Leaf Buddi Vape Pen. A Complete Review and Guide About the Leaf Buddi Vaporizer

    Leaf Buddi Vape Pen. A Complete Review and Guide About the Leaf Buddi Vaporizer

    What is a leaf buddi vape pen?

    The leaf buddi wuukah is a lightweight device that has only three main parts which are the glass bubbler attachment, battery base and the heating coils. This design does not differ so much from the other portable e-rigs such as the puffco pro and the kandypens oura. The glass peaks at various points and the interior tubes are used to channel the water to hold the vapor.

    Although the buddi leaf wuukah has an element that sets it different from other vape rigs. The control panel of the rig has three buttons that are located on the side of the base and also it has a LED control panel located at the top of the base that allows users to check their temperature settings, puff count and heat up time. The two buttons can be used to input your temperature settings and track the changes at the top.

    The other base features are the coil extensions that will accept one of the three cups that are located on the kit. You can easily switch the cups because they all can be lifted out of the container. The USB port at the base enables the USB-c charging that can be used with the charging cable included.

    Kit contents of the buddi leaf wuukah

    The buddi leaf wuukah comes with fully accessorized features that have many feature and capabilities. It has an elegant, lift-to open box with most important pieces such as the rubber sitting cut-outs. Below are some of the important things that you will find in the kit

    • 1 x wuukah electronic vaporizer rig base
    • 1 x glass globe attachment
    • 1 x ceramic heating cup
    • 1 x quartz heating cup
    • 1 x titanium heating cup
    • 1 x loading rig tool and cap
    • 1 x USB-c charging cable
    • 1 x silicone container
    • 5 x cotton swab

    Features of the leaf buddi wuukah

    • A powerful 3200mAh battery that will give enough power to burn up the coils and give good vapor
    • Central conduction heating system ensures that heat is evenly distributed on the coils for even burning
    • Pre-heat settings that can be controlled to give you freedom to customize your vaping experience
    • Titanium cup for varied heating techniques
    • Ceramic cup that delivers good vapor owing to its even heating
    • Quartz cup for upgraded heating techniques
    • Unique splash protection feature that ensure that the bubbler dose not spew water onto the base control screen
    • Precision temperature control that enables the control of various substances that need to be burnt
    • USB-C charging that is very much standard and universal and can be used by other charging cables in case you do not have yours
    • Crisp led screen that lets you see the temperature levels, puff counter and battery levels as you vape.

    Design and build of the leaf buddi wuukah

    The leaf buddi wuukah is a one of the best dab rigs that look more like the puffco peak pro and has the same pyramid design. Despite having a similar shape, it does not possess the same stylish design of the peak pro. The main stylish feature that set the wuukah different from other devices is the huge LED screen that is located at the base.

    Alike other vape pens, you would expect the screen to be on the sides this particular pen has one at the base. It covers the whole top of the portable base and it is an impressive design that allows you to see it even after you have inserted your bubbler and filled it with water.

    The screen looks pretty cool and it is more of a futuristic speed monitor.  The screen is easy to read and has clear indicators for the temperature, puff counter and the battery level. The other significant cool feature of the screen is that it gives a sweet under light on the bubble that is a very impressive innovation.

    You do not have to worry about the water dropping onto the screen because the bubbler is specially designed to prevent backsplashes and leaks

    Another outstanding feature on the leaf buddi wuukah is the three sets of e-nails you can choose from. Similar to other e-nails, you can choose between ceramic coils, titanium and quartz nails. This range of options give you an unprecedented level of personalization in the category of vape rigs.

    You additionally get a temperature control and that is something that most recent release of rigs do not have. The temperature is controlled by the plus and minus buttons that are located over the power button at the bottom of the device.

    When you look at the button arrangement, they forma a smiley shape and are found just below the USB port. The trio of nails are easily attached and the bubbler will easily slide onto the base to form a nice design that make sit stand out.

    How to use the buddi leaf wuukah

    Using the buddi leaf wuukah is very straightforward and simple to set up. You should ensure that your battery is sufficiently charged and from there you can activate the battery by pressing on the power button five times consecutively.

    When you tune on the pen, the LED control panel will light up and lets you set your selected temperatures and you can go as high as 520°F.


    Here is a step by step process for setting up the rig

    1. Press on the power button consecutively five times to light up
    2. Press on the plus and minus buttons to navigate through the temperatures
    3. Insert your preferred nail material into the atomizer to start
    4. Add water into your glass bubbler and make sure it reaches the mark up line
    5. Firmly screw your bubbler onto the base of the vape rig and ensure that the inlet is in line with the atomizer
    6. Using the dab tool, add a little wax into the nail and ensure that you do not add to excess
    7. Use the carb cap to cover the nail to avoid falling off or tampering of the wax
    8. Rapidly press on the power button three times to start heating your substances
    9. Immediately the heating indicator light goes green, take a draw from the mouthpiece, if you are not satisfied with the vapor production you can adjust the temperatures.

    Performance of the leaf buddi wuukah

    Compared to other rigs, the wuukah heats up quickly and this depends on the choice of the nails you put into your atomizer. This result could be attributed to how quick the quartz nails heat up making them a choice for vapers who want to find the ceramic coils in other pens to be slow.

    The vapor produced by these pens is great and it is good when you sue the ceramic and quartz coils because they are neutral materials that do not possess so much effects on the flavors of the concentrates being used.

    This implies that their vapor is very pure than the titanium nail because for titanium you get a metallic after taste. The precise control means that you can easily customize your vaping experience to match your requirements. The lower settings are good because they are more flavorful and have good thinner clouds.

    The 3200mAh battery can last for long before it goes for a recharge and when you need to recharge, the USB-C cable ensures that it charges much fast e compared to other rigs that use standard USB cables.

    Pros and cons of the little buddi wuukah


    • Precision temperature control
    • Three separate atomizer cups
    • Easy to use device
    • High quality build design
    • Fast heating up time


    • Incompatible with dry herbs


    The leaf buddi wuukah is a very straight forward and a serious device to use for concentrates and vape juices. Despite having the brand name ‘buddi leaf’ this device does not work with dry herbs and that is a letdown.

    Users get a rig that they can control the temperatures compared to the others available in the market. You also get three cups that you can shift when using the kit to get a much unique vaping experience of smooth and flavorful puffs.


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