good record keeping for at least five years of any delivery that hasn't undergone any interruption. 
  • Ensure that the suppliers and retailers do not violate any of the PACT sections of the law. Severe penalties that also include three years' imprisonment help in the regulation of the control.

The law has brought about having some suppliers quit the supply of the product. 

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The ban laws of vape products in the USA have affected the vaping community. Some have gone ahead to organize demonstrations and lobbying of the elected officials to do away with the vape. Having tough rules that are so difficult to comply with and implementing tough penalties tend to discourage retailers from engaging in the business. There are still more battles that intend to have the rules reinstated.